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The dark heart of your city is the Kingsnakes domain. One of these Kingsnakes is the intriguing Jung Hoseok. He’s bad news, he’s a bad guy, yet you can’t stay away…

pairing: hoseok x reader
genre: gang!au, smut
wordcount: 8k

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anonymous asked:

all i want is to see top in a stable and loving relationship. WITH ANYONE omg. literally, just anyone.


i want to see him caught by dispatch holding their hand and going on dates, i want to see him posting 7 different versions of the same couple photo, shot from different angles and levels of zoom each time and i want to see him delete them all 2 minutes afterwards and then post something dumb w/ an annoying caption to make up for it. i want to see them being coy about each other in interviews and i want to see him take them out to art galleries and fancy meals  :((((((( and KIDS. i want to see him have kids w/ someone he loves weh.

Random thought?? So Stan is a skilled artist in his own way, he creates taxidermy creatures and cobbles together various crafts. What if one of the tourists who comes in is a snooty gallery curator and sees the stuff around the Shack and is like “Mr. Pines, this is exactly the kind of avant-garde outsider art my gallery is looking for. There is a certain je ne sais quoi to these, and people will pay a hefty sum for these eccentricities”  “Don’t know what Juno says quack is but you had me at ‘hefty sum’. So that’s how  Stan gets to be in an art gallery with all his stuff on display everywhere. He drinks a lot of wine, and eats all the fancy cheeses, and wrangles patrons. “My oh my, what is this delightfully quirky creature?” “What’s it look like, it’s literally a squirrel-duck. Lookin’ at it costs you five bucks.”  I mean, Stan being in a fancy art gallery opening (with his stuff being displayed) is hilarious to me for some reason?

The Silent Problem of darkSpyro (I would not recommend joining) A big Skylanders/Spyro the Dragon website that is steadily growing by the day.

While the forum does have some neat information on Skylanders and old Spyro the Dragon games, what members don’t know is that there is more than just fancy walkthrough pages and galleries. There is the communication and the enjoyment fans gain by talking with others about the Skylanders and Spyro games. Or it can be about topics related to silliness and standard real world discussions.  There is also the forum moderation. It can help make your time on the forum fun, or it can make your time there difficult.

Most of you may know me from the forums, and I have been around since 2008. Back then, the darkSpyro forums was just about Spyro games, solely operated by dark52.

Besides posting walkthroughs, managing  and creating news posts on the Spyro games, dark52 was mostly on top of rule-breakers and trolls and would ban them from the forums as soon as they ignore their first few warnings. Sometimes though, trolls would come on when the admin was asleep, and it would take hours later until he would come online to clean up the mess. But other than that, darkSpyro was a pleasant place to talk and chat with other Spyro fans.

Until the time came when dark52 decided to follow Skylanders and made the site a part Spyro part Skylanders division. As time went on, more and more members joined due to the audience of Skylanders, and it became too much for the admin.

Some of us suggested to dark52 that he should appoint moderators so he wouldn’t feel so overwhelmed. But dark refused to accept help and believed that he could handle the forum on his own like he always had.

Big mistake.

At one point, a troll posted inappropriate images on the forum that lasted for 6 hours until dark52 finally woke up and deleted them all. I can’t even imagine how many kids late at night or in the morning were possibly scarred by those pictures all because of dark’s stubbornness. Even after all of that, he was STILL convinced that he didn’t need any moderators. Completely ignorant to the fact that he doesn’t do anything when something obviously bad is happening. Can you believe it??

Sometime after the horrible incident, the admin allowed trolls to get away with harassing users. They broke the forum rules on multiple occassions, drove away older members, and the trolls even had the nerve to start speaking on the admin’s behalf just to belittle others. In short, dark52 basically just sat back and watched the rule breaking scenario all happen. And this lasted about a few years and it could’ve lasted a LOT longer.

I was one of the main victims of the trolling, and I can tell you, it was the worst experience I’ve ever endured on any forum. Imagine being harassed and trolled on for months or longer, being the target of an upcoming war started by a troll who was in the process of tricking an entire forum section of children to be against you. And the admin knowing fully well what’s going on but refused to do anything about it. All just to update forum news and making posts about Skylanders. Like the concerns of his userbase don’t matter to him at all.

It can drive you extremely fustrated, crazy even. Honestly it drove me insane that I wondered WHY I was still on that forum.

