fancy shawl dancer

i want to talk a little bit about the difference between headcanoning and coding, because i had some questions about how characters that are non-human (such as gems) can be seen as different races

i always saw lapis as being native american if she were human. i’m not saying that she’s specifically coded native american, but that is how i saw her. 

a long time ago, i edited a picture of her outfit into seneca (which is my tribe) regalia:

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Nîmihitowin; Fancy Shawl

A playlist for Fancy Shawl Dancers. Happy Aboriginal Day!
Track List:

i. Fancy - White Fish Jrs. ii. Crow Hop - Black Lodge Singers. iii. Double Beat Song - Black Bear. IV. Trick Song - Northern Cree. V. Intertribal - Iron Horse. VI. Crow Hop - White Fish Jrs. VII. Fash & Quick - Northern Cree. VIII. Ask your mom for fifty cents - Black Lodge Singers

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Dance Regalia of the Fancy Shawl Dancer

This article gives a general overview of the proper attire for a Fancy Shawl Dancer. Rather than the double-bustle the early Crow girls wore to dance the Fancy Dance, today’s Fancy Shawl dancer wears a dress made of a shiny fabric such as taffeta or satin.
The skirt usually reaches to about mid-calf and is flared at the knee to allow for those fancy dance steps.