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You meet gang member Jung Hoseok and you’re immediately intrigued. He’s bad news, he’s a bad guy, but you can’t stay away…

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pairing: hoseok x reader
genre: bts gang!au, smut
wordcount: 7.8k

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Random thought?? So Stan is a skilled artist in his own way, he creates taxidermy creatures and cobbles together various crafts. What if one of the tourists who comes in is a snooty gallery curator and sees the stuff around the Shack and is like “Mr. Pines, this is exactly the kind of avant-garde outsider art my gallery is looking for. There is a certain je ne sais quoi to these, and people will pay a hefty sum for these eccentricities”  “Don’t know what Juno says quack is but you had me at ‘hefty sum’. So that’s how  Stan gets to be in an art gallery with all his stuff on display everywhere. He drinks a lot of wine, and eats all the fancy cheeses, and wrangles patrons. “My oh my, what is this delightfully quirky creature?” “What’s it look like, it’s literally a squirrel-duck. Lookin’ at it costs you five bucks.”  I mean, Stan being in a fancy art gallery opening (with his stuff being displayed) is hilarious to me for some reason?

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So sorta random but every so often I randomly like to check in and see if that amazing Kate painting (the fancy gallery 'metaphor' arrows in her hair one) is still around and available? I've been following you for years and had my eye on it for quite awhile but while I could get the money for payment and maybe even transport at some point soonish I still don't have my own apartment and thus a safe place to put it yet. But I like to dream realistically so checking on availability and gen pricing?

GREETINGS ANONYBRO.  Man, I hope you weren’t holding your breath or anything; I really didn’t mean to be like, suspenseful or anything!!!, but occasionally my brain is a mess and I forget entirely about this whole Tumblr inbox thing, aha.  Anyway.  The funny thing is, I have done Kate with arrows twice and I don’t know which you mean. 

This one?

Or this one?


I feel I just need to add,


Bad news is, both of those are sold; but the good news is, Monet painted the Rouen cathedral thirty times because he was so in love with how it looked in shifting light, and along those lines I am nowhere near done with Kate-with-Arrows.  I have been thinking of doing another and you’re welcome to give me a concrete excuse, if you like. Both were 24″ x 24″ and sold for $575 + shipping (whatever the actual price is.) I’m in the US.  Just for realistic reference, I shipped one to Canada recently that was a little bigger than 24″ x 24″ and it was $68.  Shipping is realistically freaking expensive, like, I kinda wanted to buy the painting a Megabus ticket and personally deliver it with a hug, it would have been more fun. :D

So, if you have any more questions, feel free!  Just in general, you’re welcome to send me one of those flashy sorts of messages if you prefer a private chat - I can respond to those even from dumbass tumblr mobile.  

Also in general, thank you (and also you and you and you) for giving my art love over the years.  It keeps me going when life gets crappy and frustrating. <3

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I really love your builds in your cities. Where do you get these ideas anyways?

Well, I think I’ll put it this way.

I walked through a fancy warehouse modern art gallery with my friend recently. To me, the most artful, beautiful and magical thing was just outside. The chipped brickwork of the warehouse walls. Wooden telephone poles with dried black tar melted onto the sidewalk, which lies in between the blades of grass that make their home in the cracked pavement. 

So yes, call me a classless boor, but to me, art lies in neighborhoods and streets. And I guess I’d like to be an artist.


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It would be nice if you drawn Lily and Lola ( the daughters Ollie with Ruca and Trish ) in his adult version. I'm so in love whith them <3333

AHAHA!  You found my old art<3 Lilly and Lola were characters I made to see what me and @goblinqueenbluebie ‘s​ characters kids would look like if we combined their features. I re-drew it and the grown up versions

I imagine if Lola existed she would be like a little adult since both of her parents are so childish lol. She would have Ruca’s big dark eyes, pointy nose and full lips but Olly’s face shape and BROWS and since Piebaldism is hereditary a white fore lock, sporadic spots and white lashes I think she’d grow up like a tomboy hanging around her mom and dad’s biker friends at the Blood bucket Pub learning slight of hand and how to fight. She’d eventually become the charismatic tatted  gritty voiced Sailor Uranus that all the straight girls fall for in college haha

I imagine if Lilly existed she’d be spoiled rotten and roam the fancy art galleries her mother works at having famous artists as “aunts” and “uncles” Shed have Olly’s eyes and BROWS  and Trish’s face shape curly hair and beauty mark. She’d be really prim go to gifted private schools and cheat her way through them just like dad taught her lol probably grow up to be the rebellious rich girl  whose the muse for her grungey artist semi-dreadlocked boyfriend who paints with BLOOD D;<!!!

sun and stars [photographer!luke]

a/n: hello my peaches!! i don’t have to much to really preface this with tbh but i hope you enjoy and i hope it’s not too cheesy for you and please, as always, feedback would be just wonderful (◡‿◡✿) 

“I’ll call you when I find out.”

