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While I’m at it, let’s have ourselves a proper Throwback Thursday :) Here’s all 5 of the current main gang, from their very first appearances to their current ones!

Lenoire - Asleep Eidolon 冬至/Solstice (December 2012 ➡ September 2016)

Her first faceup was done by Eludys, current one done by me after light eye modification. Current wig is from Nine9style while her first one was from Kaleido.

Polaire - Little Monica Sophia (March 2014 ➡ September 2016)

She’s gone through 7 8 faceups to date, more than Lenoire, even though the core elements of her appearance haven’t changed at all :) She’s also blazed through 3 different pairs of eyes and now has a pair of fancy DollBakery
Pancakes I haven’t managed to photograph yet. I play favorites.

Haerang - Switch Shiho x HD57 girl body (November 2014 ➡ June 2016)

Surprisingly Haerang “DJ” hasn’t changed much besides dark red eyeliner and a switched up manicure. Eyebrow shape is now shorter but you can’t see it under her melonbowlcut hair…

Estelle - Fairyland F60 Celine (October 2015 ➡ January 2017)

Biggest change award goes to Essie, everyone’s favorite bad girl! Not much difference between her 2nd and 3rd faceups, but the difference between the first and the latter two is gigantic (mostly because of a jump in technical skill). I also got rid of her #ruined Licht wig and replaced it with a nice clean custom wig by Mitsukeru :)

Tamako - Fairyland FLA60 x FM60 body (May 2016 ➡  January 2017)

Softened her look with an eye mod, replaced 14mm Oscars with 16mm MehiArt eyes, and gave her a little egg sticker under her right eye, but she’s going to be changing again this May once Cygne arrives! Signature wig made by Fansea ♡

Feel free to dig through your photo archives and tag me if you decide do the same, I’d love to see how many upgrades/image changes your collection’s gone through!

  • Weiss: Nora, it's six thirty in the morning, why are we in the kitchen?
  • Nora: I feel bad for eating all of Ren's pancakes the other week so you're going to help me make some for him.
  • Weiss: Why can't you do it?
  • Nora: Ren said I'm not allowed to handle the stove by myself.
  • Weiss: ...Of course you aren't. Okay, fine, get the eggs and milk from the fridge and I'll get the flour from the cupboard.
  • Nora: Sure thing!
  • *Nora skips over to the fridge and returns back to Weiss a few seconds later empty handed*
  • Weiss: Where's the milk and eggs?
  • Nora: I dropped the eggs and drank the milk. Oh is that flour?!
  • *Nora grabs the open bag of flour causing a majority of it to puff up into Weiss's face*
  • Weiss: Nora! You just covered me completely in flour!
  • Nora: Really? Huh, I don't see it on you anywhere.
  • Weiss: That's it, I'm going back to bed! I'll make some calls and have some pancakes delivered here by the time Ren wakes up!
  • Nora: Yessssssssssss!
A Little Lesson in Time: Part One

Authors’ Note: Happy Sunday, spectacular readers!!! The births of Hazel and Holly Barba are right around the corner, but before that @vintagemichelle91 and I have a two-parter centered around a promise that Rafael makes to his muñequita. And the complications that ensue. This is our way of thanking @yourtropegirl for her most amazing mood boards!!! Enjoy!!!

          “Atticus? Can I have a word?”

           “Only one?” Rafael quipped, exiting the bathroom to find Natalia starting to step out of bed.

           “No, no, no,” he said, his hands on her shoulders as he eased his wife back to the pillows and brought the blankets over her lap.

           “But I need to get up,” Natalia protested.

           “Not just yet,” he said as his kisses dotted her brow, his lips nearing hers when Natalia cupped his chin and leaned back.

           “Are you dressing like that to play nursemaid?” she teased, tweaking his suspenders. Almost instantly, Rafael took hold of her wrist and placed a kiss on her palm.

           “I would honor you with a far sexier costume if that was the plan,” he said, lifting one eyebrow and watching his wife blush as the memory of their last Valentine’s Day filled the room. Along with the most recent holiday where Natalia sadly picked through what little lingerie she could still wear until her husband honored her with an impromptu fashion show.

           “I don’t think my mother would appreciate seeing you all dolled up,” Natalia said. “Even though she’s always saying that you have the loveliest eyes.”

           “And what do you say, hermosa?” he asked, reclining at her side and running his long fingers through her hair.

           “I’d like to live in your gaze.”

           Tempted to call it a day and hide with her under the covers, Rafael groaned as Natalia stroked his cheek.

           “My mother will be here soon. So we can pick yet another date for the wedding,” Natalia said.

           “Why don’t they just wait until Spring at this point?” Rafael asked.

           “She wants a winter wedding, and the twins will be here by the end of March,” she insisted.

           “And you’ll all be up for a party?” he challenged.

           “With your daughters? Absolutely. Which brings me to…” Natalia’s voice trailed off as her hand drifted down his tie, and Rafael nuzzled his head into the crook of her neck before she turned his face to hers.

           “You are going to pick Violetta up from Maggie’s and take her to lunch, right?”

