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Barby girl.. you’re mine pt.1

Jungkook x reader “lead pairing”

“other members will join too”

M= mature content

Genre : angst /smut/ fluffy

summary: you’re a seed from an English mother and a Korean father you spent more than half your age in England when you see yourself returned to Korea where you find your self in a guy’s arm who seems rough that gonna change your life better or worse that you’re not sure about……..

Originally posted by jungxook

part1:—————->part 2  3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 epilogue

i said “put it there and go out please “

yes ma’am that’s what the housemaid said when she finally went out 

you passed your thin fingers through the long dark blond hair, your father’s words still resonating in your ears crippling your body however;  you’re not going to  spend the  whole day  laying in bed starring to the luxury around you

the door suddenly opened and sent in one of your reasons to live 

“darling are you okay? why you still here are you sick?”

“no mom i’m okay i’m just in a bad mood 

“hhhh and so, it’s not a reason i really know that when you can’t take some thing any more you just go to gym and practice your favorite choreography let’s have lunch together huh harry up and wake up i’ll be in the garden with your grandpa 

and because she’s so precious to you a person you really love you obeyed her and got out of bed

the big garden was green yellowish full covered by the Fall touch ,, England sky was so beautiful the air and specially that peace you feel in this big house how the fuck could your father decide to snatch you from all this !!

you knitted your brows  feeling horriblly sick just thinking of this gonna be happen

your mom and grandpa were sitting having coffee under one of the biggest tree in the garden you walked toward them forcing your self to look normal and you smiled

“oh my lovely child is finally here hh”

“i’m not a child any more grandpa”you murmured

“hhhh no you will be forever ;for me you’re my sweet little grandchild 

you just grinned because convincing him to change his idea is like drilling in the water 

“well i will have lunch with both of you and go meet my friends they called me before you forced your self to eat not showing your mom how worry were you about what gonna happen

after an hour you find your self riding  until you got to see the bridge 

you parked your fancy car and started hovering here and there as you ‘re saying good bye…. honestly loving London is a normal thing for you because you’re half English girl who had taken a green big sharped eyes and a milky skin from your mother and a Korean hair and size from your father your beauty was really a perfection no one after seeing you can not return his head again,, that Barby look you had made all around you demand where are you from that mix makes you happy. you remembered when you were a little child how you easily could get friends , be popular and well known specially you’re kim’s daughter

back in time;your father was an evoking  businessman who met an other one like him; your grandpa; who lived in Korea for 30 years he had a daughter and a son and as they have some common business your father came often to your grandparents Korean house when he met your mother and fell in love with her…

life were so peaceful and beautiful, your parents were happy together but it did not stay long ;problems and fights were growing up as you do, well when you found that they can not be together any more the castle was cold and you hated how your little family is gonna be from that moment toward specially after your grandpa decided to go back to his home town with you grand-mom and your uncle 

maybe letting your mother alone can be one of the reasons to aggravate  more the problem 

you suddenly went back to reality when a chilly wind touched your bare neck you grabbed your collar and returned back to the car and drove off  home

the housemaid were preparing the dinner when you finally came in home, you passed through the big golden door and saw only your mother sitting in the table  there you promoted your courage and went to talk with her 

“ah sweetheart you’re here come to me “ she kissed your cheek

you hate your self to death because you will leave her soon, but you cleaned your throat and say” mom i wanna discuss something with you but i’m anxious because it maybe won’t please you”

“i actually was waiting for you to spell it y/N, her calm gaze makes your soul suffer 

“ did my father call you too?”

“oh darling your father is always calling me i told him every thing about you even we’re separated we still have you, so when he called me yesterday he said that it’s time to go back to Korea after all you’re a korean girl

“i’m English too mom and i hate it there ‘ your eyes were full of tears but you bit your lips and to hide, “it i’m happy to live here my college my friends all i want to get i already have it 

‘’ i know baby but you’re his daughter and his heiress after all so you have to be beside him and i don’t wanna be a bad women who stole his daughter 

“ i know this day will come but it’s too early now i hate it there i really do” 

“you have to be happy because you already have friends and a korean family there “

i know but i don’t think i was born to sit behind a big office and do business i’m not that kind oh no “ you snarled 

“calm down sweety every thing is gonna be okay she cuddled you in her warm lap goddamn how you gonna left her

“ mom why you don’t come with me we will live together i don’t mind if i’ll see him just in the company”

i can’t y/N your grandparents needs me here “

well she’s right and you bit your cherry lip again because of that  you already know that your grandpa needed her but you did too 

the night doesn’t seem to pass it was long and cold very cold in a very warm bed 

you were always a serious girl so you will bear it yeah pain will pass if we bear it a little bit more 

when you headed to the airport you preferred to be alone  you will never want to see your mom’s tears as she said good bye even you knew she will visit you every month you as well know if she’s younger and healthy she will come to you every week 

your heart was terribly beating you had not visited Korea since 3 years 

when you moved to England you were 13 years old a beautiful teen started making some friends here you just came every year to visit siblings because your father come often to visit you there but 3 years ago you did not see him he doesn’t come and you did not go to him actually you always blame him because he let your mother go away  

