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Halloween Dime Rats!
I will be offering these cute little monsters on Saturday October 28th at 3pm (Pacific time) on my Etsy (

I will also be offering custom Dime Rat only commissions as well. Each listing will be good for 1-25 Dime Rats but no accessories. I will be initially offering 2 commission reservations but as soon as they are finished I will offer one or two more and so on until the end of this year. I will be trying very hard to fit in as many as I can!

Thank you everyone and happy Halloween!
<3 Eve

New webcomic launching on Thursday, May 18th!

Daughters Of The Sea is a short webcomic encompassing mermaids everyone has heard about, yet very few have told their story. Their tale follows the risk of dealing with powerful beings and the consequences it has on them and those around them.

I have been planning to open Fancy Skeleton Comics for a very long time, and while I still feel nervous coming in and starting an original webcomic, there’s no better time than the present (because otherwise I would never do it)!

I would be over the moon if you could all boost this and follow for all the comic updates! Thank you everyone!! :)


today (July 12 2017) marks one year of this blog being a thing and also one year of me rebloging and making posts

first off if you don’t really care about me as a person you can skip the next part :)

back to the story, this day one year ago I decided to make this blog. i wasn’t always psychoticscheid though. my first url was mrsallanonamxos (I know cringe) I never thought I was going to change that url or even get any followers I was just there to look. but one year later i have 500 followers and lots of great friends. I have more friends on tumblr than in real life. and thanks to all those friends cause you guys helped me through the hard times when I got hate or what ever. im just gonna go along right to the follow forever before I type like 3 paragraphs about my friends.

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