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I wrote this because I was siting alone in an apartment (house sitting), waiting for the owner to come home and I got this random idea.
Jumin x MC

He was alone in the quiet room, the brutal sound of the air conditioning deafening in the empty silence. It had been a couple of hours now and his emotions were turning. MC would be back soon he knew but he couldn’t help but worry. It wasn’t often that she agreed to go out with her friends so he left her the room to socialize, free from the influence of his work or the constrictions of the penthouse. He had to give her that at least. He knew how her time at the penthouse alone would cause her to reminisce, to feel lonely even with the company of Elizabeth the 3rd.

He knew this was a good thing for her, to reconnect with her friends after the frightful situations she had experienced within the RFA. She would disagree arguing how that wasn’t truly frightful as she had met Jumin from it, that answering unknowns message was the best thing she had done… but he knew how she flinched at the thought of the hacker and in that small apartment when she thought he wasn’t looking. He had given her everything he could think of to help her but as always she said she was always most comforted by having just him.

It was past the time that his dinner should have been eaten but he couldn’t bear to eat the meal on the table in front of him alone. His stomach felt empty, but even eating would not fill the emptiness. How did he survive before, eating alone each night? Now he could not even raise the fork to his lips without her presence. How he had come to depended on her, to pray for her presence to ease his emptiness. He couldn’t waver the feeling of regret. Was he being selfish… yes, but he couldn’t contain it. After the wedding the only times they had spent apart was when he was working or on short business trips. He felt this way in those situations too, but tonight was much worse. Much worse because he knew she had chosen to be away from him. He was being selfish. He couldn’t help but be selfish. He wanted her back. How weak she has made me.

He had said it was fine when she kissed his cheek before leaving, but every cell in his body contorted unable to contain the desperate want to keep her near. He didn’t know her friends. He worried about how they treated her when she was there and how they treated her when she was not. He fretted over the types of meals she was eating, the dangerous nature in which she had wanted to arrive by public transport when it was so easy to get Driver Kim. He wanted to pamper and give her anything she could want, but she never asked for anything more than him. He wanted to pay Saeyoung to check the backgrounds of her friends, but she placed a finger to his lips telling him not to worry so much with a smile on her face.

How that ate away at him inside. What if that was the last smile he saw because he was not cautious enough. The wait was agonizing. Was this how she felt every day waiting for him to arrive home? He looked out over the city from the window, hoping one of those car lights would be the one bringing her home.

The wine tasted bitter against his tongue. He was pitiful in this moment. He had never known that someone could enter and transform his life so much that he was empty when they were not with him. He promised he wouldn’t call, even though she said she didn’t mind. His fingers hovered over her face on his contacts list. Mrs Han. How he loved that she had his name. He loved that the world knew she was his.

Closing his eyes, he can picture her in his mind, sitting around one of those tables in a commoner… no, she didn’t like him using that word… low level “fancy” restaurant? Siting there surrounded by three others. She was smiling, her eyes alight and interested not matter what the others were saying. She was amazing like that. She could take interest in anything whether she understood it or not, she strove to listen regardless. She was laughing gleefully at something someone had said, even in his imagination his heart panged that he was not the one making her laugh. What has she done to me.

“Elizabeth, tell me. When is she coming home?” he said, gently stroking her white fur as she relaxed in his lap. She’s safe isn’t she? Maybe I should ask Seven to check?

Bodies shuffled outside, the sound muffled through the door but amplified in the silence of the room. He picked up Elizabeth the 3rd from his lap and placed her gently on the floor. He walked towards the door with a controlled urgency. His hand clasped around the handle as it was pulled away from him making him falter his step.

She was there before him with a smile on her face. All his worries vanished as he pulled her into his into him and rand his hand ran through her hair.

“I’m back Jumin.” She says the smile still on her face. She placed her palm against his cheek, looking up at him. She wipes away a stray strand of his dark hair from his eyes. “It’s alright, I’m back.” Somehow she knew, she always knew what was plaguing him and how he loved her for it.

“My love, I love you.” He said leading her inside, closing the door behind them. He leaned into her, his eyes hovering on her lips. She smiled as his hand traveled to the back of her and he gently pulled her lips to his. They were soft, her fingers lacing themselves into his hair. It was electric, it was everything he ever needed. In that moment he could overwrite his worries as in those moments he knew that he was hers and she was his.

He re-positioned himself, his posture growing taller at the removal of his worries. He looked at MC who was beaming, eyes glistening with delight. She was home again in his arms. He took her hands and lead her to sit beside him on the couch before asking her to tell him about her evening. The warm smile that grew on her face set his heart alight and he marveled at every aspect of her as she retold her evening to him in the comfort of his arms.

Tumblr Fact or Fiction - Doctor Who - The shoes photo from The Idiot’s Lantern isn’t David & Billie (or is it?)

The Photo in question:

Source of the myth:  I’ve posted the photo as part of a behind-the-scenes photoset, and many other people have posted the photo (and artistic variations thereof) as well, yet almost every time I see comments/tags from others who suggest that it’s not actually David Tennant and Billie Piper in the photo. Most of the time people suggest that these are cosplayers, not the real deal.

Breaking down the myth:  The main argument I see (aside from the fact that you cannot see their faces) is that Billie’s dress isn’t blue in the episode, it’s pink, thus this has to be cosplay – however on set Billie often wore a blue cover over her dress to keep the pink skirt pristine for filming, as seen below:

Mystery Revealed:  The fact is, back when Season Two aired, the official Doctor Who site would release a series of behind-the-scenes photos for each new episode, and the shoes photo was one of the official photos released as part of the promo materials for The Idiot’s Lantern.  The caption for the photo on the old official site reads “Fancy footwork from David and Billie” – so the photo is, in fact, David and Billie.

You can view the photo on an archived version of one of the old official BBC Doctor Who sites here.  A screen cap from the site is also available below:

So there you have it - it is indeed David and Billie. 

Disclaimer:  I make no claim of being the keeper of all Doctor Who knowledge, and I’m certainly not perfect, but I am happy to share the sources that I’m aware of and provide a place to gather evidence as to the veracity (or lack thereof) of these claims.  I’m always open to other evidence that can shed light on the matter.

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So , let me tell you.
I made an Instagram Story about how I imagined Bill with fancy looking legs and …. People actually drew it and send it to me.

I am like ,“ OHOHOHO , yes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)”

and after one said he is “ FA-BILL-OUS” , I have totally lost my sense of any humanity and started laughing like a veloceraptor.

credits goes to and

anonymous asked:

if, hypothetically, i promo'ed a brand new gtlive blog, would you, hypothetically, be cool with it and post it? hypothetically, of course -hypothetical anon

Of course! I’ve promoted blogs on here before, and I’m always super happy to welcome new members to the gtlive fam!


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