His words were spiralling through your head over and over again like clockwork. It had been hours since he uttered them before planting a rushed kiss on your lips and darting out the door with his camera bag and portfolio in tow. Normally Luke was pretty relaxed, never letting thing get to him. He’d taught you a lot in that aspect, your gears usually tightly wound in stressful situations.

Today was different though. Luke woke up earlier than usual and headed straight to the shower. On any other day, he’d lay in bed for close to an hour, whining about how much he didn’t want to get up, how badly he just wanted to stay in the warm confines of your shared bed with you and Maggie, the lab you adopted together nearly a year ago. You didn’t even receive a glance today though as he rolled out of bed and started to get ready for the day.

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So 2 days ago was the opening of the other exhibit in Brussels in that new gallery. Nice fancy place with people dressed in white to serve drinks in glasses instead of plastic cups. That was weird. Opening was packed AF.

8PM, pizza delivery guy jumps out of his bike with a tower of pizzas in the middle of a crazy crowd who turned into Walking Dead when they realize what food was around. 
Knowing it would not be possible for me to walk to the desk without being interrupted for some artsy talk,  good friend managed to secure a slice and brought it to me like only a true brother would do. 

Thanks again to everyone who stopped by, it was really cool to see so many people fo this second opening in three days. This week was exhausting but I enjoyed it a lot.

Took off to Vancouver only a few hours after, but for those who can be in Brussels, the exhibit is going on until the 11th of June, it’s open every day from 2PM to 7PM.

Dating Donovan Would Include
  • Meeting at a movie night in the park
  • Him telling the Countess that he wants to keep you alive because he wants you as a pet
  • But he knows that’s a lie; he fell for you instantly and wants to be yours as much as he wants you to be his
  • Visiting you at night, causing so many vampire/twilight stalking jokes
  • He hates those jokes so he’ll raise his eyebrows at you and threaten you to stop or else
  • “I’ll gobble you up if you keep taking.” Ensue hot playful wrestling until he gets you to stop.
  • Taking you to fashion shows, art galleries, fancy places to eat, etc. He just loves to pamper you
  • Iris telling you about when he was little which makes him embarrassed and grumpy
  • Lots of stories about when he was lost as a human and the dark stuff he got into
  • Him being very protective so that you don’t make the same mistakes he did
  • Lots of rough sex, because he has a preference for being dominant
  • Lots of lovemaking when he’s had a tough day, because you know exactly what to do to make him feel better
  • Cuddling while you watch old movies or binge watching Netflix shows
  • Walking around the house naked 
  • Sleeping in every morning, wrapped up in each other as he strokes your hair
  • Him finally deciding to turn you
you know i’m no good

kwon jaewon and kim aeri
launch party 

the art gallery is packed and almost unrecognizable under the dim light and the number of people in it. but it seems to be a trend these days, for bigger artists to launch their new releases in smaller, private parties in fancy but exclusive art galleries. jaewon walks around, smiling and making small talk, enjoying as his friend new album plays on the stereo. overall he is feeling bored, the entertainment being given to him being not nearly enough to excite him. he picks up another drink, looks around, fixes his blond hair as he looks to the crowd, hunts. until he sees her.

there’s shock but also amusement. jaewon allows himself to watch her for a bit before making his move, memories coming back like some sort of wave. the feelings are dull, mixed: he remembers love (or whatever twisted idea he has of it), anger, disappointment. but curiosity buries it all - he knows what she’s been up to, has heard what she’s been up. but how long is it since they last talked? years? god, he doesn’t even know anymore.

“kim aeri, look at you,” he starts, all bright as he approaches her. surprising as it is right now jaewon is actually happy to see her, “all pretty and dressed up, in fancy people parties. remember me? guess you’d’ve forgotten now that you’re all famous.”

important things:

  • enjolras holding grantaire’s hand as r answers the phone to find out if he got a position in a fancy gallery
  • combeferre and courfeyrac going on their first date and tripping over their words and laughing and not really knowing what to say for the first half-hour but then just settling back into their usual rhythm
  • joly, bossuet, and musichetta dressing up in matching costumes for halloween every year
  • jehan rolling his eyes every time that someone says “hey, you’re a romantic, right? give me relationship advice” and then just replying with “no, i’m a Romantic. skulls. long-dead poets. death. ghosts. haunted church yards. i don’t care about your relationship.”

Bookay-Ukay Bookshop, Quezon City, Philippines. Drools! I was drooling over this bookshop along Maginhawa street near the University of the Philippines. It was a heavenly experience roaming around taking random shots of, yeah, HEAVEN! I’ve been living here for years, and I only found out that it’s just a few minutes away from home.

