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Tickled Pink: Scientists Have Determined What A Happy Rat Looks Like
By tickling rats and then photographing them, researchers found that a rat's ears are more pinkish and are positioned at a more relaxed angle when it is experiencing positive emotions.

Tickled Pink

A big shout out and thank you to @topdogofdreams for sharing this fascinating, wonderful article. 

live-action batman adaptations rated by bat-ears

an old-fashioned bat, before he had the tech to make actual protective gear and roamed the streets of gotham in true cosplay. ears a bit flimsy and asymmetrical, but endearing. 6/10

a significant increase in protection and durability, but the miniscule ear length leaves this cowl lacking in battitude. also looks like someone drew eyebrows on it with a sharpie. 2/10

say what you want about the lack of mobility, this cowl has some nice ears! who cares about turning your neck when you can just stab your opponent with these babies? 9/10

the fancy ears are the only saving grace of this unnatural disaster, and even that’s not enough. 0.00001/10

mediocre. though certainly evoking the classic image of the dark knight, this cowl with it’s short ears and rounded features makes for a less prominent batman profile. 5/10

disappointing in every aspect, especially ear length and shape. 0/10

ok, I know I said this was about live-action batman adaptations but listen,, these adorable micro-sized ears are attached to the purest batman in all of dc history. just look at that smile. I’d walk through a lego minefield of those tiny deadly ear spikes just to preserve this man’s happiness. 50/10. please tell him I love him.

A mission with Yoongi

Genre: Smut

Tags: kinky sex / dominating Yoongi / orgasm denial / swearing/ sex talk


Pairing: Min Yoongi/Reader

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Setting: A background story depicting the relationship of Min Yoongi and the sister of the head of a mafia organisation. Both of you are sent on a mission and forced to play out the roles of husband and wife.


You: The sister of the boss of a mafia organisation. 

Min Yoongi: A genius hacker and a hit man. Due to some unfortunate events, your relationship with him can be best described as the mixture of love and hate. He’s a member of the same mafia organisation, which makes him your fellow co-worker. One day you’re both sent on a mission and forced to pretend to be happily married. 

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“Fucking shit-head,” you spit out while adjusting your dress.

It might be a bit too tight and it rolls up every now and then, exposing even more of your flesh. “Why him, of all people?” your hands gently running through the locks of beautiful long hair and then you freeze. Flashbacks from the past, the day when you first met Min Yoongi, creep into your head all over again. It’s like an endless cycle of trying to ignore his malicious presence that threatens your sanity and ability to think straight each and every day.

 “Fucking impossible,” you hiss, fixing up the dress for the umpteenth time, this time around your boobs area. It’s maybe not as much that he is a complete jerk and bastard. He really can be sweet, for example to your sister. Yes, he certainly can. Your sister is his boss and he looks up to her, also, they seem to be pretty fond of each other and it’s all perfectly fine. You can understand it all. She is the boss of a Mafia organisation and he’s just been doing his job, doing it pretty well, if you were to admit, resulting in their friendly bond. They hit it off pretty well, though. Something that you can’t really say about you and Yoongi. Some time ago, maybe a year or so… 

“Has it been such a long time already? Gosh,” you ponder out loud.

 But yes, indeed, it must have been a year since that day when you were given orders to kill one, particularly nasty and uncontrollable, associate of your sister’s organisation. Yeah, usual stuff. Find the guy, corner him when he least expects it, and then get rid of him, in a most cautious and quiet manner. Nobody wants to deal with problematic shit, for sure not your lovely sister. The thing is, on the way you encountered some bothersome issue, something that can be exactly labelled as problematic shit. The night when you stepped into the house of the soon-to-be-dead guy, you knew you weren’t alone in this lavishly decorated villa. Somebody else was there, not a member of the target’s family, maid, hooker, whatever, it was another hit-man. A very wily and clever one, to put it lightly. You weren’t exactly sure who was his target. At some point it crossed your mind that he could’ve been after you, but no, it wasn’t the case. The two of you finally confronted each other in the living room, two bullets killing the guy immediately. You aimed for his heart, while the black-clad stranger chose to drill a hole in his head. Disgusting…

 “Crazy mother fucker,” you still cringe at the memory. 

Anyway, the moment when the guy collapsed on the ground drawing his last breaths, you and that intruder stood motionless for a couple of seconds to assess one another’s intentions. You remember that at this point your mind was completely blank. Without much thinking, you pulled the trigger, but this sneaky little bastard must have anticipated your hasty decision cause he ducked down and then jumped in your direction, landing basically on you and immediately straddling you. His grip was strong. What really puzzled you back then was the fact that he didn’t kill you, although he really could have just taken out his gun and make a hole in your head, same as he did with this unfortunate guy. It would have been easy, taking into account your shitty mistake. Yeah… He really got you there. Something he’s been continuously reminding you about on every possible occasion. You were struggling for some time, trying to wriggle out of his grasp and somehow maybe still come out completely unscathed of this crappy situation. Not much time had passed, though, and then you heard the sounds of the police sirens. Both of you realising that the party was over, and that it was high time to clear out, ASAP. He let go of you and chuckled a little. You couldn’t see his face because of the balaclava, but without a single doubt he must have been smirking like a fucking madman. He sprang to his feet and run away using one of the back doors. You followed his lead and got the hell out of that place. He was nowhere to be seen, though. You simply lost his track. The mission was a complete fiasco. Sure, the guy was dead, but due to the mess that thwarted your plans you didn’t manage to fulfil the orders completely. You didn’t bring back with you the set of jewellery that had been your sister’s object of desire. Before kicking the bucket, the targeted guy committed one single, but what a grave mistake. The mistake that ultimately cost him his life. He robbed your sister of that fancy necklace and earrings, hoping to get away with it.