After some time during all of the chaos, dark52 FINALLY gave in and went on to appoint moderators after 8 long years of solo moderation. At least he admitted that he neglected his duties. Although he never did apologize to the users, including myself, who were harassed constantly by the trolls thanks to him. But even with mods, dark didn’t do much moderation himself sometime afterwards, besides removing the occasional spambot or inappropriate picture troll.

Nowadays, there is a 10% chance you will get a private message response from dark52, regardless of your question, request or in need of intervention. The other 90% is him updating the forum polls on Skylanders, getting news on Skylanders, and making the site look prettier. He rarely communicates with the forum members and his fellow moderators, keeping most rule changes and decisions to himself until he feels like revealing them at the last minute. You will very likely see him talk about Skylanders, than responding forum issues that aren’t worth his time to talk about.

In addition, dark52 has shown some severe signs of neglecting his admin duties. Such as:

  • Causing an harassment war to nearly happen
  • Allowing a kid to post his private information more than three times (and we’re talking about family names, home address, email that kind of private information that should be kept your self)
  • Allowing scenarios to escalate out of porportion until he feels like dealing with it. 

He has even shown signs of being incredibly biased towards other users. Such as spoiling one user to the point that that very user became a disruptive egomaniac who is willing to belittle and even dox you just to be superior. This is a direct result of being pampered by the admin.

If you have a logical issue about dark52 and his way of moderation, he will simply disregard your topic subject at hand altogether and will respond to an-off topic comment on popup ads instead. Or he will simply say: “I care about the community and its members” at the hopes that phrase will get users off his back.

As a former longtime member of the forum, I WOULD NOT recommend unless you are used to an admin who doesn’t take his job as site owner very seriously. You might become stressed or unwanted, a victim of trolling caused by returning rule-breakers and egomaniacs. All of this happening to you, with dark52 not doing anything about it. And normally, he would leave the moderators to do most of the work for him.

An admin should learn from his or her mistakes. But dark52 is one admin who apparently WILL NEVER learn from his. And even if dark52 changes his ways now or after this post is released, chances are he will go right back to being a recluse and sit quietly while watching rule-breakers run amok until he FEELS like stepping in.

The admin will also repeatedly claim that he still “cares” about his community, something his white knights want to hear and prove others of how “wrong” they are about the admin. 


And dark52′s actions have shown that he does NOT care: if you are harassed or not, what his moderators think about certain scenarios AND their inputs, unless it’s regarding the very thing that is keeping his forum going: Skylanders.

I’ve been on darkSpyro for ages, and it’s hard to leave a place where I grew up going to after a day’s work. But with the way things are on the forum, and the admin STILL showing no signs of improvement on his moderation AND being biased, I’ve had no choice but to move on.

So I ask you, users. Would you want to join a nice looking forum like, but with a reclusive, extrememly biased and ignorant admin like dark52

I wouldn’t. 

But in the end it’s your choice. You may like the forum just because of how fancy it looks or it’s the only popular place to see new Spyro or Skylanders info. But remember that in the end, it is run by a user - a user whose actions can either make your time on darkSpyro fun or outright miserable and unenjoyable.

The egotistical white knights of dark52 have already posted about this on the forum somewhere, in which dark52 responded with his repeated phrase that he “cares about the community” and all that. But don’t fall for his false claims and lies. As I said before, actions speak louder than words. And dark52 rarely communicates with users anyways.

anonymous asked:

So sorta random but every so often I randomly like to check in and see if that amazing Kate painting (the fancy gallery 'metaphor' arrows in her hair one) is still around and available? I've been following you for years and had my eye on it for quite awhile but while I could get the money for payment and maybe even transport at some point soonish I still don't have my own apartment and thus a safe place to put it yet. But I like to dream realistically so checking on availability and gen pricing?

GREETINGS ANONYBRO.  Man, I hope you weren’t holding your breath or anything; I really didn’t mean to be like, suspenseful or anything!!!, but occasionally my brain is a mess and I forget entirely about this whole Tumblr inbox thing, aha.  Anyway.  The funny thing is, I have done Kate with arrows twice and I don’t know which you mean. 

This one?

Or this one?


