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Sooooo, recently I drew this two sketches that are focused on Pearl from SU and her past c: I was wondering and thinking about her origin….there is still so much stuff in this show that is still secret….but thats why its so exciting no???!

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Pearls Diamond

Now as a whole the Steven Universe community has generally come to the conclusion that our Pearl used to belong to one of the Diamonds.

From her extensive knowledge on Diamond bases

To her strange behavior towards working for homeworld

To Peridot saying that she was a very “fancy Pearl”

It seems pretty clear that she belonged to a Diamond. But which Diamond has been debated. Most say that she belonged to white Diamond but I think she belonged to Pink.

First of all her gem being white doesn’t say anything considering every Pearl’s gem is actually white

Second of all in the episode “Bubbled” Garnet said this

Garnet: She had to. The Earth belonged to Pink Diamond. Destroying her was the only way to save the planet. For Amethyst to be herself, for Pearl to be free, for me to be together. For you to exist.

She said Pink Diamond had to be shattered for Pearl to be free!

Now for the sake of keeping this post from going on for three pages I’m going to point out one more fact (unless you guys want us to continue later)

If Pearl belonged to White Diamond then how come she has a Pink Diamond on her space suit?

CS AU where Emma is a super flawless superstar and Killian is her driver and they are kinda in love but they need to conceal it aka “Colgando en tus manos” AU.

Probably it’s the silliest AU in the world, not my favourite.
But, damn, if you watch the videoclip, you change your mind for 3:54 minutes.

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Little off topic of lapidot, but thoughts on the Pearl theories? The one I see the most is that she was originally white Diamond's. Though with what we've learned from the murals, it makes no sense that white pearl would have any interactions with rose quartz. Being on an opposite spectrum. Even if Pearls are below quartz soldiers. Why would the highest Diamond's pearl interact with the lowest diamonds solider. It's still a caste society.

I’m still honestly leaning towards her once “belonging” to White Diamond, for a few reasons.

I agree that the Diamond Authority symbol actually shows a heirarchy of the Diamonds (with White at the top, Yellow and Blue on the same level in the middle, and Pink as the lowest).  This is one reason why I think our Pearl was created for White Diamond; on the back of this exchange with Peridot in Back To The Barn:

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We see Pearl proclaiming that she belongs to “nobody” a few times after this (because it’s obviously true now, and is a key part of what makes the Crystal Gems different to Homeworld).  But the thing that’s really interesting to me is how Peridot picks up on her being a particularly “fancy” Pearl, the implication being that she perhaps belonged to a Diamond - hence why she’s “better” than Homeworld’s standard Pearls.  Do bear in mind that Peridot really knows what she’s talking about when it comes to standards of Gems, so there must be some significance to how she’s slightly taken aback by our “fancy” Pearl here.

Now, if Pink Diamond was the lowest-ranking Diamond, would she have been given such a “fancy” Pearl as this?

The other thing to bear in mind is…

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…Pearl’s Gem placement perfectly matches White Diamond’s (in the same way that Yellow and Blue Pearl’s Gem placement matches that of their Diamonds).

Notice, too, how the light from Pearl’s Gem is illuminating White Diamond’s mural in this scene - perhaps this is symbolic?

Now, how could our Pearl have eventually met Rose Quartz and joined the rebellion, if she belonged to the highest-ranking Gem on Homeworld?  That, I don’t know.  The only thing I can think of right now is perhaps Pearl would have heard about the rebellion, perhaps even seen it unfolding at times (in the same way as Blue Diamond and Blue Pearl witness Rose and Pearl attacking other Gems in The Answer).  Perhaps she felt sympathetic to their cause, and actually began finding herself disagreeing with Homeworld’s plans for earth.  It could well be that Rose launched a similar attack to the one in The Answer, but instead aimed at White Diamond’s Gems - allowing our Pearl to somehow “sneak” away during the ensuing mayhem.

Without knowing more about the logistics of the Gem War, it’s honestly incredibly difficult to cohesively piece everything together.

I’m sure that we’ll one day find out what happened, in any event!  I hope so, at least.

I really don’t think she belonged to Pink Diamond, for the reasons stated above.  I know one of the main reasons why people believe this to be the case, aside from the fact that it would have granted her easier access to Rose Quartz, is because…

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…of the Pink Diamond on her clothing here.

I actually think this is could be a red herring, simply because of how much other evidence seems to be pointing to our Pearl belonging to White Diamond.  I think that the pink colour is actually represrnting Pearl’s loyalty to Rose Quartz (who is also, of course, represented by the colour pink), rather than to Pink Diamond.