 “What a fucking imbecile,” you mutter to yourself, applying a red lipstick on your lips. 

More memories of the past events flowing into your head, and sadly, you have to admit that you really fucked it all up. The outcome was that you didn’t retrieve that necklace. Worse even, you were fucking out-fooled by some other hired killer. And later, it obviously turned out that it had been none other than Min Yoongi. You still remember the day when he appeared in your sister’s office carrying a little silk drawstring bag in his hand. He introduced himself as the man who… Oh my God… Your fist clench at the sheer reminiscence of his self-confident rant.

He said that he was “the man who is capable of carrying out the tasks that other people screw up.” 

He was standing there, looking deeply into your sister’s eyes. Then, he showed you the bag, ostentatiously waving it in front of your faces.

“Do you want to have what`s inside?” he asked. 

Your sister didn’t respond, keenly observing his actions.

“Do you?” he nagged, opening the bag in order to take out the stolen necklace. At this very moment your sister’s eyes were shining just as bright as this breathtaking piece of jewellery. 

“Let me work for you and I’ll give you this and many other things,” he offered, smiling cunningly.

And she agreed. Yes, she fucking agreed. As a consequence, this overconfident prick and annoying jerk, Min Yoongi, has become your co-worker. He has been a member of the gang for almost a year now, pissing you off whenever he just as much as appears in sight. Not to mention the moments when he opens that dirty mouth of his. To your misfortune, he’s one of the most trustworthy people here, and certainly does his job extraordinary well. He’s so full of himself that sometimes you just want to tear him to pieces and make that shitty smirk fade away once and for all, but you can’t. He’s supposed to be your partner, duh. 

“Over my dead body,” the thought flashes through your head, making you frown and cringe. 

You’re also painfully aware of the fact that Min Yoongi occupies your head all the fucking time. An unpleasant and self-loathing feeling creeps over your entire being. You can’t help thinking about him. It’s like the more you try to control yourself the more difficult it becomes. The truth is, you aren’t exactly a good girl. No, not at all. You’ve always teased guys and made them chase you, only to leave them hanging in the end, when you decided you’ve had enough of them. You simply love the feeling of being in power, seeing guys on their knees, ready to cater to all of your whims. Min Yoongi, though… He’s been persistently ignoring you and your presence, something that you’re not exactly used to. He behaves as if he didn’t give a single fuck about you, mocking you all the time and teasing whenever the occasion allows for some little chit-chat. You hate him so much. You despise every single thing about him, and yet… Yet, you keep thinking about him, and it’s all his fault. You know the exact source of your distress. He’s been giving you a roller-coaster ride, being a complete dumb-ass one day and then casually complimenting the way you look the other. Sometimes you’re not even sure if it’s a compliment. He’s been so sly and smug about everything and the way he approaches you that it’s fucking unbelievable. Another flashback troubles your pretty head. The night when he came to your room and kissed you. 

He fucking kissed you. He gripped you roughly to keep you still, and then he fucking kissed you. You were so speechless and utterly shocked you didn’t even know how to react. The kiss was oddly delicate, and should you say, affectionate even? He barely brushed his lips over yours and the grip on your shoulders suddenly became even tighter. He stopped for a moment and then softly licked your lower lip, asking for permission. You let him. You let him do that and shortly afterwards he was pressing you to the wall, kissing fondly and greedily. When both of you were short of breath, he let go, arms still wrapped around you. The look on your face must have been absolutely ridiculous because he laughed out loud, not being able to hold in his amusement.

“You can now close your mouth, silly. I’m not gonna kiss you anymore today,” he whispered tenderly, placing a finger on your lips.

The smug smirk on his face then… You’re going to remember it till the end of your days. You’re so lost in your thoughts that you are completely oblivious to Yoongi’s presence in the room. You jump, startled by the deep and rough tone of his voice that breaks the silence in the bathroom. 

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“My wife wouldn’t ever wear such indecent clothes,” he comments mockingly, eyeing up your figure from head to toes.

“Oh, really?” you question, looking at him and trying to hide your state of surprise. You continue, facing him, “Do I really have to say it out loud how much I care about your thoughts on my fashion choice?” 

He tilts his head to the side, raising an eyebrow, “Personally, I think it is not much of a fashion choice if you wear clothes that barely cover your ass.” A smirk follows. You turn around to look at yourself in the mirror again, announcing, “No fucks given, Yoongi. Not even a single one.”

He teasingly keeps on bringing up the main idea behind your mission tonight, that is - you and Yoongi pretending to be a happily married couple, attending to a party organised by your gang’s foe so as to steal some data from his private laptop. You lure the guy to distract his attention, and in the meantime, Yoongi takes care of the laptop. Easy, in theory at least. 

He picks up the topic yet again, purposefully trying to anger you even more, “Please, don’t swear. It is not fit for a lady. Not to mention my wife.” He takes a couple of steps towards you, dangerously closing the distance between you. If he reached out with his hand now he would easily manage to scoop you into his arms. 

“Oh, my. You’re so in character tonight, Yoongi. Does the thought of being my husband excite you so much?” you retort, pretending to be busy with fixing up your hair. 

“Who knows? If I worked a bit on that foul mouth of yours then maybe you wouldn’t turn out to be half bad?” he wonders out loud, staring at your expression in the mirror. 

“For fuck`s sake, why does it have to be you of all people? Couldn’t I go on that mission with Jungkook, or Tae Tae?” you whine  while washing your hands, “Anybody, just not you, dammit.” You pull at the towel angrily, wanting to dry your hands. 

