fancy mall

  • Dazai: I don’t have a favorite! How could you even think that? All of my friends are of totally equal importance and worth.
  • Akutagawa: It’s Chuuya, isn’t it?
  • Dazai: ..I can’t help it! He has those “love me tender” eyes and I’m weak.
Teenaged fascists on the mall

The new rebels, they
descended like vultures
on the mall
donned red caps
embroidered (all fancy-like) with promises
they can’t yet understand
regular rah rah galore
disciples of Don Pardo
announced them prior
saw them coming
to pick at the bones of our hopes and dreams
for generational wisdom
made the new buffoon
back between their shoulder blades
simple pop of a wheelie
a slide on slick marble
past a few thousand names
prisoners of war
youth, just a few years older
take selfies with the Gettysburg Address
and group photos, per
the few gentlemen among them
not a true friend in sight
to corral their overreach

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Many hellos at this late hour! (lol its like 1:30 in the morning for me and I should NOT be writing as this time but whatever) I was wondering if you had any fun/random ideas for possible character meetings that could (potentially?) become romantic relationships. Also btw I love this blog, it's given me so many interesting for my writing 😅

Hi! I’m glad the blog has been able to inspire you 😄

●Here’s a mix and match list:

- Carnival or fair
- Zoo
- Aquarium
- Disney
- Amusement park
- Island
- Foreign country
- Restricted area
- Area 51
- A bank
- A beach
- A fancy restaurant
- The mall
- School
- Jail
- Hospital
- Burning building
- Office
- Baseball game
- Another planet
- An intergalactic bar
- Underground tunnels
- A car that neither of them owns
- A bus

- Police officer
- Criminal
- Patient
- Doctor
- Student
- Employee
- Celebrity
- Coach
- Player
- Explorer
- Inventor
- Scientist
- Diplomat
- Translator
- Tour guide
- Firefighter
- Animal trainer
- Activist
- Old friend
- High school dropout
- Valedictorian
- Pirate
- Robot
- Super hero
- Alien

● Here’s some ideas based of the mix ‘n match:

• Character A is sneaking into Area 51 when they come across a rogue scientist sneaking an alien out and tries to help the duo.

• Character A goes to bail out B from jail. A makes small talk with random stranger C who’s there to bail out D. It turns out what B and D comitted the crime together.

• Character A is attempting to communicate with a group of people who speak a different language. B notices the struggle and helps translate.

• After dying, A is picked up by a reaper. B is the soul the reaper collected prior, and they have to go with the reaper as he makes his rounds.

• Character A and B are both racing their wheelchairs around, not paying attention, and they run into each other.

• Character A and B attempt to rob the same house on the same night, unbeknownst to the other.

• Charcter A, a celebrity, gets stuck in an elevator with B who doesn’t like A. Their time together convinces B otherwise.

• Character A and B get into the same car that doesn’t belong to either of them in an effort to escape their seperate pursuers.

• Character A pays a 30 dollar library fee in pennies to B, the librarian.

• B saves A from being hit by a baseball at the game and offers A the ball.

• A, a lifeguard, saves B from 'drowning’ in five feet of water.

• While hiking, B helps A get down from a high place, like a waterfall.

• (Alternately^) A falls in a pool of water while hiking and B gives them dry clothes.

• A’s dog is impregnated at the dog park. When the puppies are born, A recognizes what the other species may be and suspects a regular at the dog park, B. A confronts B about child support.

•A sneaks aboard a pirate ship. B, the captain, discovers A. In exchange for freedom, A must work on the ship for awhile.

• Recognzing A from their theater class, B, the director of a play, shoves A out on stage when the alternate and the main part doesn’t show. A ends up improvising and creating a more entertaining scene/ wittier lines than B came up with.

• A and B both have really rude dates at a restaurant. They notice each other’s plight because they’re at tables that are right next to each other, and they ditch their dates at the same time. They go on their own date as to not waste the night.

au prompts compilation

I reblog so many of them I decided to combine all the ones I could find into one post for your enjoyment.

