Wow, it’s been a while ! To be honest with you guys… it missed me. I was really happy when I drew this page. I’m sorry for the delay the updates take now, but my school’s work takes a lot of my time… it’s gonna be like this for quite a few months. My apologies.

Hope you will still enjoy what I will share with you on this blog during this period. 

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And here you go, last and final page for the first chapter so far ;) Yes, I´m going to continue this so the cliffi is the worst so far? ^^” Anyway….I´m playing with the thought to upload all the 11 Pages plus Cover in a singel upload, so you can read it on a single post and all together in a row :) But I´m rethinking that :D

Anyway… hope you like the story so far. I try to work on next pages and chapter two asap :) Yours Red

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Got into Overwatch. Fell in love with a pairing. Wanted to defend the problematic assassin. Opted to let the cowboy defend him for me. Ninja brother is just being supportive. 


“Of paper bones and porcelain skin.”

I plan on continuing if anyone has any interest. If not, I leave the rest of the story up to your imagination. :^)

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Part 68 of  “A Tale of Two Rulers”

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my first small comic? i think so!!
(read it down, and left to right :) )

(also i came up with this idea while i was waiting 2 hours for my doc appointment lol.. they forgot about me haha)