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I saw this post and just had to write a bunch of oneshots based on it. I couldn’t choose one ship so just did them all XD

“Mahiru, the alarm. Why is the alarm going off on a weekend?” Kuro mumbled and buried his face into his pillow in a feeble attempt to block out the sun. The alarm continued to ring and Kuro groaned. “Mahiru, make it stop!”

Kuro pushed himself onto his elbow despite sleep still weighing down on him. Beside him, Mahiru was still asleep and he was curled into a ball. A smile spread across Kuro’s face when he saw Mahiru defenseless expression. He had stayed up late for a project and he must’ve been tired. “You overworked yourself again. Can’t you take care of yourself before everyone else for once?”

Honestly, Kuro loved that aspect of Mahiru. That kindness saved him and Kuro would do anything to repay him. Kuro reached over Mahiru and turned off the alarm. He also pulled the curtain closed so the sunlight wouldn’t wake Mahiru.

“Kuro?” Mahiru voice was thick with sleep. He shifted next to him and Kuro thought that he had woken up. But Mahiru only turned in his sleep and wrapped his arms around Kuro’s waist. He couldn’t move without waking Mahiru so he laid back onto the bed. Kuro could hear Mahiru’s heartbeat and its rhythm sounded like a soft lullaby to him. Kuro began to drift off again until he was asleep.

A long time ago, Kuro wouldn’t have thought that he could have a such a peaceful morning. He never thought he would be able to feel someone’s warmth next to him. He never thought that he would wake to a soft smile. He thought he didn’t deserve it.

But now, Kuro couldn’t imagine a morning without Mahiru.

“You cold, Chibi?” Tetsu asked Misono who was trembling slightly. They were cuddled under a blanket and watching a movie. Tetsu was tall and he took up most of the blanket. They didn’t have a larger blanket at the Alicein mansion so he pulled Misono closer to his side and adjusted the blanket around them.

“I’m okay,” Misono blushed when their arms brushed. Tetsu didn’t react and merely continued watching the movie. But Misono was becoming so flustered that he could barely concentrate on the movie. “Wait, why are they going out of the spaceship without a spacesuit? They do know that they’ll die, don’t they?”

“Maybe it’s magic.” Tetsu suggested despite the movie setting place in the real world.

“Maybe the writers are just dumb. Even a monkey can write a better script by banging his head on a typewriter!” Misono criticized and wondered why Mahiru would suggest they watch the movie. He could point out countless inaccuracies and found himself ranting. He felt Tetsu’s eyes on him and turned to him. “What? You don’t think it’s bad?”

“I was thinking that you’re really smart. I like that.” Misono could never understand how Tetsu could compliment him so casually. But his eyes were honest and full of admiration that Misono knew Tetsu was only speaking his thoughts. Tetsu could make him blush without trying and Misono wished that he could make Tetsu flustered as well.

“You want some more manju? I can get DoDo to get us more.” Misono tried to distract himself from his racing heart. The plate was still half full but Tetsu didn’t comment on it. Misono had ordered Mitsuki to buy them for Tetsu since he knew they were his favourite.

“Can you feed me?” Tetsu asked in a surprisingly small voice and Misono’s sharply turned to face him. He was blushing slightly and scratching his cheek. Seeing Tetsu blush was rare so Misono had to give in when he saw it. He took one of the manju and feed it to him. When he would’ve pulled away, Tetsu leaned forward and innocently held a manju against his lips. “Here.”

“Thanks,” Misono ate the manju and it tasted sweeter than usual.

“Lawless!” He jumped when someone called his name and he followed the voice. Lawless ran into the great hall just as someone came barreling towards him. He was disorientated for a moment and a torrent of frills landed in his arms. He still hadn’t fully orientated himself when he felt warm hands cupping his face. “Thanks for saving me, Lawless.”