“Maybe we’re meant to be? Try to think about this that way,” he chuckles. “I’d rather die a virgin than be with a jerk like…,” you don’t finish your sentence because the moment you feel Yoongi’s hot breath on the nape of your neck your mouth goes dry. Your hands frantically grip on the washbasin when he abruptly tugs on the hem of your dress in an attempt to cover your ass. You would surely lose balance if not for Yoongi’s rough grip on your hips. Nails digging into your skin and then he hisses into your ear, “I told you to cover it up, didn’t I?” He breathes out, annoyed and then takes a step back. Your body shivers a little. He keeps on observing you attentively in the mirror and then he says, “I’m waiting in the car. We’re going to be late if you continue dolling up like that.” He gives you one last look and then turns around, aiming for the door. When you’re left alone in the bathroom you can feel your legs giving up. You slide down and end up sitting on the cold tiles.

The chauffeur opens up the door of the black Bentley as soon as he notices you going down the stairs. You get into the car, sitting right next to Yoongi on the back seat. 

“I’m sure you’re aware how much depends on our close cooperation tonight,” he clears his throat and then carries on talking, “I’ll need you to divert his attention for approximately 10 minutes… Yeah, I think it should suffice.” The driver starts the engine and your body slightly rocks to the back. Yoongi resumes talking, “Providing, of course, that the guy will be stupid enough to leave his office unattended. If there are thugs keeping an eye on his shit then we’re fucked. And this will be most probably the case… Sometimes I wonder if we’re paid enough here. Your sister’s orders are getting more and more ridiculous.” 

“Wait a minute, dear husband. Aren’t you the man who ‘is capable of carrying out the tasks that other people screw up’, hmm?” you question him, sarcastically. “I’m sure we’ll be all fine, right?” you turn your face to smile gently at him. He is visibly amused by your back talk, but he doesn’t ease up on you, “As long as you make sure not to do more harm than good then yeah, I’d say we’ll most probably be all fine, Pretty face.” That seemingly affectionate pet name he’s just used to address you makes your blood boil. Your press your thighs unconsciously, doing your best to hold your emotions at bay. You promise yourself to pay him back by the end of that evening. You’ll turn the tables tonight, no matter at what cost.

When you arrive at the mansion, it quickly turns out that the place is virtually filled to the brim with the owner’s muscle-men. Not a very promising perspective, unfortunately. You’re sipping your drink at the bar when you feel somebody grabbing at your elbow. It is Yoongi. He drags you to the nearest secluded place and pulls you closer to him. 

“I’ve checked the office. It seems we’re going to have a huge problem to get there,” he informs you, looking around to double check if you’re all alone.

“Seems like it’s the moment for plan B,” you respond nonchalantly. 

“What plan B, Baby doll?” he asks, his pupils getting bigger. 

“Just make sure nobody interrupts me,” you shake of his hands and walk past him, disregarding yet another questionable nickname. 

He watchfully eyes your figure and cautiously follows your lead, keeping his distance. To his surprise, you openly approach the owner and initiate a friendly small talk. It doesn’t last long before he can clearly see, even from afar, that the guy is simply drooling over you. The last thing he registers is how you and your target disappear behind the door of the guy’s office. He swallows hard, his stomach clenching in an unpleasant manner. “Mr Min, would you like a glass of champagne?” a waitress politely offers him a drink, but he blurts out furiously, “Get the hell out of my sight, woman.” He walks away, clenching his fists.

Less than two hours later both of you arrive home, your purse hiding today’s mission loot- a pen drive containing data about the guy’s shady business. A victory. A tremendous success, even. All thanks to you. Yoongi can fuck himself. You walk into your bedroom and immediately collapse on the bed, satisfied. Yoongi enters just after you, loudly slamming the door behind him. 

“How did you get that data? I won’t repeat myself,” his voice as cold as ice. 

“In fact, you did anyway,” you start counting on fingers, “like three or four times already?” God, finally. Finally, you’re the one in control, having him in the palm of your hand. You’re fucking overjoyed, eyes sparkling with excitement. Min fucking Yoongi got what he deserved and you’re certainly going to savour this moment. “Yoongi, why are you so tensed? What happened to your good mood, darling? Tell me, you know you can confide in your wife,” you tease, riling him up even more. Hands gently brushing away some locks of hair that kept on tickling your neck. You flash the most bubbly smile you’re capable of making, eyes gazing into his.

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“What the fuck is there on your neck?” he hisses out, making you jump on the bed in alarm.

“My neck?” you ask, totally unaware of the hickey. The look on his face sends a cold shiver down your spine. He comes up to you in three large steps. Your body unconsciously moves backwards, but he catches your elbow and forces you to get off the bed. His grip is so tight and forceful that you whimper in pain.

His nails bite into your arm and the sudden jerk makes you plead him to stop “Yoongi, please!”

“Did you let that bastard touch you?” he asks, doing his best to control his shaky voice. A vein on his forearm swells up, slowly changing its colour into a more bluish shade. 

“Did he fuck you?” he spits out through clenched teeth. 

“No, no, he didn’t. Please let me go!” you cry out, doing what you can to wriggle out of his grasp, but he only squeezes you tighter, bringing you close to his torso. Your eyes meet for what seems to be like an eternity. He looks hurt. You cannot believe in all of that. You want to look away, but he cups your chin with the other hand, forcing you to look him directly in the eyes. Does he actually care about you?

He whispers dryly, “You’re now going to fucking tell me what happened in that stinking office and you’re going to give me even the smallest details. Do you understand, or do you want me to repeat?” 