There are a lot of prompts here, so I added a read more– feel free to add your own. 

I don’t take credit for any of these, I only compiled a bunch that I’ve seen.

High School/College

  • I’m really passionate about this cause and I will give you this flier if I have to shove it down your throat.
  • Vicious battle over the only left handed desk in the room.
  • My roommate’s boyfriend is staying over, so can I please sleep on your floor?
  • It’s pouring and my final paper is in my backpack, so I guess we’re stuck under this tiny awning together. Do you think they’d deliver pizza here?
  • Hey I have to photograph someone for class, will you be my model?
  • Hey I have to take someone’s blood pressure for class, will you be my victim?
  • I know I keep coming to the cookie shop and for some reason it’s always your shift but don’t you dare judge me– I need these for my sanity.
  • All our friends are drunk.
  • It’s 3 am and I’m still in the library studying for finals and I’m losing my grip on reality and I think I just saw a ghost.

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Before today I was 36 candies short but it turns out that this nature trail near my apartment has a reliable supply of wild Magikarp, which I’d previously only seen in large numbers at this fancy mall here in town, weirdly enough.

Also that trail, which I’d known about for a few months but only walked for the first time tonight, is one of those places that goes from lovely and romantic (tons of fireflies there - first I’ve seen all year!) to PANTS-SHITTINGLY TERRIFYING in a matter of minutes, since large portions of it have no light at all and are heavily wooded. I only had my crappy little phone flashlight for a lot of the way. Definitely not going there alone at night again. *shudder*

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Prompts, about Snamione and Hunna, made something like go on a double date.

Alright, I had to recruit help from the Hogwarts forum i’m a part of, and deal with snate for snape and snamione itself. But here’s Harry, Luna, Hermione and Severus on a double date.

“I cannot believe you talked me into this ridiculous idea,” Severus groaned as he and Hermione walked down the crowded muggle street. 

“You promised to make more of an effort with my friends. That’s why,” Hermione retorted with a smirk.

“Where are we even going?”

“Just a mall. Nothing fancy or special.”

“Why, in Merlin’s name, would we go to a mall.”

“Because you’ve never been to one and neither has Luna. There’s plenty of stuff there for us all to be entertained. And we can get lunch.”

“I’d rather not spend the day with Potter and Lovegood. I don’t know if my sanity could handle it.”

Hermione gently smacked his arm. “Harry and Luna. And if you want to keep seeing me, you’re going to have to at least be civil with them.”


They walked the rest of the way in silence, Hermione eventually reaching for his hand, and smiling when he didn’t refuse. PDA was not his thing, but he occasionally let her hold his hand while they were walking.

When Hermione saw her friends, she ran ahead and hugged them both. Luna was the first to greet Hermione’s other half.

“Hello, Professor,” she said with a smile. “Or should we call you something else, as you’re no longer our professor?”

Severus, to his credit, answered with very little disdain in his voice, “You can call me Severus.”

Luna only nodded before grabbing Harry’s hand and leading the group inside. “What can we expect to find, Harry? I wonder if we’ll find any nargles. They love highly populated areas. And I bet the wrackspurts must enjoy the feeding frenzy they could find here.” 


Of course, their first stop had been one of the bookstores. Hermione smiled as Severus tried to remain neutral, when in fact he was loving the fact that they had just come across books. He loved adding to his library and she had no doubt that he’d walk out of there with at least five news books…not that she’d fair any better.

Instead, Hermione walked Luna over to the zoology section. While muggles didn’t study as many fantastical creatures as the magical world, she knew that Luna would enjoy some of the creepy or rare muggle animals found in books.

“You know, I still can’t believe your dating Snape,” Harry said as they watched their dates browsing.

“Severus,” Hermione corrected. “And neither can I, though I’m sure for entirely different reasons than you.”

“Probably. But I guess as long as you’re happy, that’s all that matters.”

Hermione looked at Severus as he read the back of a book, oblivious to the conversation or anything else going on around him, “I am.”


Their next stop had been a game store. Harry insisted on going in and looking at the puzzles and board games and everything else it had. 

