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May The Forth (Stark!Reader x Pietro Maximoff)

Word Count: 1047

Summary: The Starks are nerds, that is for sure. So to them, May 4th, Star Wars Day, was almost another Christmas to them. Pietro thinks it’s way too weird

Warnings: none

A/N: I know Star Wars day was a couple days ago but this is still so fun, don’t you think? I love star wars, you all know it, and Stark!Reader does too. I hope you guys love this as much as I do.

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Magic Mistake

TITLE: Magic Mistake
AUTHOR: staria
ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being a witch (on Earth) and accidentally summoning Loki. He gets angry and confused, but ends up actually liking your company and teaches you more magic. 


Three weeks had passed before I heard from Loki again. I was already thinking that I would never hear from him again, when he showed up one Saturday morning and knocked on my door. As always I was still in my pajamas trying to figure out what to eat for breakfast.

I opened the door to find him holding a box of donuts and cup of something that smelled like coffee.

“I bring edible goods,” he said, sounding extremely cheerful, which was really weird for him. He then bended forward, extending his arm towards me, giving me the box like it was a lost treasure brought from a mystical land just for me.

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Park Paunch

I work a relentless nine to five job. Lunch breaks are a shining goal post I look forward to every day. Lunchtime means the day is halfway done. It also means a moment of relaxation to recharge. Most of all, lunchtime means it’s time to eat.

Despite being a gay man, I’ve never been interested in fitness or glistening muscles. In fact, I enjoy quite the opposite. I like men with a little extra weight on them. There’s nothing hotter than a guy with an average build that looks like he’s stopped going to the gym the last few months. I like a soft and hairy belly that sticks out past a straining waistband. Even better are T-shirts that cling to newly formed love handles, and jeans that are on the verge of busting open from plump and wobbly buttocks. I’ve always admired physiques like this on other men, and have been striving to attain such a ‘dadbod’ for myself. For months I’ve been slowly packing on the pounds, and lunchtime is a moment for me to rejoice in the gluttony of myself and others.

Living in San Francisco there’s no shortage of delicious food to find around my work. Typically, I frequent a cluster of food carts adjacent to a nearby park. This is my favorite spot not just for the food, but also for the people watching. Everyday there are hoards of chubby businessman (who seem to grow plumper by the day) ordering burritos, burgers, and other fattening dishes. The combination of working a desk job and having the funds to access a wide range of amazing local food leaves them with bellies that strain the lower buttons of their expensive shirts. In addition, there are always tourists passing through and ordering fancy donuts with their fancy grilled cheese sandwiches. In awe of the “exotic” menus, their greedy midwestern stomachs demand to taste as many dishes as possible.

Today I ordered some Chinese noodles from one of my favorite carts. The noodles are handmade, smothered in a delicious oily sauce, and the serving is so large it barely fits in the container. My pants were already a little snug and I knew that after this meal they would be painfully digging into my recently formed overhang for the rest of the day. Luckily I was wearing a long T-Shirt which covered the waistband of my jeans. If need be, I could unbutton them and do the old rubber band trick. Simply imagining this scenario while my stomach growled in anticipation caused my dick to start chubbing up. Finally, I was handed a mountain of noodles plus a soda and went to the park to find a place to sit.

Always strategic in where I choose to sit, I plopped down under a shaded tree and in clear view of an attractive group of twenty-somethings. There were two guys and one girl. One of the men was tall and blonde, with a slight paunch that jiggled beneath a faded purple tee as he spoke and gestured. An empty burrito wrapper sat next to him while his two friends were still munching away. I happily began scarfing down my noodles while taking in the eye candy. I was only about five bites in and already had to confront the fact that my waistband was excruciatingly tight. I undid the button and continued chomping away.