You nod in response, deciding that perhaps now it’s not the time to carry on with the teasing. “Fine, you fucking psycho. I sweet-talked the guy and he took me to his office, hoping to get laid, I presume. When we were alone I teased him a little and…” you hesitate for a moment, thinking about the best way of saying things out loud, but Yoongi doesn’t appreciate this pause and rushes you to proceed with the answer, “And what?” he blurts out. 

“I can’t fucking believe it. Nothing. Do you hear me? Nothing. I let him kiss me once or twice and then I asked him for a drink. He nibbled at my neck one last time, probably leaving the hickey, and then got up with his ass to take care of the booze. For both of us. I was lucky, because he announced that he has to take a piss. I used my chance and I poured some shit into his drink. He gulped the entire thing at one go, so it didn’t take too long before he was sleeping on the couch like a fucking baby. What else do you wanna know? Eh? Is that detailed enough for you?” you’re almost breathless when you’re done with the story. Yoongi’s piercing gaze makes you feel anxious. What the fuck is wrong with him… You wish you could disappear from this place. His grip loosens a bit, but still, he’s so close that you can feel his hot breath on your cheek. He’s not that tensed anymore, as if a weight was lifted from his heart. 

“Is that supposed to convince me, Baby doll?” the tone of his voice slightly changes, “You’d have to try a little harder.” He smirks, mockingly. You suddenly miss the view from a couple of minutes ago. Insecure and jealous Yoongi is better than that cocky ass. Wait a minute… Is he really jealous? You are determined to check it now. 

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“Actually, you can think what you want. Maybe he fucked me senseless on his fancy desk, maybe he didn’t. Who knows?” you smile playfully, “You have no way of telling.” Your words are like a red rag to a bull for Yoongi who must have run out of patience by now. He pushes you and then you land on the bed, completely bewildered. 

“What the fuck, Yoongi?” you snap at him, propping yourself on the elbows.

“If you are so unwilling to cooperate I, as your husband, feel compelled to examine the things personally,” he informs you while placing his knees on the bed. 

You want to pull both of your knees to your chest but he forcefully grasps your thighs in order to spread them. You blush, embarrassed and furious at the same time. 

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?!”, hands on his shoulders in an attempt to push him off you. 

“I know a very efficient way of checking your faithfulness, darling. Just don’t fucking move for a moment. Could you, Baby doll?” he questions, tenderly. 

You want to punch him, but he grasps your hand and pulls you in for a kiss. You forget to breathe for a moment, obviously caught off guard. Unlike the first time, he is very rough and pushes his tongue inside your mouth, without waiting for your consent. His tongue expertly swirls around yours and then he seductively nibbles on your lower lip. He purrs softly, vibrations making you shiver in response. He’s very passionate, the tip of his tongue playfully rolls over yours. You melt into the kiss, mentally cursing Yoongi. Your arms are awkwardly spread on the sheets. What are you supposed to do? Hug him back? You are torn. He can’t possibly get to know how much you are enjoying this. Oh lord, but you’ve been itching to have him do dirty things to you for so long that you can’t take it anymore. His kisses are gradually getting more sloppy and desperate. A hand experimentally sneaking under your dress to fondle with the soft flesh of your thigh. His hand is so cold that it makes you squeak. Yoongi smirks into the kiss. He caresses your inner thigh in a circular movement, light strokes barely touching your skin, yet you involuntarily spread your thighs even wider. He takes that as an invitation and confidently pushes his entire finger into your tight pussy. You groan in pleasure, hands now roaming his body. He muffles your desperate moan with the kiss, but pulls away shortly after. You look at him through half-lidded eyes, totally gone at this point. 

“Baby doll, you’re so tight I seriously doubt that ‘he fucked me senseless’ option” he whispers breathily, lips brushing your earlobe and then he tugs at it with his teeth eliciting a whimper from you. He hooks his finger inside you, moving it in and out of your pussy. Your stomach clenches each and very time he hits the back walls of your vagina. You’re still a bit too dry for such a violent penetration, but he doesn’t seem to care at all and keeps going with sharp, deep strokes. His long finger goes all up inside you and then he puts his thumb on the very tip of your clit, brushing it gently. This is the exact moment when you lose all self-control and jerk your hips, wantonly fucking yourself on his finger. Strangled moans escape your lips as he goes on with the rubbing on this extremely sensitive organ while fingering you. He is in so deep that you can feel this familiar pressure just underneath your belly button. It hurts but you want it to be this way. He’s so violent and unforgiving. You raise your head a little and then you meet his piercing dark eyes, clouded with lust and anger. You look away, sheepishly. Face blushing all shades of red as you close your eyes, not being able to bear that intense gaze. He notices your insecurity and fondly rests his forehead on yours. You’re a bit stunned for a moment, obviously surprised at the affectionate gesture. Right then, he inserts a second finger and you arch your hips to help him a little. He smiles softly, so unlike his usual eat-shitting grin. He fingers you so well that soon enough you can hear these wet, sloppy sounds of your slit getting fucked. You’re sure that by now his finger and hand must be covered with your juices. You’re short of breath, wriggling underneath him as you chase your orgasm, uncontrollably clenching around his finger. Just when you’re about to climax, Yoongi withdraws his finger and leaves your pussy clenching around thin air, hips jerking desperately into void. 

You try to grab him and force him to continue as he gets off the bed, but you can’t reach him. Your heart is pounding so loudly that you’re afraid he might actually hear it. In silence, he languidly moves in the direction of the door, which pushes you almost on the verge of tears. You call out his name, voice all shaky, “Yoon… Yoongi!” No response, though. You stand up from the bed, legs trembling as you go after him. You stumble and almost collapse, gripping his shoulders at the last moment and clinging to him in a needy way. You’re afraid to speak because of the lump that formed in your throat. You dig your nails into his back, swallowing a sob. Is he going to leave just like that? He reaches for the doorknob and locks the door. A shiver runs down your spine. 

