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Mornings at Hogwarts

Ravenclaw Girls: hair always pulled up in fancy braids because they all do each others hair in the morning. They have mini study sessions before breakfast, curtains open, morning light streaming over books and notes. Eventually they maybe go to breakfast, or someone grabs food so everyone can keep studying. They nibble on toast and tea and fruit. Ussually studying turns into good natured debates or even just philosophical musing. Finally they head to class.

Gryffindor girls: the ones that like to be up early wake up the ones that don’t. There is a lot of fake fighting as they drag their friends out of bed. Its straight into sneakers and running shorts. They head for the grounds and run a few miles as the sun gets up. They run as long as they can, encouraging each other. They get back in time for breakfeast. Tired and sweaty they fill up on eggs and ham, maybe orange juice but usually water. They make it back to the common room and all jump into the showers, laughing. There is no insecurity. They dress with speed, hair pulled up in pony tails. Finally they head to class.

Slytherin girls: everyone gets up early on school days. They lay out mats on the common room floor. They go through push-ups, lunges, squats…. The workout is short but intense. Their muscles ache in the best way. They head to the bathroom, and shower and dress. They have perfected the messy bun. They do their makeup together. They don’t leave for breakfeast until everyone is ready, they leave the common room looking flawless and head to the great hall. They eat together and talk about ideas. The stay in the dinning hall as long as possible, enjoying the food and company. Finally they head to class.

Hufflpuffs girls: they get up leisurely but still early. They do yoga in the mornings. If its plenty warm they go outside, but if its not they stay in the common room, fireplaces blazing, furniture pushed up against the walls. The yoga is relaxed but everyone gets a good workout. They skip showers and dress for classes. They go to the great hall in groups. They eat cereal and hot cocoa. After eating they either hangout in the halls or visit the slytherin table until its time to leave. Finally they go to class.


I was just typing up an email about what kind of work I do, and it occurred to me that I have never posted pictures of my Ridiculous Dragon Hat! This is a hideous oversight on my part that requires immediate correction.

-It’s completely handstitched from black straw braid.
-The horns are thick braids of knit (cut up tshirt, actually) with thick wire through the middle, and then wrapped in black spandex.
-The back is a bunch of braided scrap fabric sewn into an elaborate hairdo, and also beaded. My real hair is under it.
- All the jewelry bits on it came from The Treasure Mart, an absolutely bizarre antique consignment shop in Ann Arbor. It defies description, but if you are in the area, GO. You will not regret it.
-The red glow bracelet was put on there at the very first event that I ever wore this hat to, Chaos in the Red Room’s Funeral for 2015. Totally fun goth club night in Kalamazoo. The DJ will actually be DJing my wedding. I’m so freaking excited.
-Originally, it didn’t have any combs inside, because when I made it, I was just starting to grow out a buzz cut. Now it has two (one at the front, one just under the fancy purple braids. Hilariously, some tourist in Midwestern Mom clothes came up to me at the Ren Faire, yanked one of the horns, and shouted to her husband how cool it was. I shouted something like OW OW OW IT’S PINNED TO MY HEAD PLEASE STOP PULLING IT YOU ARE YANKING MY HAIR OUT. I think sometimes the Mundanes get so excited that they forget to be polite. Whoopsie.

-Yes, almost everyone asks me if I am Maleficent. Well…kind of. That WAS the inspiration. These days, I like to combine it with more dark mori fashions, for that retired evil sorceress look. Gothic Charm School (HI JILLI!) occasionally likes to joke that these fashions might result in her looking like a walking pile of laundry. I find this funny, because I am a slob, my clothes live in piles on the floor, and all my favorite dresses/skirts go really well all layered on top of each other. I am literally a walking pile of laundry. Not just in this outfit. All the time.

(Insert tiny reminder that I do this professionally and I take commissions. cough cough.)

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Yumikuri headcannons please ❤❤

I think today is a great day for these, yes? 

  • Ymir always lets Christa choose where they go for dates. Every now and then, Christa gets fed up and makes Ymir choose. Ymir’s never prepared.
  • Christa isn’t big on PDA, but get her home, and she’s all about the physical affection. She just doesn’t really like it in front of others. But Ymir is all about making Christa blush, so you know she’s constantly trying to steal a kiss or have her arm around her. 
  • That being said, they both love to tease each other relentlessly, in public almost more than when they’re alone. 
  • Ymir makes the best pancakes. Sunday morning breakfast is a must, and one of their favorite couple traditions. 
  • Christa steals Ymir’s sweatshirts, jackets, and t-shirts. She loves that they’re too big and smell like her girlfriend. 
  • They don’t let each other be self-depricating in any way. They are each other’s biggest fan, and harshest critic. They just love each other too much to let the other not love themself. 
  • Christa sings to Ymir whenever she’s stressed or scared or can’t sleep. Ymir tells/writes stories to do the same for Christa. 

