fancy clancy

It was a bright spring morning. The sun was out and a few clouds dotted the blue sky. A slight breeze blew by. Yes, perfect weather for a good frolic. Clancy wandered along, at peace with the world. He was in one of his very rare happy moods. The shape shifter was ready to have a nice, relaxing day with his fellow, soft sheep. He wandered along the vast field hoping for a tree or two if he couldn’t find a flock. Usually, a little bit of shade was good enough for a long nap too. He preferred flocks though because they provided extra warmth sometimes. It wasn’t long though, when he spotted a small heard relaxing near a field of flowers. He approached slowly, bleating loudly once he was close enough. “Do not fear I am not a stranger! I, my subjects, am your Sheep King!” To the average person he probably looked like an obnoxious animal that wouldn’t shut up for one reason or another. Humans couldn’t understand him, and sometimes he wondered if even other sheep knew what he was saying.

A few sheep glanced at him oddly but no one attacked him as he claimed his rightful place as King of the Flock. So Clancy meandered on towards the center of the herd and laid down. Surrounded by a sea of soft, warm fleece he drifted off into sleep. Everything was exactly right. He hoped the herd didn’t have any obnoxious dogs that would wake him up before his time.