Harry was busy showing Luna the puzzles with unicorns as they discussed how they might be able to charm it to move.

Hermione grabbed one of the sample brain teasers and took it apart before putting it back together. Severus raised an eyebrow at her and grabbed one of the other ones.

He couldn’t figure it out.

“What the hell is this?”

“A brain teaser,” Hermione chuckled.

“There’s no way to pull these apart though.”

Hermione grinned and took it from him, maneuvering the pieces until the metal rings came apart in her hands.

“You cheated.”

“You’re just mad because you couldn’t figure it out,” she said as she stuck her tongue out at him. 

“You’ll pay for that later, witch.”


Hermione had never heard Luna squeal…until they came across one of the bohemian boutiques.

Filled with clothing, and earthy related jewelry. 

“I’m not going in there,” Severus stated.

“Come on, Severus,” Hermione coaxed. “It’s not that bad.”

He glared at her, but allowed her to take his hand and lead her in anyway.

Hermione strolled casually through, glancing at some of the jewelry and décor. Severus merely stuck next to her, sneering at most of the things.

Luna however was thrilled to see the books on muggle theories of stones and their properties. She ended up buying a henna kit.


At lunch, Luna had some how managed to convince Harry and Hermione to let her give them henna tattoos. And was currently trying to convince Severus that he should join in.


“I promise it won’t be girlie.”

“That is the least of my concerns, Miss Lovegood.”

“It’s Luna, and why not? I bet Hermione would think it was attractive.”

Hermione stifled a laugh at being dragged into the argument. She had allowed Luna to do what she wanted, and she had chosen to cover the scar mudblood on her arm with flowers and vines and had come out rather pretty. 

“I can assure you, I know that Hermione is not with me because she finds me attractive.”

Hermione shot him a death glare. “That’s is not true, Severus. I find you very attractive thank you very much.”

Harry was obviously trying not to laugh, his face red. 

“How about a cauldron, with steam rising from it? I could do that really well.”

“You’re not going to stop asking, are you?”

“I promise she won’t,” Harry answered, having personal experience with her desires to do similar things with him.


He placed his hand on the table, his long fingers spread out on the table. Luna however, grabbed his arm and pulled it closer, going for the now red darkmark on his arm. As she promised, a cauldron with it’s steam covered the mark, along with a few ingredients and a wand.


Severus and Hermione stood outside her flat, a grin across her face. “Was that really so bad?”

“Yes,” he sneered.


He only smirked at her. “Maybe not as bad.”

“I knew it.”

He shook his head and leaned in to kiss her before leaving.

16th Birthday Ideas
  1. High tea
  2. Toga Party
  3. Luau
  4. cooking Class
  5. Murder Mystery Dinner Party
  6. Pool Party
  7. Campy Party
  8. Backyard BBQ
  9. Party at the Park
  10. Book Party
  11. Campfire Party
  12. Board Game Party
  13. Beach Party
  14. Slumber Party
  15. Dinner and a Movie
  16. Hot Air Balloon
  17. Weekend Away
  18. Rock Climbing
  19. Disneyland
  20. Surfing Lessons
  21. Boating/Lake
  22. sail Boating
  23. Sky Diving/Indoor Flying
  24. White Water River Rafting
  25. Water Park/Water Slides
  26. Paint Ball
  27. Snorkeling
  28. Seaplane
  29. Band/DJ
  30. Argosy Cruise
  31. Black and White Ball
  32. Fancy Restaurant
  33. Mall Shopping Spree
  34. Hotel Party
  35. Cheerleading Party
  36. Photo Booth
  37. Glow-in-the-Dark Party
  38. Bowling
  39. Putt Putt Golf/Mini Golf
  40. Costume Party
  41. Talent show
  42. Go Karts
  43. Sporting Event
  44. Ice skating
  45. Circus
  46. Zoo
  47. Roller Skating
  48. State Fair
  49. Line Dancing
  50. Laser tag

@rothkindfr im assuming youre asking about the salesperson part but if that post was just worded weird or something then ignore this i guess lol. so in the more fancy malls we have here the clothing stores like macys and jcpennys have a perfume/makeup department stationed at the front of their bottom inner doors (the door you use if youre entering from inside the mall on the first floor instead of from the parking lot). and theres usually one or two employees stationed there whose jobs are to spray you with perfume the second you get within range. this is supposed to make the customer go oh what a nice smell what perfume is this? and then buy it. but all it really does is make you smell bad and cough lmao

You Knew Luke When You Were Younger:

“Are you ready yet?” your mother shouted up the stairs.