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Do you have any Parental!RoyEdAl headcanons? I love reading headcanons, especially if it concerns one of my favorite btotps! ^.^

Of course, of course! My top two favorite headcanons include:

  • Roy constantly calling the places that he has sent the boys to, to make sure they arrived safe and have a place to stay. At first he was just calling to make sure they weren’t destroying things, but after a year or so, the questions were less “what have they done now?” and more “are they settling in well?” He will not tell the Elrics that he does this, and he makes sure that whomever he spoke to knows that they should not know he called.
  • Ed and Roy are both introverts, who like their quiet spaces and alone time. They both recognize this in one another, so when Ed is feeling a particular need to introvert, he’ll come stretch out on the couch in Roy’s office and read, research, whatever. Roy knows, when Ed is making a certain face or acting a certain face, that he actually needs something, and should not be teased. It’s one of very few times that Roy actually actively works on his paperwork

That’s not all though!

When Ed first started in the military, he had no idea how to budget. He was a kid with money, who wanted to pay back Winry and Pinako for the automail. His paychecks often ran out… so Roy sat him down and showed him how to budget

When Ed was taking the exam, he stayed at Roy’s. Just because he couldn’t afford a hotel and couldn’t stay in one without an adult anyway. Roy didn’t want to pay for the hotel, so he let Ed stay on his couch.

That’s not the last time that happens.

The day that Ed, Breda, and Armstrong met with Maria Ross, Ed had almost never been so relieved. It had scared him to know that Roy had been such a monster that he would kill Ross for petty revenge, and knowing that he hadn’t was more of a relief than he expected.

Roy totally gave Ed the sex talk. Ed was not amused.

Alphonse never stopped looking up to Roy. Not even after the Ross Incident. A strong part of him just kept saying “there’s no way that such a good man would do something like that with no good reason” even though all logic and sense said that was exactly what happened.

Roy and Riza go ring shopping with both Ed and Al. Ed was embarrassed, but Al was delighted.

Roy braids Ed’s hair when either of his arms are out of commission. Al couldn’t tell how hard he was pulling, and Riza could only do it behind her head. More than once, he has put Ed’s hair into a fancy braid, like a fishtail or something out of the ordinary, before Ed even realized it.

Hughes once half-jokingly said that Roy should just adopt the Elrics and get it over with. A few days later, holding another damage report from one of their missions, Roy seriously considers it “if only so they would just listen to me”.

The day Roy regained his sight, he sat in Alphonse’s hospital room and just stared at him as he slept. It would take a very long time to associate a living, breathing, human child with Alphonse.

Roy and his team are the only ones allowed to poke fun at the Fullmetal Alchemist and his brother, and Roy will make sure that everyone is aware of that.

That cat, that Roy as supposed to take in after Ed beat him in 03 ep 13? Roy went out and found it, and kept it. As soon as Al knew about it, he visited every day.

Ed has never full-on cried, full sobs and everything, in the military. There were times, however, when he may borrow Roy’s shirtfront, when he feared he may come close.

Roy keeps a close eye on Ed because Ed acts exactly how Roy used to act at his age, and that could only end badly.

Roy occasionally threads money into Ed’s account. Not often, but Roy wasn’t about to let his boy starve because Ed was too embarrassed to come ask for money.

Roy slips up and calls them “his boys” instead of “those boys”. More times than he likes to admit.

Tony’s Shirt - Tony Stark x Plus Sized Reader - Fluff


@thekrazykeke said: 

a Tony fic with a plus sized reader.

A/n: Let me just quickly say, i loved this prompt because I am a plus sized woman. And reading fanfiction (smut or fluff) always leaves me thinking, “Wow, i automatically imagined myself thin.” And that can sometimes leave me with insecurities. Especially if it’s a story about wearing a celeb’s clothing, cause i’m like “Well, that wouldn’t happen for me…” And that’s so silly! Is it a fact that i wouldn’t be able to fit into, let’s say, RDJ’s t-shirt? Probably, but that shouldn’t leave me feeling insecure, because there are a million other ways to be sexy and beautiful and confident! So, I want to take this moment to say something to the young men and women who are plus sized and might be feeling insecure:

You are every bit as beautiful and sexy as people like Chris Hemsworth and Scarlett Johansson. Don’t ever think that you can’t be sexy because of your size. That’s a damn lie. And the only reason you should be losing weight is for one of the following reasons: your health is at risk or YOU want to slim down. Don’t ever try to fit into society’s beauty standards, because even celebrities don’t fit those standards. They have photoshop and makeup artists working on them 24/7 in all their movies and photo shoots. You are beautiful and sexy and wonderful, and don’t ever let anyone try to tell you otherwise.