I kept my eye on the cute blonde boy as he enthusiastically was telling a story to his friends. It wasn’t long before I dropped the last morsel of noodles into my mouth and leaned back to stretch my overstuffed stomach out. I noticed that the boy began pointing to the pooch that hung over his jeans. He laughed and opened his arms out to his friends as if to say: “Can you believe this?!” Next, he grabbed his belly roll with both hands and gave it a good jiggle. He motioned towards the girl. She leaned over and gave his belly a squeeze before erupting into a fit of giggles. As you can imagine, I was more than pleasantly surprised at what I was watching. His male friend jumped right in on the fun, lifting up the blonde boys shirt and giving his underbelly a slap. They laughed as his pooch jiggled and the friend repeated the action twice more before lifting his own shirt to show off chiseled abs. The girl immediately whipped out her phone and had the boys pose together for a photo.

I was so turned on watching this display of fatness that I didn’t know what to do with myself. I wondered if the boy was gay as I was already entertaining sexual fantasies of the two of us. After the photo the group changed subjects from their friend’s burgeoning paunch and continued to chat. I remained where I was and admired the blonde boy. I noticed that every few minutes he would awkwardly pull down his shirt to ensure none of his newfound flab was showing. However, there was nothing he could do when he let out a big yawn and stretch, forcing his chub to plop out of his shirt and get some fresh air. Just after this, his friends stood up to leave and the chubby one followed suit, not noticing that his belly was still on display. He hugged each friend goodbye and sat back down in the grass after they left. After a brisk breeze he noticed his midsection was hanging out and pulled his shirt down after looking around to see if anyone noticed.

I contemplated whether I should make a move. I decided to launch Grindr and was very happy to see that his photo instantly appeared. He was six years younger than me, plus I outweighed him by about fifteen pounds. This meant I had to be the aggressor, so I confidently walked over to meet him.

“Hey, I’m Darius,” I began, “and I saw you on Grindr so I thought I’d say hi in person.”

“Oh,” he seemed taken aback. “Hi, I’m Ivan. Nice to meet you,” he said with a big smile.

“Sorry to interrupt, you’re just mega cute and I was hoping to exchange numbers and maybe get a drink sometime.”

“I would love that,” said Ivan.

We swapped numbers, hugged, and then I went back to the office. He was much cuter up close and our bellies smooshed into each other as we hugged, leaving me with a bit of an erection. I had barely been at my desk for an hour when I received a text from Ivan. It read: “Forgive me if I’m being too forward. But I live a couple blocks from the park, and my roommates aren’t home… If you wanted to drop by I’d make it worth your while ;)”

I replied almost immediately asking for the cross streets. I then emailed my supervisor to say I wasn’t feeling well and headed towards Ivan’s place. When I arrived he had changed to a looser shirt and a pair of skin tight shorts which showed off his plump booty. He poured us each a glass of wine and we sat on his couch making small talked for about twenty minutes. After getting a small buzz going I made the first move and slid my hand onto his hairy thigh.

I leaned forward and we began making out and exploring each other’s bodies. I was surprised at how hairy he was for a blondie. He seemed to really enjoy my scruff as he bit and licked my furry cheeks. He climbed onto my lap and my hands crept down the backside of his pants so I could cup each ass cheek. His ass was soft and fat, I could even feel the striations of what I assumed were stretch marks. I unbuttoned his pants to allow his erection to spring into the light. He had a nice uncircumcised cock, average in size. I asked if I could fuck him and he nodded and led me to the bedroom.

I peeled off my shirt and yanked his shorts off. He undid my pants and began to kiss, lick, and suck my throbbing cock. His full lips explored every inch of my dick and got me salivating for his ass. I pushed him onto his back, but he seemed to recoil when I tried to take his shirt off.

“Is something wrong?” I queried.

“It’s just…” he nervously trailed off, “I’m kinda outta shape right now.”

I grinned, “Boy, do you even realize how much that turns me on? There’s a world of men out there that would melt for this extra chub of yours. Trust me.”