I feel I just need to add,


Bad news is, both of those are sold; but the good news is, Monet painted the Rouen cathedral thirty times because he was so in love with how it looked in shifting light, and along those lines I am nowhere near done with Kate-with-Arrows.  I have been thinking of doing another and you’re welcome to give me a concrete excuse, if you like. Both were 24″ x 24″ and sold for $575 + shipping (whatever the actual price is.) I’m in the US.  Just for realistic reference, I shipped one to Canada recently that was a little bigger than 24″ x 24″ and it was $68.  Shipping is realistically freaking expensive, like, I kinda wanted to buy the painting a Megabus ticket and personally deliver it with a hug, it would have been more fun. :D

So, if you have any more questions, feel free!  Just in general, you’re welcome to send me one of those flashy sorts of messages if you prefer a private chat - I can respond to those even from dumbass tumblr mobile.  

Also in general, thank you (and also you and you and you) for giving my art love over the years.  It keeps me going when life gets crappy and frustrating. <3

random assorted romcom au thoughts, bc i wanted to get them down somewhere:

paul is new to town and a music teacher at a relatively elite private school in the city, something that as a kid, he himself never would have been able to afford. he got a good education as a result of a scholarship, but still keenly feels the difference whenever speaking to the parents of his students and the like. mr. mccartney is known to be a fun and engaging teacher that kids love. wears a lot of sweater vests and the like. does yoga and is a vegetarian. wants to own a dog but the apartment super doesn’t allow pets.

john probably went to school for art or the like, which his aunt mimi didn’t approve of but it was better than him skipping higher education altogether. he now owns a secondhand bookshop that employs like two other people on a good day. owns a cat. once had his twitter account confiscated by ringo and george because he’s been known to get a little tipsy and make drunk tweets about his exes, most recently and notably stuart. considers a leftover hot pocket a full-course meal. in the middle of two crazy sets of neighbors, to his right is a guy whose name he isn’t 100% sure of so john just calls him “magic alex”, because he claims he’s inventing things over there. mick and keith live on the other side, enjoy catching up with the daily drama of john’s hopeless love life (his apartment has thin walls, which proves to be a hassle with both neighbors for different reasons).

george has a flower shop and is currently in the “off” part of the on-and-off-again relationship with his sort of-girlfriend pattie, in order to forget about his own sorry state, john’s pretty committed to taking george’s mind off of things through any means possible (“and the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else”). ringo is the only one of them about to get married, which john considers a betrayal of interest, but he’s also the first one he had pegged for such a thing. there is definitely gonna be a scene at the reception of said wedding where john is acutely feeling like a lonely bastard.

john and paul either meet at the bookstore or at a vinyl shop. paul also knows stuart, astrid and klaus, fancy art gallery runners, and so they keep running each other at social events. john falls pretty damn hard really quick.

anonymous asked:

It would be nice if you drawn Lily and Lola ( the daughters Ollie with Ruca and Trish ) in his adult version. I'm so in love whith them <3333

AHAHA!  You found my old art<3 Lilly and Lola were characters I made to see what me and @goblinqueenbluebie ‘s​ characters kids would look like if we combined their features. I re-drew it and the grown up versions

I imagine if Lola existed she would be like a little adult since both of her parents are so childish lol. She would have Ruca’s big dark eyes, pointy nose and full lips but Olly’s face shape and BROWS and since Piebaldism is hereditary a white fore lock, sporadic spots and white lashes I think she’d grow up like a tomboy hanging around her mom and dad’s biker friends at the Blood bucket Pub learning slight of hand and how to fight. She’d eventually become the charismatic tatted  gritty voiced Sailor Uranus that all the straight girls fall for in college haha

I imagine if Lilly existed she’d be spoiled rotten and roam the fancy art galleries her mother works at having famous artists as “aunts” and “uncles” Shed have Olly’s eyes and BROWS  and Trish’s face shape curly hair and beauty mark. She’d be really prim go to gifted private schools and cheat her way through them just like dad taught her lol probably grow up to be the rebellious rich girl  whose the muse for her grungey artist semi-dreadlocked boyfriend who paints with BLOOD D;<!!!

saruke-mizuke  asked:

I really love your builds in your cities. Where do you get these ideas anyways?

Well, I think I’ll put it this way.

I walked through a fancy warehouse modern art gallery with my friend recently. To me, the most artful, beautiful and magical thing was just outside. The chipped brickwork of the warehouse walls. Wooden telephone poles with dried black tar melted onto the sidewalk, which lies in between the blades of grass that make their home in the cracked pavement. 

So yes, call me a classless boor, but to me, art lies in neighborhoods and streets. And I guess I’d like to be an artist.


sun and stars [photographer!luke]

a/n: hello my peaches!! i don’t have to much to really preface this with tbh but i hope you enjoy and i hope it’s not too cheesy for you and please, as always, feedback would be just wonderful (◡‿◡✿) 

“I’ll call you when I find out.”

