Tales of Zestiria the X Ep 19 Reaction Post

Or maybe more like Tales of Zestiria the (Train Wreck) X(ing), am I right?

Anyway, where did we leave off last week?  Oh right, Rose became Sorey’s squire, even though it would mean she dies if he dies (somehow it always felt more like the other way around in game, I swear, the number of times Rose’s AI gets her killed … ).  Oh right, Pendrago’s clergy somehow dragged a huge-ass dragon into the basement (don’t ask me how, the thing literally can’t fit inside the hallways of Pendrago Shrinechurch without it being like, brought in in pieces), aaaaaand Alisha sent a “Please Sorey, help us!  You’re our only hope!” (telepathic) telegram.

And so, back to Hyland we go.  Bye Rolance!  It was nice (not really) seeing you!  Oh, and bye Sergei!

tl;dr: Not as much to complain about this week, although nothing really happened either.  Like, 6th episode from the end and this is what we’re getting?  Um, yeah, not sure this was the best decision ever, but hey, setting up Alisha and Zaveid to be a parallel to DezeRose is just fucking hilarious considering how he never has a shirt on, and Alisha has shades of being a proper lady.  Also, that next episode preview skit is honestly golden and again, I recognize Alisha and Zaveid more from that skit than the entire episode.

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