I yanked off his shirt and began working my way down his torso with my lips and tongue. His initial awkwardness let way to moans of pleasure. I couldn’t resist but pay extra attention to his soft and fuzzy underbelly. He giggled when I got to this area and pushed my head lower. I tasted his cock and balls, enjoying the salty sweat that had accumulated between his junk and juicy thighs. I flipped his curvy body over so I could begin working on his ripe and hairy asshole. I was pleased to discover that my suspicions were correct- his ass was striped with thick, white stretch marks. I had to pull his fleshy cheeks apart to even get to his hole. I slurped, spit, and chewed at his ass until we were both aroused beyond belief and then I slipped my cock inside.

He moaned as I inched my way into his body. I gripped his smooth lovehandles and pulled his ass onto me. I started off slow and steady, relishing the tightness of his hole and the way my sweaty stomach spread over and slid against his lower back with each thrust. As my pace quickened, I leaned forward clutching him in a big bear hug. My hands gripped the soft fat which hung suspended from his midsection. I began to stroke his cock with each thrust, which quickly brought him to the verge of orgasm. To delay the inevitable, I flipped him onto his back and began fucking him missionary. I grabbed his beefy thighs and watched as my jiggling gut grinded into his cock with each thrust. The further I pushed his legs back the more his body turned into a series of fat rolls. His pubic area, his belly, his chest, and even his double chin were all puffy with fat, pink in ecstasy, and glistening with sweat.

Ivan moaned that he was about to explode. He kept trying to grab at his dick to relieve himself but I wouldn’t let him. I had definitely found his prostate and continued to hammer away at it. He seemed almost frantic with pleasure which was driving me wild. Before I knew it he began to orgasm without even touching himself. Gobs of jizz splattered against the wall behind him, across his face, and his chest. The sight of this caused me to lose control and I busted what felt like the fattest load I had ever shot inside someone’s ass.

I collapsed on top of him, sealing our soft bodies together with a slippery mixture of sweat and cum.

“Whoa,” Ivan muttered. “That was hot.”

“Fuck… it was,” I said exasperated. There was a pause as we each struggled to catch our breath. “Don’t ever doubt the sex appeal of that paunch again.”

Ivan grinned.

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One time Tony tried to cook breakfast for Rhodey. It was an absolute disaster. He made Jarvis order donuts instead and "remodeled" the kitchen. (Rhodey thought it was hilarious and enjoyed the donuts.)

omg yes rhodey walks into the kitchen and everything is all over the place still and a bit disastrous and tony’s sitting there with a box of like fancy donuts like “oh hello, fancy seeing you here, want a donut??” and rhodey rolls his eyes and wonders how the hell he ended up with such a big nerd but they go out to the balcony and eat the donuts (which like. are top of the line donuts. like he’d have been happy with some fuckin gas station donuts but it’s tony so they’re nice donuts) and they lean against each other and sit out there for a while and it’s cute

Things I Want to Feed a Boy Way Too Much Of

Kraft macaroni & cheese (I love how it’s solid and pasta-y but also clumps together into gooey feed able bites)

Other pasta (ideally something with a clingy wine/butter type sauce, but really anything)

Assorted fancy donuts (maybe blindfolded? so he has to guess what each one is)

Pizza (we’d be watching a movie, and every so often he’d discover that I’d gotten him another slice, and then at the end of the movie he’d discover how much he’d actually eaten)


Instant mashed potatoes (because *apparently* if you eat these mixed with just a little water, and then drink more water, they swell up inside you and you can feel yourself expanding)

Jumbo marshmallows (I like to hand feed people, and I like that they’re soft and yielding but large enough that you have to open your mouth pretty wide to get a whole one in)

Cheesecake (similar to above, the textural thing)

A ton of beer (round, bloated, and sorta drunk sounds like fun times)

Milkshakes (for the “I’m going to make you so fucking fat” angle… hearing him moan as talk about what I’m pouring into him is about to do to his body… all the extra things I put into it to make sure it really blimps him up… how I’m going to measure him tomorrow and if I’m not happy I’ll make him live on milkshakes, just keep him full all the time until he’s plumped up to my satisfaction)

Pudding (I just have this thing about pudding… also, a belly packed full of pudding seems like it would be the most fun possible to play with)

Jello (possibly a competitor for the “most fun to play with” title)

Any other ideas?