“What are you doing, Baby doll?” he questions and exhales sharply. 

Then, he places his hands on yours, caressing them tenderly and turns around, wrapping his arms around your waist. 

He purrs softly into your ear “I had to lock the door, I’ve been waiting for too long for this to let anybody disturb us.”

“Fuck you, Yoongi. Seriously, fuck you!” you press your knotted fists into his chest, angry at yourself for losing your cool. 

He abruptly pushes you against the wall, pinning your wrists above your head and sucking the skin of your neck into his mouth. He sucks and nibbles at the sensitive flesh, as if trying to cover the place of the unfortunate hickey with his own mark. Suddenly, he stops and carefully examines the outcome, frowning his eyebrows. 

He cups your cheek, forcing you to look at him, “You better listen now, Baby doll. It was the fucking last time you let anybody touch you, apart from me. Are we clear?” You swallow hard. 

“Are we clear?” he repeats enraged and irritated with your lack of response. You simply nod absent-mindedly, staring at his wet lips. He hikes up your dress, ass and pussy on display, and grasps your leg to hook it around his waist. He starts grinding against your wetted core. Your hips rocking in unison. He pants heavily, lips hungrily looking for yours. He sets up a steady rhythm and you do your best to roll your hips together with him. 

“Baby… Baby I need you naked, so badly,” he murmurs, his hands finding their way under your dress, stroking your back and rolling up the material even higher. Seconds later, he simply rips off your dress, taking in the view of your naked body. 

He grunts, satisfied, “It’s even better than I imagined, and believe me, I had high expectations.” Your ears burn with embarrassment at his blunt words. “Has he been imagining things with me?” you think to yourself, digesting what he has just told you. He takes a step back and you find it hard to stand on your own, without his body pressed to yours. He ogles your perfect figure, slowly unbuttoning the white shirt. You haven’t noticed it before, but now the wall feels so unpleasantly cold that you really wish he was closer again, petting your skin and warming you up. With shaky hands you reach for the buttons. He smiles. 

“I wanted to fuck you so roughly you’d never even think about looking at another guy but if you continue being so cute I doubt I’ll be able to do that, Baby,” he whispers in a low voice, leaving the buttons for you and hastily unbuckling his leather belt. 

“Rough or gentle, as long as you make me cum I don’t really care,” you flat-out state your eagerness which makes him chuckle again. 

Finally, you take off his shirt, admiring his torso and perfect stomach and then you help him get rid of the trousers. You gaze down, eyes glued to his boxers that are drenched with pre-cum. You reach for the waistband, not being able to hold back anymore, freeing his cock from the irritating material. His breath hitches when he feels the cold air on his rock-hard cock. 

“Oh fuck Yoongi,” you instinctively press your thighs together when you lay eyes on his erected penis. 

“Yes, baby doll?” he hums softly, pushing you against the wall again and squeezing your ass with all his force. You bite back a moan, unexpectedly wrapping your palm around his shaft. He loves this and encourages you to go on, gently stroking your hair, “Baby doll, you know… Ahh,” he stutters when you grab his balls with the other hand, massaging them lightly while still jerking him off. He takes a deep breath and continues in a strangled voice, “Do you have any idea, how much I’ve always wanted you to do it for me?” The sinful whisper makes your head feel dizzy. His penis is so slick that your hand easily goes up and down his entire length. Then, you start twirling your finger around the head of his penis. At first slowly and sensually but then you go faster and faster and you can literally feel him throbbing. His knees buckle.

 “You have to stop, now,” he orders, weakly trying to push your hands away.

“Do you really want me to stop? I thought you wanted it oh so badly,” you tease, biting on his collarbones. 

He is so riled up and needy at this point that he violently turns you around and forces you to bend down with your ass high up in the air, hands resting on the wall for support. 

“Sure, but there is something I wanted even more… Can you guess what it is, Baby doll?” he mutters, positioning himself and placing one hand on your hip. 

You can feel as he brushes your clit with the tip of his erection and you moan so loud, pushing your ass back into his erected member. He digs his nails into your hip and you writhe underneath him because of the stinging sensation that makes your body shudder. You lift your ass wantonly and accidentally graze his dick with your soaking wet cunt. 

“Can you fucking stay still, fuck…,” he pleads through clenched teeth. 

“Can you fucking get inside already?!” you start grinding him with your ass to get him going and then he shoves his cock inside you, freezing for a moment to calm down his throbbing member. 

Your tight entrance swallows his entire length and his body goes all tense. You cry out his name, begging for more. He takes a couple of deep breaths and then begins moving in a steady rhythm. After a while, he slides all out and rams back in, barely being able to contain a throaty moan building up inside him. He repeats the rough movement a couple of times, making you feel light-headed. Once again there is that burning sensation inside your belly, and then suddenly, the grip on your hips becomes even more desperate, bruising them and causing you a bit of pain. 

“Ahh… How can you be so tight? Dammit,” he questions in a weak voice.

 His dick relentlessly pounding into you, hitting the right spot each and every time. The sounds of his hips slamming into your heat and your lewd moans fill the room, making you lose yourself completely. He rotates his hips a little and then rams back in, and you almost hit the wall with your head. 

He growls low in his throat, “Baby doll, I’m gonna cum soon, and you’re going to cum with me.” 

Your body twitches uncontrollably, you would come anyway… It’s not like he has to make any special effort. Your legs are not far from giving out and your vision is blurry. The only thing that you need now is to feel his cum filling your pussy. 

