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“Fancy” - West Coast School of the Arts, junior jazz small group, 4th overall, Showstopper Anaheim III, May 2017
★ Choreography by ?
☆ Dancers ☆ Audrey Antoyan, Ally Cheung, Kiara Galvin, Ava Kendall, Ella Sheppard, Kennedy Cortez, Tara Mohtashami, Sophia Oppegard, Gabi D'Ambra
Fancy ~ Postmodern Jukebox ft. Ashley Stroud

[ be sure to click the music link to see the full music video. Ashley also taps. ]


A Vintage 1920’s remake of Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy,” starring Ashley Stroud

Womanizer - A Pre-WW2 Bucky Barnes mix


Cristina Gatti - Womanizer // Marilyn Monroe - I Wanna Be Loved By You // Cristina Gatti - Drunk in Love // Jessica Rabbit - Why Don’t You Do Right // Ashley Stroud - Fancy // Parov Stelar - Booty Swing // Great Gatsby Soundtrack - Crazy in Love // Cristina Gatti - Sweater Weather // Marilyn Monroe - Runnin’ Wild // Mae West - I’m No Angel

Get ready for my shitty Until Dawn headcannons

Chris has a really bad habbit of playing with the strings on his jacket when he’s nervous.

Hannah tends to hide behind her siblings when she’s nervous; and she clings to the tail of their shirt when shes scared.

Because he has 2 sisters, Josh is a wiz at braiding hair, putting hair in a bun, and flat ironing hair.

Beth is great at baking, but is horrible at cooking.

Sam is amazing at cooking and is usually the one to bring food at parties.

Mike is the grilling master. He can grill with one hand tied behind his back.

Emily refuses to hang out with any other girl that trash talk her friends. She may be a bitch at times, but she is loyal to her friends.

Matt may be the youngest in the group, but he is a major papa bear. Hurt his friends and he will slam your ass.

Jess is the one to get the whole group to wear matching holiday sweaters and will talk a bitch down if they insult them.

Ashley is the one that always wants to have sleep overs and plans nature walks with Sam for the group.

The group as a whole becomes fiercely protective when someone attacks one of them. They will kick your ass.

Mike makes ALL the dad jokes.

Chris carries like 45 coats with him and lends them out if anyone needs them.

Josh always photobombs

Sam is the mother of the group

Emily is in charge of clothes if the group goes out somewhere fancy.

Ashley loves to steal everyone’s french fries.

Hannah loves to take photos of everyone when they least expect it. She gets some really funny results.

Beth has burping contests with the boys and wins.

Matt does a mean Stitch impression

An Electro-Swing collection of eighteen tracks inspired by The Great Gatsby to get your 1920's party on. Listen.

1. Miss Annabelle Lee (Cover) -- Sinead Doherty-Grant
2. Fancy (Cover) -- Ashley Stroud
3. I Can't Stop -- Flux Pavilion 
4. Ping Pong -- Dimie Cat
5. Dream, A little Dream -- Max Raabe 
6. Puttin' On the Ritz -- Gene Wilder
7. Crazy In Love -- Swing Republic
8. Rather Be ft. Jess Glynne -- Clean Bandit
9. The Mission -- Lyre Le Temps
10. Tainted Love -- Max Raabe
11. Jimmy's Gang -- Parov Stelar
12. Thrift Shop (Bart & Baker) -- Postmodern Jukebox
13. We Will Rock You -- Max Raabe
14. Gentleman (Cover) -- Robyn Adele Anderson
15. In The Mood -- UC 64
16. Memories -- Waldeck
17. Bang Bang -- Will.I.Am
18. The Charleston -- Green Hill


Fancy - Vintage 1920s Flapper - Style Iggy Azalea Cover ft. Ashley Stroud (by ScottBradleeLovesYa)

nmorrelaes  asked:

character eye colors hell yeah lets hear it plus hair color bc what the fuck adams hair is the color of ashy dirt whatever??

h e l l  y e a h actually i got carried away and this became a general physical appearance masterpost thing bc i’ve been meaning to make one so yeah.