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beanmoreau  asked:

Jes is a* at making sweet pancakes but he'll only do so for wylan (and Kuwei) because he gotta protect that street cred yo. ..he really likes being able to spoil him with good breakfasts and yes they are ofc in lots of shapes to match his boy(s). (And there's always at least one heart shaped one) but sshhhh no one can know.

i bet u £10 nina and inej know.  not only that, i bet nina’s said (mostly jokingly) to matthias why do you never make me breakfast? but let’s be real, matthias isn’t a great cook, she isn’t sure she wants him to try.  SURPRISE though, matthias is actually great at desserts and the very next morning nina wakes up to a plate of fancy waffles and pancakes and matthias looks so proud of himself he forgets to be tired because he spent like three hours that morning getting it right

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A Man Worth Fighting For- 17

Summary: Seventy years has passed and the world has changed. You thought you were moving on until Steve Rogers asks you for a favor which leads to a discovery that will change everything. So much for retirement. Sequel to “A Girl Worth Fighting For.” Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 2633
Warnings: Language, blood.
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Part 16   Masterlist

Lacova, Romania. Two months later.

A cold wind swept through your hair as you stalked down the city streets, hands buried in your pockets. Your jacket rustled as you tugged the collar up to cover your neck and you glanced up at the slight traffic before crossing the street.

An ATM stood just outside of a convenience store, hooded by a rain guard. Shivering, you step under it, eyes flitting around in search of security cameras. There was one, pointed at the machine. Quietly, quickly, you tapped a few buttons before the machine began spitting out money. After counting it, you shoved it into your pocket and turned to look around before you spotted him, sitting on the bench at a bus stop.

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I Was Watching Over You


Pairing: Isaac x Reader

Summary: After the latest sacrifices in Beacon Hills, Isaac wants to make sure you are safe. You wake up to find him asleep on your bedroom floor.

Once again something evil and supernatural was going on in Beacon Hills. This time around it was someone committing human sacrifices, granted when you found out you should have been more shock but you got use too the strange happenings that occurred often in this town, that the idea of human sacrifices didn’t seem or that far fetched . In fact it felt like a normal part of Beacon Hills, the tragic thing about thinking that scared you more than the sacrifices themselves.

Being at a comfortable level now with all this wasn’t something you thought would happen, but it did and here you were along with Scott and the others trying to figure the what, the who and the why. Scott had instructed everyone to keep an eye out on each other, to not travel alone and if something felt off or odd to at least alert another member of the pack. And sitting on your bed from just waking up, it seemed Isaac took the who keep and eye out thing very literally.

You had to admit it was cute, Isaac had dropped you off at home after the latest sacrifice and he told you he would wait until you were asleep. Well judging from what you were looking at, it seemed he too had fallen asleep.

“Isaac, Isaac” you said trying to get the werewolf to wake up. He was currently leaning his head on your chair and spread out across the floor. You weren’t going to lie it was a nice sight to wake up to so early in the morning.

“Isaac” you said one last time before throwing a pillow in his direction. It hit him square in the face and he jolted up, ready to attack. Looking around he saw that you were awake, and you shyly gave him a little wave.

“Whatcha you doing?” you asked him.

He starched the back of his head, and lifted his arms up a little which in turn gave you a better look at his stomach. “I-um I was watching over you” he declared.

“And how did that go…you know in your sleep?”.

His cheek went visibly red and it was new but yet entertaining to see him flustered.

“Good, um yeah it went good”.

“I’m just teasing you Isaac” you admitted.

“Oh, well now that you’re awake and safe I think I’ll just head off now” he gathered his jacket and went to exit through the door.

“Isaac” you shouted before he had the chance to leave, he turned around. “You do know that after you sleep over at someone’s house, breakfast is an essential meal of the day”.

Now it was turn for both of you to display red cheeks, “Well then it would be very rude of me to leave then” he said.

“I agree, very rude indeed” you added. Removing the blanket you got out of bed and headed downstairs with Isaac just seconds behind.

“So what do you want, we have cereal I could make you eggs on toast or we could do something fancy and make pancakes?”.

“Whatever you prefer I’m good with” he said making himself comfortable leaning against the counter.

“Cereal it is”. Pulling out all the choices you had Isaac helped by getting two bowls and the milk carton from the fridge. Since none of you could fully decide on which cereal to eat, Isaac just poured a little of each in the two bowls. Handing one to you along with a spoon you took a bite.

“Wow that does not taste good at all” you said, laughing.

He nodded and set down his bowl, you did the same thing and went over to get a glass of water to wash out the taste. “I best be going” he announced.

Truthfully you didn’t want him to go at all, but not one part of you had the guts to tell him to stay. Being the gentleman that he is he placed his dishes in the sink and gave you a small smile, much like you gave him earlier and walked towards the door.

Something in you didn’t want to let him leave without saying what you wanted, power walking to the door you grabbed his hand. Stopping and turning to have eye contact with you, that’s when you spoke.

“Just so you know, um…you can watch over me any day”.

It wasn’t meant to sound creepy, or anything like that. And you hoped in the back of your mind that he understood the underlying message.

Smiling, he leaned down and kissed you lightly on the cheek before walking down your driveway. Maybe it wasn’t exactly how you would of liked to wake up to in the morning, apart of you deeply would have preferred if you had woken up with his arms around you. However this was the next best thing, and the feelings for him are definitely there and my god were they growing bigger by the second.