Suddenly, he pleads, “Y/N, please look at me. Please, I need to see your face,” the grip around your waist makes your skin burn, you can already tell how fucking bruised you will be tomorrow. 

You look behind, gazing into his unbelievably handsome face. A drop of sweat pours down his forehead, his cheeks are flushed and lips swollen. “Son of a bitch,” you curse him mentally but you can’t help staring at him. 

He smiles fondly and suddenly begs once again, “Baby doll, give me your hand, I want to touch you, ahh.” 

“Yoongi, mhm…,” you squeak, reaching to his extended arm. 

He holds your hand tightly and with a couple of rough thrusts your pussy starts clenching around his dick, the waves of pleasure run through your body. Yoongi moans a mixture of curse words and your name when he rides out his orgasm, cumming into you. He loses his pace, being totally lost and pounds into you erratically, never letting go of your hand. When both of you come down from your high, he gently pulls out his now limp cock from your cunt and embraces you, both of you sinking to your knees. He sits down on the floor and lets you collapse on him, positioning you between his thighs. He strokes your back helping you to relax after this roller-coaster of emotions. His cum drips down your leg and your body shudders. You’re so tired your eyes involuntarily close on their own. 

The last thing you hear before drifting off in his arms is his soft whisper, “Baby doll, you’re only mine.”

I Could Show You Incredible Things

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Bucky and Wanda have never been alone together. Partly because Wanda’s talent for mind control doesn’t sit well with Bucky, and partly because Wanda has more than just a little crush on him. (1688 words; Bucky x Wanda; STRICTLY 18+, smut; Based on a request from my partner in literary crime @happiness-is-sebstan​ 💖; Gif because there’s such a lack of WinterWitch content on here)

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The Tap Dancer and The Ballerina [a Sebastian Smythe imagine]

Request: So I found out grant tap dances and was hoping u could do a Seb Smythe fic where he tries to hide his talent but reader (she’s preppy type) finds out and he’s embarrassed bc he doesn’t think it’s cool but she thinks it’s cute and asks him to teach her so they practice together and she confesses she likes ballet but didn’t wanna tell him for the same reason and he trails off saying “so that means ur flexible right?-I mean ofC u r ur a cheerleader- but um ballet’s real cool” and he’s flustered ;)

a/n: (there’s not going to be part 2) IM SO READY FOR GRANT TO TAP DANCE IN THE CROSSOVER

“Why didn’t you tell me you can tap dance?!” you squeal, dropping your duffle bag on the wood floor, creating an echo. Your boyfriend stops abruptly, grabbing the ballet bar in front of him. His bright green eyes stare back at himself through the full length mirror, squinted, chest heaving from the practice. You cross the room to stand beside him, sneaking a peek at his shoes.

Blinking, Sebastian sets his jaw, looking away from you, trying to hide his blush. His black joggers hang loosely on his hips while the white t-shirt flows at his middle. Breathing in, he collects the end of his shirt, wiping his face. “Why would I tell you? It’s not cool.” he sneers, scrunching his button nose.

“Teach me.” you grin, cheerios skirt flapping when you bump your hip with his. He raises a bushy eyebrow, unscrewing the cap to his water bottle. “I think it’s cute that you can tap dance.” you admit, fixing your hands on the smooth tan wood bar. “Please can you teach me?” you ask, batting your eyelashes at him.

After swallowing, the Warbler backs up to the center of the room, grinning nervously at you. “Ready?” You nod, white tennis shoes padding so that you’re next to him. “Watch me, okay?” Sebastian says slowly, pointing to his feet.

When he starts, you follow his movements, tapping your heels with his. He hums, arms swaying while his feet do fancy footwork. Smiling from ear to ear, you keep up with the dance moves, adding some of your own. “You know, I do a bit of ballet myself…” you mumble bashfully. “I didn’t want to tell you though.’’

Sebastian stops, stomping on the hardwood floor. “That means you’re flexible, right?” he smirks, making you laugh. You gesture to your cheerios uniform; he snaps his fingers, bowing his head slightly. “Of course you are… you’re a cheerio- Anyway, maybe you can show me?” he pants, placing a hand on his hip. “You know, since I showed you?” he breathes, waving a hand.

Giggling, you begin to do some of your ballet, ignoring the gorgeous sunset outside. As you spin in a circle, Sebastian fluffs your skirt, smiling up at you. You stop, holding onto his neck, feeling his hand wrap around your thigh. He lifts you up, watching you straighten your leg up to his face, gulping. “Tada…” you whisper, cheeks heating and becoming red.

Licking his lips, Sebastian’s hazel eyes travel down your leg, finally landing on your face. “Tada.” he mocks, shaking his head.


‣ Name - Thomas

‣ Birth - Approx. January, 2016

‣ Sex - Male

‣ Type - Top eared fancy rat. Black self.

‣  Personality - Thomas is a skittish but extremely sweet boy who loves pets, once he realizes you’re not trying to hurt him! He looks similar to Indie in color but they do not share markings or size as Thomas is much bigger! He’s very cautious, and has to carefully examine new foods to ensure they’re safe!

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Jack Maynard - Stressed Out

Anon: Hey :) Would you like to write a thing where y/n is not taking care of herself because of something stressful coming up, Jack tries to help during the hard times but y/n eventually snaps at him. After everything’s over y/n gets so tired and maybe even a bit ill that she ends up crying. Jack finds her like that and helps her relax and takes care of her, y/n apologizes for not listening to him before and snapping at him. I’d just love some fluff if you’re up for it :)

Requested: Yes

A/N: Enjoy this little imagine. I actually can’t really write short imagines I’m sorry I just have a lot to say haha! Hope this is what you were looking for. Let me know if you like it. 

