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“How To Ruin the Nighttime Fantasies Of At Least Two Of Your Sons”, by Jeff Tracy. 


I’m so sorry, Thunderbirds fandom. You’ve been so welcoming and kind, and then I go and do a thing like this.

(In my defence, though, I have two words to say. “Atlantic. Inferno”.)

Valor print in progress!  

I’m so excited to be a part of the Valor anthology!  It’s a collection of seriously talented lady comic artists and writers coming together to make a group of stories about stellar ladies in fantastic situations.

You like fairy tales?  Yes!

You like amazing heroines in unbelievably, exciting situations? Yes!

You like supporting talented, diverse, unique artists and writes?  Of course you do, thats not even really a question, just a statement of fact!  Silly me for even bringing it up!

But you know what is not silly?  Supporting this anthology!  Check it out -