What exactly do bee smokers do?

It is very common to see beekeepers using smokers while caring for their hives, however, I’d come to notice that I didn’t know why beekeepers used smoke. 

Well, upon doing some research, here’s what I found out:

- Bees assume that there is a fire nearby, this makes them begin eating their honey as fast as possible to save it for a new hive. By doing this, they tire themselves out (much like us humans do after we eat a whole turkey dinner). 

-The smoke also masks pheromones. Bees rely on this to communicate to each other through the hive. When bees think their hive is under attack they warn the others. This smoke keeps them from doing that and confuses them. 

This allows the bees to calm down and the beekeeper to work!

Weekly Recap May 27-June 3


Another week has gone by and our Gundam Wing community has created some amazing content for you to bask in! 

Thank you for all your submissions! We have also tried to go through AO3 to find more published content but it’s easy for things to fall between the cracks so please continue submitting your links - we don’t want anyone’s work to be forgotten! You can submit anything gundam wing related. We want to see any and everything you’ve created.

Beneath the cut you’ll find links and information about the wonderful content created by our super creative peers. If anything piques your curiosity please give it a go. Don’t forget to comment, like, and reblog! Support and encouragement mean the worlds to creators. It helps keep them motivated and inspired.

Thank you all for being awesome and I hope you’re looking forward to next week’s update!

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