Word Count: 1778

The past two months has been more stressful than ever for you. Ever since you moved to London, you felt the pressure to prove to everyone back home that it was the right choice. To be fair, you were actually doing really well for yourself. Your career just kept blossoming, you even made a lot of cool friends. The one that probably meant the most to you was your boyfriend Jack. He had been super supportive and helpful throughout. Sometime though, you felt like you were taking too much from him.

Today was one of those days. You had a huge release at the end of the month, and you had been working your butt off to perfect everything. It was one of those make it or break it moments. It was 2am on a Wednesday morning, and you had been up since 9am on Tuesday. You couldn’t remember the last meal you had, but you did not feel hungry either way. You hadn’t even spent much time with Jack lately. Your housemates, Jack, Conor and Josh had all gone out to celebrate one of their mates’ birthdays. You were invited of course, but right now the only thing on your mind was the project you were working on.

The three boys you lived with stumbled in close to 3am, the alcohol clearly having done its job. “Oh sorry (Y/N). Didn’t know you were working still”, Josh stopped as they saw you at the kitchen counter with a mug of tea that had most likely gone cold by then.

“(Y/N)”, Jack called out to you softly as he saw you hunched over your laptop, flyaways sticking out from the bun on your head, bags under your eyes. You were still wearing Jack’s t-shirt from the night before when you went to bed. He walked up behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist and resting his chin on your shoulder. You absently mindedly reached for his hand as you continued your work.

“Babe. Let’s go to bed. You’ve been up far too long”, he tried to pry you away from your work. You didn’t budge, humming in protest. “Love, please? C’mon it’s really late.”

“Jack I’m really busy.”

“I know love, but it’s late. You’ll fall sick.” Your stomach grumbled as he spoke. “(Y/N)”, his voice held a note of warning. “Did you have dinner?”

You only shook your head in response, knowing he would lecture you. “What about lunch?” This time you kept still.


“What? I’m not hungry okay? I didn’t wanna eat!”, you pulled away from him.

“But you need to eat! You can’t go a whole day without any food!” his voice rose, worry laced in his words. “You’ve been up this whole time too! You’re gonna fall sick.”

“Jack”, you tried to keep your voice calm. You could feel the annoyance pulsing through, but you did not want to start a fight. Especially not when you had so much else on your mind. “I’m fine. I’m not hungry, I’m not tired. I’m busy right now. I need to get this done soon okay?”

“No. You’re gonna take a break right now. And I’m going to get you some food. You’ll eat up, we’ll watch some TV, and then we’ll go to bed. Tomorrow, once you’ve had a good night’s rest, you can continue.”

“Excuse me?” You were pretty annoyed at this point. “I do not need anyone to baby me. I said I was fine, so I’m telling you to drop it.”

“Babe you need your rest!”

“What I need is for you to leave me alone.”

“Not until you give yourself a break!”

“I seriously don’t need you telling me to do! I’m a bit busy at the moment”, you said sarcastically, gesturing to your laptop.

“You’re not gonna keep working right now”, he said reaching over to close your laptop shut.

“What the hell Jack? I was doing work!” You knew Josh and Conor were going to walk in any second now. You both were being very loud. “You don’t fucking go around messing with my shit! I was working on that!”

“You’ve been like this for weeks now! I don’t even see you anymore!” Jack was almost shouting now.

“Oh for god’s sake! I’m sorry I’m actually trying to get shit done. I don’t just laze around all day.” Jack’s face fell. Part of you felt bad, but you weren’t thinking straight. You were still fired up.

By now the other two residents had walked into the kitchen to find you arguing. You turned around as you heard them walk in. Huffing loudly, you grabbed your laptop and went to the balcony. You didn’t want to risk going to your bedroom since Jack would end up there too. You sat yourself down at the table on the balcony, and opened your laptop in hoped of continuing your work. As you brought your hands to the keypad, you felt yourself start to shake ever so slightly. Tears were starting to brim at your lids. You clenched your fists tight and tried to control your breathing. You were not one to have panic attacks, but you started to feel a build-up of overwhelming emotions take over. You slouched back into the chair as you felt yourself lose control and break down. Tears flowed down your cheeks as your body heaved with silent sobs.

Through the gap of the half-closed balcony door, you could hear the boys talking to Jack. His voice clearly louder than the other two. You couldn’t make out what he was saying, but his tone held notes of exasperation. Your clouded mind was too tired to do anything at this point. You felt somewhat guilty for what you did, but you were not even sure why. You couldn’t think straight. Exhaustion was taking over your body but your mind and heart felt too heavy to drift off. You were sat for what felt like hours, but was only a few minutes, as the cold London air chilled you to a point of numbness. At least you thought it was the cold air, it was easier to blame.

The door to the balcony slid open and close. A figure you usually sought for comfort stood before you. “Love?” The only response Jack got was a deep shaky breath from you. He moved over to you, gently lifting you up and taking a seat where you were sat before, placing you on his lap. “What’s wrong love?”, a frown plastered on his face as he took in the sight of your tear-stained face.

This caused a series of sobs to break through your barrier. You couldn’t control the tears anymore. “Oh love!” Jack pulled you flush against him as you buried your face under his chin, crying your emotions out. “Let it all out love”, he whispered soothed, rubbing circles on your back.

It felt like forever before you the tears stopped. The heaving however, was a work in progress. You could not stop your shoulders and chest from shaking. “I’m sorry. Are you mad?”

Jack replied with a kiss on your temple. “Shh shh. It’s okay love. You know I was just worried about. I don’t like seeing you like that. I just wanted to make sure you’re okay.” His chin rested on top of your head, his arms wrapped tightly around you, as if protecting you.