You looked in the mirror and smoothed down the front of the maroon dress you’d finally settled on. It was your eighteenth birthday and your mum had decided to throw a house party for your family and neighbours. You’d spent the last hour checking your eye makeup and deciding if the dress was too low cut. Your sister poked her head around the door.

“Wow, you look amazing!” Sarah complimented. “But seriously, Mum’s about to go crazy if you don’t come downstairs. Grandparents are here and they keep asking where you are.”

You laughed as you put in a pair of diamond earrings. “I’m coming now.”

You stood back and nodded. It was as good as it was going to get.

Once downstairs, your grandparents started talking about how time flies and talking about the good old days when you were a toddler. You stood listening to a story about the time you’d convinced your sister that your father was really a wizard. You’d had her convinced that you had a letter from Hogwarts when you turned eleven and Sarah had sobbed at the thought of you leaving.

“In my defence, I was nine.” Sarah held her hands up. “It’s not my fault.”

Your mother walked up behind you and placed her hands on your shoulders.

“Honey, I have somebody I want you to see,” she said quietly. “Sarah can keep your grandparents entertained.”

Your sister looked like she was going to object but rolled her eyes instead and listened to another story from when you two were younger. Your mum led you towards the garden and to a tall man that looked familiar.

“Can you remember Luke? He used to babysit you and Sarah when we lived next door to his family. His mum is around here somewhere, we have years to catch up on!”

Remember him? He was the prince in all of your teenage dreams. You smiled at him like you weren’t secretly recalling all of those fairy stories. He opened his arms and you hugged him, you tried to ignore how fast your heart was beating or how you suddenly felt more alive.

“It’s been a while but I remember how he used to make chocolate pizzas for us and call it a dinner dessert,” you said with a small laugh.

“You never complained!” he answered as he raised the bottle of beer to you.

You shook your head. “Find me a girl who would complain about a chocolate pizza made by a rock star.”

Luke moved closer to you and held up his free hand. “Hey, it’s not my fault I’m irresistible.”

Your mum smiled at both of you. “I’ll leave you to catch up.”

She walked away, gesturing at various family members to move away from you. You sat on the wall around your garden.

“So why do I have the honour of Luke Hemmings at my birthday party?” you asked with a supressed smile.

Luke shrugged. “I’m back from tour for a while and Mum suggested I came to your party as a surprise though I’m beginning to wonder if I’ve walked into a blind date.”

“You probably have. I’m sorry about my mum,” you said after you sighed. “She’s eager for grandkids, far too eager.”

Luke laughed and sat next to you. “At twenty-one, I swear my mum expects me to be married or something.”

“Here’s to overly enthusiastic mothers!” you cheered as you toasted with the large glass of red wine your granddad had given you.

You drained the glass then sat it beside you.

“I haven’t seen you since you went off to chase your dreams,” you commented as you nudged Luke’s side. “I won’t ask how that went because I swear Sarah has every single item of merch you guys have out.”

“Well, when I came back from tour and Mum said you’d moved, I was kind of upset. Babysitting you two was my backup plan.”

You laughed. “Sarah might still need watching from time to time if you’re up for it, she blew up the toaster last week. I’m not even sure how.”

“How old is she now?”

“Sixteen. I feel old.”

He gave you a confused look. “You feel old? Here I am with the small, shy girl I used to babysit and now she’s eighteen and actually quite hot.”

You raised your eyebrows at him. “Did you just call me hot?”

