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A few quick pictures of my Fancy Dreamer Jade from Sacanime! Honestly, this thing is in dire need of work, I am still very happy and proud of what I managed to produce regardless!

If you took any pictures of me, then PLEASE tag me in them and feel free to say hi also! :D


So to celebrate the 3 year anniversary of Cascade in Homestuck, My friend Holly and I decided to do a shoot after Armageddon today as the sun was setting! 

We decided to recreate the photos as best we could~

(also yes this hit me right in the feels as i got home and read the update)

So I was Jadesprite, Holly was Davesprite, and Paige was the Photographer :) 

Just so you know i based my Jadesprite off of Mookie000’s fancy dreamer jade because jadesprite IS dreamer jades body. so i just based it off of that :)

The second out of the three giveaway prizes, this one goes to @i-can-change-gender-asswipe. Yellow is definitely a challenge to work with using watercolors for me, but I’m happy with the variety of yellow I managed. It was really tricky to get it scanned though. 

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Please do not use without permission, repost, or remove caption.

Fancy Dreamer Jade Coloring Page! I’m almost done painting the hard copy so I’ll have that posted later today (27 June 2016) given that the scanner doesn’t act up. 

If you color it, tag/mention me so I can see! Please do not remove the signatures and caption or claim the lines as your own work, but you can use it for fun if you’d like.

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Cosplay 2014!

so it’s about the end of the year so i ought to get this together!!!! :D

this year’s been so great and i’ve made so many improvements this year!!!! i finished aradia bingo and made a whole solid vest by myself and i made a fancy dreamer cosplay and i got to remake my 3am dress from 2012!

one thing i’m really looking forward to in 2015 is to cosplay with people instead of by myself, i want to make friends and join groups and coordinate with people and stuff! also gonna try stuff from more fandoms because i have so many things i love and so little time!

thanks everyone for following me this year and i hope next year’s good too!

links to the original posts (credits are in those posts):

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Second photoset coming through! They were so many great cosplayers this weekend! *o* I was especially excited to see the Mawaru Penguindrum cosplayer!

The Riku in the first picture is… rikudera!!

Fancy Dreamer Jade is maximumsandwich!!

Wirt is baconshinobi!!