fancy dreamer sollux


Fancy Dreamer Sollux cosplay in progress!

Can’t see it really clear on here but me and my friend Kai’s Fancy Dreamer Sollux cosplay in progress! All I need to do is add the shoulders, and then we need to add the backside thingy, some more beads and frills, and we’re done~

this is also the first cosplay I’ve ever made myself, so I am fucking proud


Cosplay progress for fancy dreamer sollux! Now all that needs to be done is the neck part and I am finished!
There’s lace on the shoulderparts and on the pants aswell, around the neck and on the neck part, and around the sides of the shirt and on the end of the sleeves. Beads around the moon, and around the neckpart there will be more beads, so that’ll take some time.  Couldn’t take any pictures of the back this time though…