“miss open your eyes please and put the seat-belt the plane is about to descend “ a husky voice said trying to wake you up he was the steward 

after all this tired flight you ‘re finally here ,Korea seems beautiful you couldn’t pass over it, a black car took you home the ride was so calm but you felt nervous and you tried to gathered your thoughts but it seemed fucking impossible 

is my father at home “

“no ma’am,he is in the company “

“go back there “ you commanded

“ but miss you already come here and you need to rest before “

“i said i wanna see my father “

the car turned towards the company your father who was so damn focusing in papers did not notice your presence in his office 

“i really hate seeing you like that dad “

the man jumped when he saw you and came to hold you in his arms “finally i can see you i thought i’ll die before 

“his lap was warm even no compare with your mom one but it’s familiar 

“ i miss you so much daughter” 

you wished you could say the same but your tongue clogged your mouth and froze 

you felt sorry for him his hair became a little bit white but he still handsome and charismatic 

“ i’m here to say that i don’t want to stay in that castle” you simply said 

“ well, your father is a smart man to notice how bad you hate it there it’s full of sad memories that’s why he suggested to send you to the company hotel until he could prepare a house for you 

“ i’ll be in the hotel but about my living place please let me choose, i’m new here and i need some time to remember things so when i found my self ready i’ll tell you “

he was not angry at all and that gave you another stand about him he actually seemed too tired to fight with a girl who did not saw her from years ……

you headed to the palace very exhausted all you needed now is a hot drink to save your body from this cold weather 

“miss kim y/N this is your suit security card please enjoy your residency here “the receptionist said with a big smile you were focusing talking to him when a soft hand touch your shoulder..

excuse me the girl said “i heard that your name is y/N ?

“ so ??”

“ OMG you look so pretty as usual, hey didn’t you  know me yet??

“her soft face and bunny eyes were familiar but it’s hard to remember specially you forced your self to forget you Koreans moments and friends 

“ i’m sorry i don’t “

“”Barby girl need a prince a prince who loves her barby girl need a man a man who hold her if you wanna win her heart you better kiss her”” … she sang in a funny way as she was a child taking you exactly to remember that song 

“oh no Jang Ha Na it’s you !!” you grinned hugely

you felt so blessed and happy to meet your childhood friend “sorry” haNa ya “ i’m so sorry”

“it’s okay i know it’s hard to remember because i changed a lot but for me i can recognize this charming mix in your face she added 

“what are you doing here ?”

well my brother’s engagement will be celebrated here in this hotel and what about you? she asked with concern 

“i came back to Korea today and i’m here to take a rest “

she seemed chocked “ No way! so you will be here finally happy me! really!!  and she hovered around you in a hug” so you will join us tonight no excuses since you recently here i think you should have good time as before you will meet others friends too “

as she insisted you could not ignore her, even you were so fucking tired and needed to regulate your mind but it’s ok 

the hotel suite was big and lush but you just need the shower to wipe off all tiredness and anger

your luggage was here finally and you thanked God because you put some dress in your bags 

you picked a velvet maxi dress with a bare back where you tattoo  stars line decorated your spine is clear to see ,, your hair was dyed to a blond color and with the sharped eyes you look like a star you finally take a look in the mirror before you heads to the big room where the party has began 

Hana’s father was a rich man too so it’s normal to see all this  whimsy things around the fancy touch was  too much ,and people are gathered you’re accustomed to this types of parties and gathering so it’s ok; the abnormal thing was how all of them gazed you, you really miss how it was this gaze since you were child you grinned lightly when you finally see “Hana” she walked toward you immediately “glad you’re here come with me i want you to see my brother and our old friends 

the evening was so pretty good and romantic your body warmed after drinking champagne “i need more” you picked an other drink when you ended it in two sips  you were really  drunk but it’s ok fuck it all 

you walked towards the glass door and went out for a while it was chilly but you are not feeling it your elbows were on the balcony holding your face when you heard a husky voice it was deep to reach your bones your drunk eyes still could not recognize his face but as you could just say that he was hot as hell with that dark hair  

“it’s cold here why you‘re standing alone ?”

‘it’s okay i’m not cold” you said that because this is what you felt, but if you were conscious you will be shaking because the weather was so cold

“hhhh i think you hate it inside”

“no but i really wanna see Seoul sky it’s too different here you shrugged 

“here?” you are a new resident aren’t you? 

“ you can say that so yes i am…

“ what about a ride in Seoul streets too

his gaze was so warm and you couldn’t refuse you found your self switching between the guests to finally reached the entrance of the hotel were they brought the car 

“you still don’t recognize him but you like it outside the lights and the streets so you just sit and focus out with the dark and silent you felt warm and you missed your mom 

the ride suddenly snipped “why are your crying Miss? “

“i’m not crying you tried to turn your face but his hand made your jawline seemed small in between his fingers 

“ i hate it here, and i still don’t get any damn reason to stay” he suddenly snatched you a little bit and cuddled you his arms were strong and tender at the same time you feel in need for that your heart was aching and you felt peace in his lap you laid your head on his shoulder that’s the last thing you remembered when you woke up in the morning ……

feel free to react guys ^^…..

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