“Maybe,” he mumbled as he took another swig of beer. “Maybe not. Just don’t tell your dad I said that.”

“You’re not too bad yourself, Hemmings.”

He smirked. “Are you flirting with me?”

You stood up and faced him. You reached over to straighten his shirt collar. The alcohol had given you a little confidence boost. This was a brave move for you and the pre-drinks your dad had made weren’t helping much.

“I don’t know, am I?”

Luke bit his lip ring. “You’re making this catch up difficult. I just want to kiss you.”

You stepped a little closer and whispered in his ear. “It’s just a shame I’m not feeling a little bolder and our mums are staring at us right now.”


It had been a month since your birthday party and you’d been spending more time with Luke. You had a lot in common, it turned out, and you genuinely liked spending time with him. It was hard to ignore the spark you shared but neither of you mentioned what had been said at the party. He took you out places like the beach, the mall, to fancy restaurants where they gave him the best table. And you never realised how he looked at you like you held the answers to life itself. And he never saw how you smiled at him when he wasn’t looking.

One day, he’d taken you to the park and he took your hand as you walked around. You glanced down at your interlocked hands.

“Sorry,” he said as he went to pull his hand away but you kept hold of it.

“No, you just surprised me that’s all,” you replied.

He swung your hands back and forth. “I like this.”

“I do too.”

He stopped under a tall tree and turned to you. He stroked a loose strand of hair behind your ear and his fingers hovered over your cheek.

“I have to go to England soon,” he said quietly. “We’re promoting our new single. I don’t want to leave this.”

You looked up at him and tilted your head. “It’s not like I’m going anywhere, Luke.”

He shook his head. “That’s not what I mean. If I leave, you might meet somebody else and I don’t think I could live with that because I’m falling for you and I don’t want this to end.”

You took his face in your hands and rhythmically tapped his cheeks.

“Listen to me, Hemmings. You could bugger off to the other side of the world and my feelings for you wouldn’t change. I’m falling in love with you too.”

His face broke into a wide grin. “Does this mean I can officially call you my girlfriend?”

You pretended to consider it. “Eh, I have nothing better to do.”

Lee Jong Suk Fan Meeting

I’m assuming most of you who are reading this have no idea who Lee Jong Suk is, so let me introduce him to you–

He played a talented gay musician/producer who falls in love with popstar Oska in my favorite drama of all time, Secret Garden.

He had an epic bromance with Kim Woo Bin in School 2013. 

He was a competitive swimmer in No Breathing.

He won over our hearts in I Hear Your Voice.

He manages to be effortlessly cute…

…and handsome at the same time.

In short, I’ve loved him since I first saw him in Secret Garden year ago.

When I first found out about the fan meeting I was beyond thrilled! However, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect because I had never experienced one before. The tickets were only 40,000 won each so at that price there was no saying no!

I arrived to the fan meeting early because I had to pick up the tickets for Claire and I at will call and I wanted to make sure I could buy merchandise. 

After picking up the tickets, I grabbed our free goodie bags!

This is the bag it came in.

Jong Suk is the current face of Skin Food, so there was this Tomato special kit.

I can’t wait to try it out!

This mysterious bag…

With this water bottle inside! 믿어 (or mido) means “believe” or “trust”. During the fan meeting we found out that Jong Suk designed this water bottle himself!

This super cutie postcard was inside.

As was this packet.

It was a welcome kit for The Shilla which is a fancy mall for duty free shopping.

Look at all of these vouchers! Guess who’s going to be singing “I like to shop at the duty free shop”?

I easily made back the 40,000 won I spent on the ticket in the swag bag!

While I was waiting in line for merchandise another fan gave me this packet–

So cute!

There are three pictures of Jong Suk.

These two photocards.

And two each of these stickers!!

This is the merchandise I bought–

I kind of have a thing for lightsticks, so I couldn’t resist!

And I bought this shirt. We found out during the fan meeting that “megaton89” is Jong Suk’s ID for online games that he plays!