“I know. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to snap at you. I’m just stressed and all you know”, you apologised again.

“How about we just go back in? I’ll run you a bath, and maybe order pizza and put on some Friends? You could use some down time.”

“I think I could.”

He ran the bath, getting you in and helping you unwind. He left to order your favourite pizza, and came back, sitting behind you outside the bathtub. His hands reached for your shoulders as he whispered in your ear, “Fancy a massage love?”

He left you to enjoy the rest of your bath after the generous massage. As you got back to his room, you found he had laid a pair of sweats and t-shirt out for you. You changed and dried yourself off. Jack’s scent still lingered on his clothes, comforting you. As you walked out, you saw all three boys gathered around the living room. Josh and Conor had already dug into the pizza. You smiled at the other two boys sheepishly, “Sorry about earlier.”

They waved you off. “Don’t sweat it (Y/N)”, Conor said. Josh reached out to give you a side hug.

“C’mere (Y/N)”, Jack called from his spot on the couch, his arms open and waiting for you. You dove straight in, snuggling up to him. The weight that had been pulling down was gone. You felt more at ease despite having the same workload waiting for you. The pressure had lessened and you felt content, ready for to laze around for a bit. There was always tomorrow.

“Here you go love”, he reached over to get you both a slice of pizza. As you filled up, you felt brain wind down with the iconic comedy on play. Not long after, Josh and Conor left to head to their own rooms, bidding you goodnight.

“Jack”, you turned to face him once you were both alone. “Thank you. I really don’t what I did to deserve you. But thank you.”

“I’d do anything for you (Y/N)”, he sounded almost shocked that you thought he would not.

“I know love. I just really wanted you to know just how much you mean to me. I love you so much.”

The smile that lit up his face, reaching all the way to his eyes, made your heart beat faster. “I love you too. So so so much.” You reached to cup his face as you leaned in, kissing him as meaningfully as you could. He eagerly reciprocated, deepening the kiss. His arms snaked to your bum, as he lifted you on top of him. You pulled away a few seconds later, the kiss getting too heated. “Not today Jack, sorry.”

“It’s fine babe”, he moved you back to your original position on the sofa, pecking you on the lips. You reached for your fourth slice of pizza that night, letting your mind drift off as you enjoyed your boyfriend’s comforting presence next to you. You weren’t sure what else happened that night, but the next morning, you woke up to find yourself and Jack in the same position on the sofa as the night before. You pressed a kiss on his lips, adjusting yourself comfortably to fall back asleep.

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10 Things I Hate About You (Part Five) - (Young)Sirius Black Imagine

A/N: hello, my dearies! :D sorry for the wait, here’s part 5! :D you guys are the best for liking this story so much!! and now, ladies and gents, I give you… chapter 5! :)

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter :D

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10 Things I Hate About You

I hate you so much that it makes me sick, it even makes me rhyme

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 6[Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9] [Part 10]

Previously on 10 Things I Hate About You…

“Good night, love” he said removing a strand of loose hair from her face.

“Good night” he heard her whisper before he left the dorm.

He walked the stairs with the smile still on his face, as quietly as he could. Hopefully nobody noticed it. But somebody did.

“Bloody hell!” Sirius said jumping at the sight of someone standing in the middle of the room, looking directly at him. “Moony! You scared the shit out of me!”

“Would you care to explain to me why you are coming out of (Y/N)’s dorm?” Remus said with a skeptical look on his face and noticing Sirius’ pale a little.

“Um- well, n-nothing. I mean, she just uh- fell asleep and I thought I’d bring her up-“

“What are you doing with (Y/N), Padfoot?” Remus asked in a more stern tone.

“D-doing? What do you mean doing? I’m not doing anything with her” Sirius said letting out a nervous laugh before they were interrupted by James’ snores and the two of them looked at their passed out friend.

“You know Prongs would kill you, right?” Remus whispered as James’ snores got louder.

“Prongs will not kill me because I’m not doing anything, Moony!” Sirius said walking towards his dorm and Remus quickly followed him.

“Do you really think I haven’t noticed? I know (Y/N) is the girl that you’ve been sneaking up with every night” he started once they were upstairs making Sirius freeze on his spot. “I saw you kissing her head today in Herbology. I notice the way both of you changed your behavior towards the other and I just saw you come out of her dorm!”

“You know, you spend an awful lot of time staring at other people, Moony. Is rather creepy!”

“Do not change the subject, Pads! Now what the bloody hell is going on?” Remus demanded again.

Nothing is going on! (Y/N) and I are just friends!”

“But that’s the thing! You weren’t friends! Why are you friends all of the sudden? Why are you spending so much time with her? Why did you blow off your date to come to movie night that is not something that you do! Even for a friend” Remus told him.

“W-well, maybe I just realized that I was a complete idiot with her for no reason and I want to change that” Sirius defended himself.

“How stupid do you think I am, Sirius?”

“Hey! I’m telling you the truth!”

“No, you’re not! You’re hiding something! And I’m going to find out what it is” Remus defied him. “And even if I don’t find out what it is, sooner or later is going to blow up on your face, and trust me Pads, if you do anything to (Y/N), James will kill you. And if he hasn’t got to you, then I will” Remus said glaring at his friend a little.

Sirius straightened his face as he looked back at Remus, “Nothing is going on, mate.  I promise.”

Remus stared at his friend looking for the lie in his eyes, but didn’t find one. “Fine” he gave up and Sirius sighed in relief. “But I’m watching you, Black” he said glaring at him before walking over to the bathroom.

Sirius tossed himself on his bed as he sighed and ran his hand through his black hair. “Fuck. I’m going to end up dead!”

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