Ok, now that that’s done. Please enjoy the story :)

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               Tony walked into the Avengers compound and dropped his keys on the table beside the door. He heard soft music playing somewhere in the house. It was obviously your music because it wasn’t his rock play list, or Banner’s opera, or Rogers’ jazz.

               “Any one home!” he shouted. No one answered.  He decided to follow the music and see if he could find you. He followed the song all the way to the kitchen. As he got closer, he recognized the song as one of your favorite “sexy times” songs.

You know our love would be tragic (oh, yeah)

So you don’t pay it, don’t pay it no mind, mind, mind

We live with no lies

Hey, hey

You’re my favorite kind of night

               “Y/n!” He called again, but you didn’t answer.

               As he got closer to the kitchen, he smelled something burning. It almost smelled like a mixture of burned beans and over boiled pasta. What on earth compelled you to create a dinner using those ingredients, Tony didn’t know. When he finally reached the kitchen, he was slightly shocked to see that you weren’t there. He’d fully expected to walk in and see you swaying your hips to The Weeknd while you attempted to salvage whatever concoction you’d created.

               “F.R.I.D.A.Y, scan the compound. Who’s here?” Tony demanded.

               “I’m only detecting two heat signatures, sir. Yours, and Ms. Y/l/n.” The AI’s voice replied.

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H.C of S/o asking the boys to brush their hair?

i start school again tomorrow so i thought i’d write a small and quick thing before heading to bed. hope these are fine. i personally have really curly long hair so i love when ppl brush my hair. what about y'all? i hope u meant that ur asking the boys to brush ur hair and not the other way around. shoot me a message if i got it wrong tho!!


  • Noctis would be a little hesitant to brush your hair if you asked. Like he doesn’t even brush his own, can’t you tell?
  • If you have long hair and it’s tangly and you’re tender headed he won’t even touch you and tell you to do it yourself. But if you’re not tender headed and don’t have too many tangles then he’ll do it.
  • He’ll be gentle and slow, he’ll make sure you’re hair is 100% tangled free. Even if it might take a while.
  • He’d get really into and ask if he can braid it or something.
  • If you have short hair then he’ll brush through it no problem. He’ll even attempt to style it like his.
  • No, he will style it like his and you’ll be wondering what’s taking so long and then you go to the mirror and see that you’re hair looks like his. Fight him, because he tangled it to hell.


  • Prompto loves hair, he watched those videos on how to braid and style it in all different types of ways.
  • He’ll be super gentle if you’re tender headed but if not then he won’t be afraid to really get on there and get those knots out.
  • At one point Prompto really wanted long hair so that’s why he knows a lot about of hair and stuff.
  • He’ll end up braiding your hair, doesn’t matter if your hair is long or short, and he’ll be super proud of his masterpiece. And take a million pictures. You wouldn’t even want to take it down because of how good it looks.


  • Gladio would straight up be like, “no. do it yourself.” He has to brush his own hair and he hates it. So he definitely wouldn’t want to brush someone else’s.
  • He’d only brush your hair if you’re sick or sore, or broke your arm or something. And he’s not exactly the most gently person when it comes to brushing hair.
  • He’s super fast and rough, like this dude has no chill. He wants it be over will as soon as possible. Like he does the same thing with his hair. But he’ll try to be gentle with you.
  • Don’t expect a fancy braid or bun because all he knows is the simple braid and a ponytail. Still hasn’t mastered the bun art yet.


  • Similar to Gladio he’ll say no, but he’s more teasing about it. He’ll be a smartass and probably say, “Oh, don’t you have arms that work perfectly fine. Surely, you don’t need me to brush your hair. You’re a grown woman/man.” And smirk.
  • He would eventually brush your hair if you beg him enough.
  • He’s actually the best at brushing hair. It’s like wtf, how can someone be so good at a task this simple? It’s really soothing and soft, he’s so gentle. He makes sure not to pull out your hair.
  • Ignis is the best at brushing hair. 10/10. You’d tell the other boys and Prompto would definitely be asking Ignis to brush his.