  • ronan has dark hair, technically, even if he’s only got a few millimeters of it, blue eyes, and pale skin. he’s the tallest member of the group and has a built, muscular frame. his nose and cheekbones are sharp, and his mouth is thin. he’s capable of growing facial hair easily, but doesn’t. he has good teeth.
  • gansey has brown hair (it’s described with words like tousled and chestnut bc gansey cannot let me live for even a single second) and hazel eyes (see again my point about him not letting me live). he’s average height and has a straight anglo-saxon nose. blue thinks he has a nice mouth. witness his adorably baby-faced portrait.
  • adam has light brown hair, the color of dust or dry dirt, blue eyes that blue says are “pretty enough for a girl” (oh blue. hon), and tanned skin. his hair and skin are close in color. his haircut is uneven, probably because he cuts his own hair. his lips are thin and fine, and he has a worry line between his eyebrows. he is unconventional-looking, described as looking simultaneously elegant and feral/raw. most characters take note of his cheekbones. adam believes it’s “up to the viewer” to decide if he’s attractive or not. he’s tall, but not as tall as ronan.
  • noah has fair hair that he combs back, and unknown eye color. his nose is very crooked, and his smudge is on his left cheek. he wears a rumpled aglionby uniform and boat shoes, but he is capable of putting on other clothes on top of that such as gansey’s yellow sweater, at least when blue’s around. maggie has said he looks kind of like a young dj qualls.
  • blue has dark hair in a bob cut and unknown eye color, though maggie draws her with light brown eyes. she has nice legs. she is short (5′0″) and not pretty “in the way that aglionby boys seem to like”. she doesn’t care about being attractive, only about looking on the outside the way she looks on the inside. she wears a lot of homemade or diy modified clothes, since she shops at goodwill; her most common outfits are layering shredded shirts or tank tops with shorts or capris, or dresses with lace tights/leggings.
  • artemus has a long face and crow’s feet, but he shares blue’s eyes and mouth. he is taller than blue.
  • maura has brown hair and unknown eye color. she is taller than blue and fairly young, apparently in her mid- to late thirties. she wears a lot of jeans and is often barefoot.
  • persephone has curly, fluffy white-blond hair that reaches to her mid-thighs, and black eyes. she is short and delicate-looking. she wears clothing like sweaters and lacy frocks and lace-up thigh-high boots with three-inch heels.
  • calla’s hair is black when she, maura, and persephone are trying to break into the gray man’s phone, but by the fourth of july, her hair is three shades of purple (speaking as someone whose hair is two shades of purple, i approve). her eye color is unknown, and she has dark brown skin. she is a head shorter than ronan, but she’s muscular. she has a tattoo of three tiny coyotes running along her spine. she frequently wears colorful lipstick.
  • orla has long brown hair, unknown eye color, and brown skin. she is very tall and slim and has a massive nose, but for the most part is extremely beautiful, with heavy-lidded eyes and good cheekbones. she does a lot of nail art and basically dresses like the 70s never ended–bell bottoms, platform shoes, headbands, the works.
  • jimi is described as being as tall as orla and several times wider. also she’s lowkey a stoner, which has nothing to do with her physical appearance but i just wanted to remind you all of that.
  • neeve has curly brown hair and pretty hands with good nails. she has an extremely unnerving stare.
  • gwenllian is very tall, with tangled black hair, pale skin, dark eyebrows, long limbs, “sloping cheeks and forehead”, and a large, shapely nose. she is young, apparently in her twenties.
  • jesse dittley is fucking enormous, but has a mild face.
  • the gray man has gray eyes, ash-blond hair, and stubble. he is tall, muscular, and very handsome.
  • piper greenmantle has lots of blond hair and unknown eye color. she is very beautiful, but few exact details are given as to her appearance. she wears a lot of pink.
  • colin greenmantle has dark hair, bright aquamarine eyes, and good teeth. adam thinks he’s incredibly handsome and looks like a model, while blue isn’t convinced he’s actually attractive.
  • barrington whelk has brown hair and very large facial features that make him look even younger than he is, which is already super young.
  • robert parrish is described as large and colorless, with small, dark eyes. however, he shares several features with adam, including his hair, mouth, and the wrinkle between his eyebrows.
  • joseph kavinsky has dark hair, a skinny frame with a concave chest, and an unusual face. his mother is blonde and has had extensive plastic surgery.
  • prokopenko has prominent ears and uneven shoulders.
  • henry cheng has sharp cheekbones and “gloriously spiked” black hair. he is half korean and half chinese, and he’s a model.
  • helen has dark brown hair, unknown eye color, and long legs. she is very well-groomed and keeps a very simple appearance, favoring sensible heels; the pink nail polish she wears in her first appearance is described as “the only fanciful thing about her”.
  • ashley has short blond hair and dark eyebrows. she dresses fashionably.
  • declan looks a lot like ronan, but with a longer haircut and a friendlier face. his eye color is not mentioned, but it’s most likely blue.
  • matthew is described as “square and solid, a bear of a boy”. he is seemingly shorter than his brothers (probably because of the age difference) and has curly blond hair, but otherwise looks similar to them. however, unlike ronan and declan (who pretty exclusively take after niall in appearance), he looks a little bit like aurora, too.
  • aurora has blond hair, a pale face, flushed cheeks, and red lips. she looks like a “queen from an old epic”; there is little to no resemblance to the rest of the family.
  • niall looked like an asshole. and like his sons. which is the same thing.

i left off the characters who had no description of note, like the gansey seniors (they look like their kids!) or mrs parrish (she looks middle-aged!), as well as information that was extremely obvious or well-known in the fandom (the gray man wears gray v-necks! ronan has a tattoo and wears black tank tops! gansey is a fashion disaster!). lemme know if there’s any information you want me to add.

this was a really great way to spend my evening instead of, you know, studying for that biology midterm that i have in the morning.

As Byron Once Said- Mo Money Mo Quandries : A Downton Abbey fanmix

1. Super Rich Kids // Frank Ocean ft. Earl Sweatshirt
2. Downton // Adam WarRock
3. Fancy // Iggy Azalea ft. Charlie XCX
4. Mo Money Mo Problems // Notorious BIG ft. P.Diddy & Mase
5. Rich Girls // Kam Royal ft. Young Prince
6. Donatella // Lady Gaga
7. Glamorous // Fergie ft. Ludacris
8. The Fresh Prince of Downton // college humor
9. Beautiful, Dirty, Rich // Lady Gaga
10. Royals // Lorde
11. Primadonna Girl // Marina and the Diamonds
12. Money Ain’t A Thing // Jay-Z
13. Fancy 1920s // Ashley Stroud
14. You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful // Downton Abbey


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