Towers of books, fancy bookmark gallery (I’ll be showing them in the future posts so better stay tuned!) insane book installation, crazy typewriter installation, friendly owner, you name it… it’s the coolest bookshop in the neighborhood!

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So do you have any crazy art school stories?

My first semester, I woke up before 6AM and got home after 10PM every single day.  I was delirious most of the time and often did not eat well (she says, as though she does now). I ate noodles using a paintbrush and a mechanical pencil in place of chopsticks more than once.

You could identify first-year students from any other year by observing how much charcoal dust they were covered in.  If you looked like you had just had a long day in the mines, you were a freshman. 

Similarly, I used to play “Spot The Photo Major” in my foundation drawing class, which was required no matter what you were planning to major in on the basis that it taught solid composition and value skills.  

Students could be paid to perform during school-wide lunch, and literally anything was acceptable I think barring nudity, bodily fluids and actual harm to others.  You had to sign a waiver, I think.  One woman did something that sounded uncannily like ‘speaking whale.’  A guy in my illustration program donned skin-tight gold lamé pants and gyrated violently to “I Need A Hero”.  Still another person wrapped themselves in plastic wrap and then inched and squirmed on their stomach around the floor on a trail of milk and/or white school glue for approximately an hour.  

Our school was also a gallery, and on the first Thursday of the month, our school was flooded with fancy people drinking wine who wanted to experience some ‘culture’ or something.  One night, my ex was cleaning out her locker (yeah, we had lockers in college like on Community.  Fuck yeah, art school) and decided to leave the bicycle wheels she’d taken from the salvage pile on a nearby empty pedestal left over from a previous show while she got rid of the rest of the her stuff. She decided she didn’t really want them and we were trying to figure out what to do with them.  When we finished cleaning everything else, we came back to find fancy wine-drinking gallery goers admiring the ‘art’ of the two bicycle wheels.   We walked away and they remained there for months. 

The changing table in the unisex bathroom had a pentagram and some generic demon-summoning symbols and such drawn on it, with a friendly “place baby here :D” written in the center.

We had a gallery show directly below the student lounge for my first two semesters or so featuring “Illegal Art”.  There was a Mickey Mouse with a gasmask, a piece of Batman/Robin fanart, and some stuff defacing currency, flags and Barbie dolls.   Also included was a video presentation which, because the gallery had no ceiling and was open to the student lounge, we heard on a constant loop. One was biography of Karen Carpenter’s life as told through Barbie dolls and music.  Another was something unintelligible but definitely included a segment of “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid.   The other was a string of the educational segments from the end of G.I. Joe redubbed to be offensive, loud, and sometimes hilarious, including this one.  There was not a single student during that year who did not at some point wail “Geeeee Aiiiiiiiiii Joooooooooooooooooo” while trying to finish work for finals.

I turned in an assignment that was legit about Sparkledogs. 

We met a girl our second year who was deeply religious, and extremely skittish around models with penises.  She actually ran from the room one day during our foundation drawing class and had to be dragged back in under threat of ‘you will fail if you are effectively missing class’, but she refused to really even look at the poor model.  Later, several of us went out to lunch and traded sketchbooks.  This girl’s sketchbook was filled with giant throbbing veiny dicks just coming from the margins, brutal scenes of sexual assault, characters who looked like Barbie but with massive massive dongs coming out of their skirts, and tiny delicate watercolors of cake and pastries. 

The sculpture and shop instructor became completely obsessed with ukuleles one year to the exclusion of literally everything else and that semester had everyone in his classes make one, apparently regardless of what the class was actually for.  The whole building was filled with atonal ukulele strumming for months, and then for a week every few months after that. 

My first watercolor teacher told me, literally, sincerely, and completely with a straight face, that I needed to ‘become one with the paint.’ 

My second watercolor teacher showed up drunk the first day. 

We met a woman selling icecream at a street fair who announced suddenly, “You’ve seen me naked!” when we asked her how much the ice cream was.   She’d been a model for the school after she graduated from it.  Turns out the instructors there end up seeing a lot of their students naked after they get their degrees. 

Art school was like a constant source of wacky, really.  Particularly because it was art school in Portland, I think.  I miss it (both Portland and the school!) terribly!  

enjolras and grantaire being silly lil dorks whenever they find out something new or something exciting happens

enjolras finds out that grantaire can sculpt and he gets sO EXCITED and asks him all kinds of questions because he’s genuinely interested

grantaire blushing furiously when he learns that enjolras has reading glasses

enjolras kissing grantaire on the nose when he finds out that grantaire got an opportunity at a fancy gallery

grantaire staying up late into the night watching enjolras write a paper because he’s just so attentive and focused (and because he wants to make sure that enjolras gets to bed before five AM)