His words were spiralling through your head over and over again like clockwork. It had been hours since he uttered them before planting a rushed kiss on your lips and darting out the door with his camera bag and portfolio in tow. Normally Luke was pretty relaxed, never letting thing get to him. He’d taught you a lot in that aspect, your gears usually tightly wound in stressful situations.

Today was different though. Luke woke up earlier than usual and headed straight to the shower. On any other day, he’d lay in bed for close to an hour, whining about how much he didn’t want to get up, how badly he just wanted to stay in the warm confines of your shared bed with you and Maggie, the lab you adopted together nearly a year ago. You didn’t even receive a glance today though as he rolled out of bed and started to get ready for the day.

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Dating Donovan Would Include
  • Meeting at a movie night in the park
  • Him telling the Countess that he wants to keep you alive because he wants you as a pet
  • But he knows that’s a lie; he fell for you instantly and wants to be yours as much as he wants you to be his
  • Visiting you at night, causing so many vampire/twilight stalking jokes
  • He hates those jokes so he’ll raise his eyebrows at you and threaten you to stop or else
  • “I’ll gobble you up if you keep taking.” Ensue hot playful wrestling until he gets you to stop.
  • Taking you to fashion shows, art galleries, fancy places to eat, etc. He just loves to pamper you
  • Iris telling you about when he was little which makes him embarrassed and grumpy
  • Lots of stories about when he was lost as a human and the dark stuff he got into
  • Him being very protective so that you don’t make the same mistakes he did
  • Lots of rough sex, because he has a preference for being dominant
  • Lots of lovemaking when he’s had a tough day, because you know exactly what to do to make him feel better
  • Cuddling while you watch old movies or binge watching Netflix shows
  • Walking around the house naked 
  • Sleeping in every morning, wrapped up in each other as he strokes your hair
  • Him finally deciding to turn you

anonymous asked:

Whats tour idea for the mv for ready for it? Haha

every single time I hear this damn song… i think about how it’d go well with the plot of taylor and some random dude competing to snatch a well known piece of art. they’re both attending this fancy ass art gallery party and she’s by herself, completely focused on the design of the building and the pieces she found suitable for a decent amount of profit. and the dude has got this cougar on his arm, not even really focused on doing his routine of deciding his plan to steal a specific piece. as soon as ‘in the middle of the night’ the scene of where she’s actually brekaing into the museum is happening, she spots the dude from the gallery and immediately gets competitive over who gets to the best piece first. of course the guy is an asshole and he’s got a shit eating grin when he gets to the piece first and snatches it out from under her. maybe there could be a quick scene where she manages to seduce his stupid ass just in time to leave his room with the piece, leaving behind a funny little note like ‘nice try’ or something. at the end of the video, they’ll see each other at another art gallery and she’s just smirking behind her glass of wine while he’s just glaring at her from across the gallery. 


She felt the light tickle her skin as the sun rose. Early noon, late morning. Lazy Sunday. The room began to focus and she remembered where she was. The walls reflected a bright white, dust particles dancing in the window’s rays. Franny sighed as she nestled deeper into the sheets, turning over to the other side to meet Cornelius’ groggy smile.

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(Meeting Duff in a park, as requested by @drunk-alien-robot)

It was a beautiful, sunny day and you decided you wanted to go out for a run. You didn’t exactly know where you intended on running today, but you knew it had to be a long run because you felt a little out of shape. Running was your way of ridding yourself from the stressors of work and the rest of your daily life.

After running three miles you ended up at the local park, perfect timing as well because you needed some water and a place to catch your breath. At the water fountain you spotted a tall, blonde getting water for his two dogs. You stood behind him waiting to get water for yourself; the blonde turned around, smiled at you and let you use the fountain.

Before you even got to the fountain you felt something wrap around your legs, as you fell to the ground you felt your head collide with the handsome blonde you just saw. You looked down at both of your legs to see that one of his dogs had wrapped the two of you up in his leash. “Sorry about that, I’m Duff… I’ll try and keep my dogs under control.” Duff chuckled as he stood up and extended a hand to help you up.

“I’m Y/N, don’t worry about it! I love dogs, plus this big guy just gave me an excuse to talk to you.” Duff blushed and awkwardly smiled at you. The two of you began to walk about the park getting to know each other while you each walked one of his dogs. “So, what brings you out to LA?”