After this Claire and I grabbed lunch. I had a version of bibimbap (mixed rice) but under the rice was jajjang sauce, and the topping were salmon eggs, seaweed, lettuce, and a fried egg. Delicious!

We had about an hour to wait, so we checked out the rice wreaths.

Flower wreaths are traditional to send to congratulate someone, but they have evolved recently when it comes to fan meetings and concerts.

Fans come together to raise money to donate and with the flower wreath items like rice, eggs, or ramen will be donated in the name of the celebrity to people who can’t afford them. Isn’t that the most awesome thing you’ve ever heard of?

They had this set up so everyone could take pictures. Did I happen to mention that the fanmeeting was in honor of his 26th birthday?

Fans were invited to write birthday messages to Jong Suk and place them on this tree.

The tree was filled with messages!

This was the view of the fans milling about when I went to the bathroom. The theater the fan meeting took place in sat about 2,100 people. There were many fans from Japan, and China, but besides the three Russian girls we saw we were the only white girls in attendance. 

There was really a surprising mix of people. There were young people, old people (with grey hair), men, women, couples, fathers, and mothers. People of all stations in life love Lee Jong Suk!

This was from our seats. We were threatened before coming in that if we were caught taking pictures or video during the fan meeting our phones would be confiscated! 

I was so excited! While we were waiting here they started to play one of the songs from the Secret Garden soundtrack, Appear. It really touched me to the point of bringing tears to my eyes. Not only did it remind me of all of the repeated viewings of Secret Garden with my Mom, but it also reminded me of how long I have loved Jong Suk for! This was going to be a special night!

When we walked into the theater, we were each handed one of these banners–

On je na mido means “always believe/trust”. 

The back gave detailed instructions for a surprise event that us fans were going to pull off for his birthday. After the video that the fans made in honor of his birthday we all had to hold up these banners and say (in Korean of course) “Thank you for being born, I love you!” After that there were song lyrics on the very right of the banner for us to sing. But more about that later!

Lee Jong Suk came out a few minutes late. It was supposed to start at 5pm and he came out around 5:10. He started by singing a song for us. It was super endearing because even though he was by no means a great singer, he was obviously flustered at his lack of singing skills. He was so cute!

Then the MC for the night came out and went through a series of questions for Jong Suk relating to his body, starting from his head down to his toes. We got to find out about how he keeps his lips looking so beautiful, what color underwear he prefers to wear, and what kind of style he prefers for women to wear! This lasted around twenty or thirty minutes.

Then he had a quick outfit change (he described it as feeling like he was in a fashion show). He then revealed that his fan club would officially be named “With JS” after the fans voted for it. He cut a cake in honor of his official fan club name, and during this time he mentioned that he called Kim Woo Bin (remember him from School 2013?) to ask him if he could appear at the fan meeting but Woo Bin told him that he already had plans for today so he would be unable to attend.

Lee Jong Suk then answered ten questions that fans sent in prior to the event. Most of them revolved around his most recent drama, Doctor Stranger. Then taped happy birthday messages played from his friends Kim Woo Bin, Park Shin Hye (who is just so lovely and will be acting opposite of Jong Suk in the upcoming drama Pinocchio), Sistar’s Bora, and Park So Joon. 

After the messages a birthday cake was brought out for Jong Suk and all of the fans sang happy birthday and Jong Suk made a wish and blew out the candles. 

Suddenly, the song “Appear” started to play. We were all confused (even Jong Suk)! What was happening? 

Then, it happened. We heard this unmistakable deep voice…

The crowd went wild!

I lost my mind (literally)! I grabbed a hold of Claire’s hand so tightly and started to scream!

Kim Woo Bin came out!

He pulled off the ultimate surprise!!

As soon as Woo Bin and Jong Suk laid eyes on each other they ran into each others arms and embraced in one of the most loving hugs I have ever seen!

It was about a MILLION times more enthusiastic than this one!


After their initial few hugs, Jong Suk had to turn his back to us because he was crying so hard! Jong Suk couldn’t stop crying at seeing Woo Bin, he cried for a good five minutes! And upon witnessing this, Woo Bin started to cry too!

