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The Lucii Job

In honor of my birthday that was on the fifth day of this glorious month, and it still being my birthday-week until Friday, I was planning to write this for my lil fandom. My culture believes in giving presents on ones birthday as much as receiving them, so this is my gift to you.

Much and many more love to @loveiscosmicsin for being my special someone. Regardless of the ship or not @ulric-nyx and @ramibriidge for giving me wonderful gifs and artwork to look at on my birthday, some LuNyx love is coming for y’all I loved each and everything! Much love and kisses to @ahatfullofoctarine for personally wishing me some blessings, and @ohmaigod10 for sticking with me despite me being slow and lightening up my day with our conversations.

And of course huge bear hugs to all the anon messages I received. Thank you!

I will regardless of what I do or see or ship, love this pairing the most. The one OTP to rule all OTPs.


Title: The Lucii Job
Pairing: Lightning Farron x Noctis Lucis Caelum
Rating: T - for mild language.
Genre: AU with no Kingsglaive spoilers
Length: This is supposed to be a one-shot, but we’ll see how this works out.


.The Lucii Job.

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