Duff’s smile took over the entirety of his lit up face. “I recently joined a band, Guns N’ Roses, we’re supposed to be on MTV tonight but they won’t play us until 3 AM.” You finally found a bench in the shade as you sat down and let the dogs go off and play with the few other dogs in the park.

“A band, huh? That’s pretty cool! I’ll stay up until they play your music video, I’m sure it’s great. What instrument do you play?” You were truly interested by this man, in the short amount of time you’d known him you were absolutely captivated by him and his story.

“I play the bass, what about you? What’s your story?” Duff looked at you, trying to get some information out of you since you let him do most of the talking through most of the day.

You took a deep breath as you looked at him, realizing your cheeks were sore from not being able to stop smiling. “Well Mr. Rock Star I am an artist, I paint and draw. I own my own gallery, nothing fancy but it’s just enough for me. I’d love to learn how to play the bass, that sounds pretty awesome to me!”

Duff called his dogs back over to where the two of you were seated as he latched their leashes back on. “I’ll make you a deal, Y/N. I will teach you how to play the bass if you teach me how to paint. Also, you have to let me take you out on a date. Sound like a good deal?”

Both of you stood up, preparing to head home. “Sounds perfect, here’s my number. Call me later and we can talk details about our date!” You pulled out a pen and a sticky note from your back pack you had with you, jotted down your number and handed it to Duff.

“I’ll call you later; it was a pleasure to meet such a beautiful girl like you.” You hugged each other before parting ways, as you started to walk off you heard Duff tell his dog “Good job, bud, you did good work.” as he patted his dogs side.

You practically skip/jogged the entire way home still smiling from meeting a gorgeous rock star, you couldn’t wait for him to call you later. You knew today was a good day for a run, and boy were you correct.


Bookay-Ukay Bookshop, Quezon City, Philippines. Drools! I was drooling over this bookshop along Maginhawa street near the University of the Philippines. It was a heavenly experience roaming around taking random shots of, yeah, HEAVEN! I’ve been living here for years, and I only found out that it’s just a few minutes away from home.

Towers of books, fancy bookmark gallery (I’ll be showing them in the future posts so better stay tuned!) insane book installation, crazy typewriter installation, friendly owner, you name it… it’s the coolest bookshop in the neighborhood!

important things:

  • enjolras holding grantaire’s hand as r answers the phone to find out if he got a position in a fancy gallery
  • combeferre and courfeyrac going on their first date and tripping over their words and laughing and not really knowing what to say for the first half-hour but then just settling back into their usual rhythm
  • joly, bossuet, and musichetta dressing up in matching costumes for halloween every year
  • jehan rolling his eyes every time that someone says “hey, you’re a romantic, right? give me relationship advice” and then just replying with “no, i’m a Romantic. skulls. long-dead poets. death. ghosts. haunted church yards. i don’t care about your relationship.”


Atelier Kouglof (France)

Thomas Berthier and David Moulin met at the Art Design School of Strasbourg. In 2005, they’ve build together “Kouglof”, a graphism company. Since 2008, l'Atelier Kouglof show frequently their creations in different cultural places like “La condition Publique” (cultural factory), “Le Bar Parallèle”, “Bonnefooï”, and they also participate at some collective exhibitions.They used to work with different techniques and on a lot of materials (canvas, paper, board..), and they finally open their artisanal silkscreen workshop in 2012.

This place is on opportunity for them to create with a lot of freedom and try new experimentations. This year, l'Atelier Kouglof present at the gallery L'Oeil Ouvert, an Abecedaire, the last creation of the artists. This silkscreens, numbered and signed are made with thin and precise lines at the workshop of l'Atelier Kouglof, in Lille. The surprising colors and the design really funny of the series make it a unique work at the gallery. The fancy creatures who come from the imagination of the artists have always a powerful dynamism and are coherent one with another. The opening of the exhibition will be on Saturday 31 January from 18 pm, with Thomas Berthier and David Moulin.The gallery welcome you all for this beautiful exhibition of silkscreens, from 28th January to 28th February 2015.

Atelier Kouglof - Sérigraphies
L’Oeil Ouvert Gallery - 74 rue François Miron 75004 Paris - 28.01.2015 - 28.02.2015
Opening in the presence of the artist Saturday, Jan 31 2015 from 6PM
© All images courtesy of the artist

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