Even I started to cry! Witnessing this epic bromance that I have fully supported since the beginning in person was so touching and a moment I will NEVER forget! 

Jong Suk was barely able to collect himself and then ate some cake (Woo Bin even fed some to him personally). The MC also made Woo Bin solo sing “Happy Birthday” to Jong Suk and he choked up at the line “I love you Jong Suk~” (in the Korean version of “Happy Birthday” instead of saying “Happy Birthday dear Jong Suk~” they say “I love you Jong Suk~”). 

Woo Bin stayed for about twenty minutes and then had to run off because he was busy. You could really feel the love between the two of them as well as how much Jong Suk really appreciated Woo Bin coming! 

Then there was a raffle where Jong Suk picked ticket stubs and gave away two pieces of clothing that he wore from School 2013, two shirts he wore in photoshoots, and two autographed megaton89 shirts. When the lucky winners came up on stage to collect the clothes Jong Suk hugged each of them multiple times! Most of the girls were shocked beyond words and most of them were crying. 

After this a video was played that international fans put together for Jong Suk wishing him a happy birthday. Then was our banner surprise! We held up the banners, said our line and started to sing.

Lee Jong Suk was crying once again! He was so touched! As if I didn’t love him enough before, his true humbleness put me over the edge! He thanked us for coming and told us to get home safely and then the fan meeting was over. 

Lee Jong Suk was so adorable, cute, kind, and humble during the entire two hours that he spent with us. I could not have wished for a more perfect experience! 

Really Kim Woo Bin coming made this night one that I will never forget, not only was I treated to spending two hours with Lee Jong Suk, but getting to see Kim Woo Bin in all of his glory was a dream come true! 

What a magical night!

  • My company shuts down for the week of Thanksgiving and I have a nice little staycation planned for myself. I’m going to a day spa, I’m taking myself to the movies, I’m going wander aimlessly around a very fancy mall, and I’m going to try to catch up on my Goodreads challenge.  
  • I’m back to work on the 30th for three days and then I’m on vacation again! Jason and I are heading to London with Julia and The Dude for an Arsenal match, Sunday roast, Christmas markets, and tea. (Plus pints for everyone else. Boo.)  
  • I’m ordering tacos for dinner tonight and am planning on stuffing my face while catching up on my stories.  
  • I  love the idea of Thanksgiving but I kinda hate the food aspect of the holiday. First of all, I think turkey is disgusting. Second of all, I don’t really eat leftovers. I LOVE all the side dishes but I’m not interested in eating them for the next 5 meals in a row. We’re going to order from Whole Foods and feed whomever decides to show up whenever they decide to show up. I want to keep it casual and stress free and just make it through the day without having a nervous breakdown.  I’m kinda drowning in sadness right now and that makes it pretty tough to focus on thankfulness.    
  • I called a therapist on Tuesday morning and left a voicemail asking if she was taking new patients and if she took insurance. I still haven’t heard anything back which I probably should have expected but my god it’s frustrating.  Who knows when I’ll have the energy to actually research and make calls again.  COOL.  

thefaceofboe-livia  asked:

Hi… I'm spending a month in china this summer.. i'm staying with friends in guangzhou, shanghai, Jinan, and beijing. any advice?

  1. Always have toilet paper with you
  2. chicken feet are delicious
  3. don’t drink the freAKING TAP WATER
  4. dont order drinks with ice, the ice is made from tap water
  5. In Shanghai: Eat dumplings! Try the long breadsticks you’ll see everyone eating for breakfast. Go to the Bund at least twice, once during the daytime and once after dark. Tianzifang is cute as heck.
  6. In Beijing: EAT THE PEKING DUCK go to a legit duck place and just do it oh my god.
  7. Go to a crazy massive fancy chinese mall they’re intense
  8. look both ways when crossing the street
  9. look both ways when crossing the sidewalk
  10. look both ways - just generally assume cars can and will drive wherever they want okay
  11. eat eat eat eat eat