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Post-Trespasser Dorian Mod vs. Unmodded Dorian

For the curious (because I was after seeing some of the comments on the original gifset, so I went and checked to see if it was the mod or just the lighting in that particular scene).

alternate dragon age subtitles

Dragon Age: Oh You Want to Romance a Dwarf? Well, Uh, Maybe Later

Dragon Age: If You’re Tired of Fancypants Tolkienian Elves That Have Everything Handed to Them on a Silver Leafy Platter, Have We Got a Story For You

Dragon Age: Sing-Along With Mother Giselle!

Dragon Age: We Put the Eyyyyyyy in Morally Grey

Dragon Age: Every Ancient Order of Honorable Warriors Is Probably Corrupt and/or Keeping More Secrets Than Your Entire Party Put Together

Dragon Age: Those Barriers Can Totally Be Broken Without Magic of the Opposing Type, We Lied (Oops)

Dragon Age: How the FUCK Are You Swinging That 8-Foot Sword

Dragon Age: There’s Either a Billion Dragons That Are a Mild Nuisance Or Ten That Will Violently Destroy You, There Is No Middle Ground

Dragon Age: Chances Are Flemeth Will Never Die, Ever

Dragon Age: If Joan of Arc Got a Little Out of Hand

Dragon Age: Every Time We Tell You Somewhere Is Terrible It Probably Isn’t That Bad (Except Maybe Kirkwall)

Dragon Age: Being an Elf Means You’ll Never Ever Be Happy and Literally No One Cares (Except Possibly Someone Who’d Just as Soon Destroy All of the World, So, Good Luck with That)

Dragon Age: The Myths Are Mostly True and The History Mostly Isn’t

Dragon Age: Magic Is Evil and Terrible and Will Make You a Monster Unless You’re the One Doing It (Or You’re Friends With the One With the Fancy Title)

Dragon Age: Generally Speaking, Everything You Thought Was True Is Probably a Huge Lie Spread By People In Power So They Could Stay That Way

Dragon Age: If You Thought the Real Church Was Fucked Up…

and last but not least

Dragon Age: If You Think You’re in Control, There is Probably a Mage Among Your Friends Who’s Scheming Something That Will Make You an Accessory to Murder and/or World-Destruction But Hasn’t Told You Yet (Sorry)

okay so let me share a paragraph from the 5E monster manual:

A brass dragon engages in conversations with thousands of creatures throughout its long life, accumulating useful information which it will gladly share for gifts of treasure. If an intelligent creature tries to leave a brass dragon’s presence without engaging in conversation, the dragon follows it. If the creature attempts to escape by magic or force, the dragon might respond with a fit of pique, using its sleep gas to incapacitate the creature. When it wakes, the creature finds itself pinned to the ground by giant claws
or buried up to its neck in the sand while the dragon’s thirst for small talk is slaked.

So a) that’s fucking hilarious, some Vincent-Price-voiced motherfucking dragon knocking you out and you wake up to him in mid-monologue talking about Radiohead’s discography in Excruciating Detail, and b) i think carries the key to understanding and running dragons, which is:

Dragons are naturally giant firebreathing dinosaur wizards that can fly, and so no one has ever told them no. It doesn’t matter whether they’re good dragons or evil dragons, they have an overwhelming sense of entitlement to Everything.

a dragon doesn’t demand tribute. a dragon views you not already wanting to give them your best stuff on account of how cool & great they are as an intentional, personal insult. if you’re lucky, they will respond by throwing a tantrum and wrecking your home, your town and your kingdom. if you’re not lucky, they will first show up at your door in a huff and demand to know why you’re disrespecting them in this manner and why you hate them, then working themselves into a tantrum and wrecking your home, your town and your kingdom.

dragons suffer from the dunning-kruger effect more than even white dudes from san francisco with a tech start-up. they don’t take criticism well, which is a moot point because no one is criticizing them. they often fancy themselves masters of art or deception or repartee, but they’re really, um, not. they demand and crave recognition for their Masterpieces, their Exploits, their Groundbreaking Innovations, and pity the hapless town who gets saddled with the dragon who fancies itself a comedian. (”i burned the church down as an act of satire, god, can’t you people take a joke?”)


Another Drowcember!! Two in a week!! Because I’m probably going to be too busy to do one next week hahahaha. This one is for “mage”. Here we have Ba’anor casting Lightning bolt. I don’t think I’ve ever drawn him doing wizard things so, here we are!

His rapier is his arcane focus, and he’s from the Bladesinger school of magic.

closeup shot because his face is good and it’s so far awaaayyyy in the full image.

I was thinking the other day about a celebration the Dalish might have for halla, inspired by Kukur Tihar in Nepal, where they adorn their antlers with herbs and flowers, and paint them with pigment. 

A Dalish inquisitor likely wouldn’t have access to any halla, so maybe they’d celebrate with any harts they had instead.