“Why did you leave me like that, Ophelia? You’re my Eve so you can’t just go disappearing on me.” Lawless insisted but she only gave him a carefree shrug. Earlier she had sent him to get some cookies from the kitchen but when he came back, she was gone.

“The kids came by and said they wanted to show me something right away.” Ophelia explained. “Anyways, I know that you’ll always find me.”

Lawless blushed at her words and quickly changed the topic. “So what did they want to show you?”

“We’re dancing. Take off your shoes and come join us!” Ophelia held out her hands to him. He looked around the hall and saw that children were sliding across the floor in their socks. The floor was freshly waxed and that allowed them to glide smoothly. “Be careful, this is a little trickier than those kids make it look.”

Ophelia held both of his hands in hers and they struggled to stand as one because the floor was slippery. Even when they fell again, Ophelia only laughed. It sounded like a bird song to him and he knew that he would follow that song no matter where it led him. She was a princess and he was a vampire so he knew that they could never be together.

But he was greedy and would take every moment she would give him.

“Hold onto my hands.” Lawless told her and she nodded. She didn’t question him for a moment or hesitate. He floated in the air slightly and helped her to her feet. Through all the battles and wars, he had always been someone she could depend on. Still floating above her, he lifted her knuckles to his lips and kissed them. “May I have this dance.”

“You may, good sir, but you must come down from there.” Lawless lowered himself in front of her and she placed her hands on his shoulder. Together, they glided over the floor. She rested her head on his shoulder and whispered so only he could hear her. “I wish everyone could know peace like this.”

“It’s a nice thought.” Lawless had to agree. He couldn’t have known how dangerous that wish was. Because in the end, they were both greedy.

“Lichtan, protect me with your angelic light!” Hyde cried when another jump scare appeared on screen. The popcorn they had went flying and scattered on the ground. Licht didn’t know if he should sigh or scowl at Hyde. He settled on a scowl when Hyde began to cling onto him. “Aren’t you scared, Lichtan?”

“Of course not. If those demons try to attack me, I’ll just send them back to hell. You’re a vampire and you’re afraid of these kinds of movies?” Licht clicked his tongue. Hyde was sitting behind him but Licht could feel his arms shaking slightly. Licht had seen so many sides of him, from his boisterous personality to his insecurities, but Hyde was always surprising him.

“Hey, Lichtan, if those guys come for us, I’ll protect you. It doesn’t matter how scared I am, I’m going to protect you.” Hyde whispered. Licht turned his head to see Hyde’s expression but he was already hiding his face in Licht’s neck.

“I don’t need you to save me. I can protect myself.” Licht told him and felt Hyde’s grip falter around him until it tightened around him once again. Hyde refused to let go and he had no intention of doing so ever again. The last time he let someone he loved slip through his arms, he lost them. He didn’t say the words out loud but Licht knew he had those thoughts.

“You don’t need to protect me because I have no intention of dying on you.” Licht told him with conviction. Hyde didn’t respond or lift his head from his shoulder. He felt Licht’s hand thread through his hair and its warmth spread through his body.

Suddenly, Licht tugged at his hair. “Hey, are you watching the movie or trying to sneak a bite? I swear you’re impossible!”

“Wait, I wasn’t trying to do anything!” Hyde cried when Licht kicked him off the couch. He had to dodge the kick Licht aimed at him. “Why are you being so violent after we were having a moment? Is this because you were getting shy? Lichtan!”

“Something smells nice in here.” Tsurugi commented when he walked into their apartment. A pleasant smell filled their home and it made the dreary apartment a little more welcoming. He lived in the C3 headquarters most of his life but it was nothing more than a room to him. Now, with someone waiting for him, it was a home. “Did you order that fancy shit, Kuni-chan?”

“What are you doing back so early?” Tsurugi heard Mikuni’s voice call him from the kitchen and he walked into the sparse room. He was surprised to find Mikuni cooking since they would often order food to eat. Mikuni looked over his shoulder and gave him an annoyed expression. “I thought you had a mission.”

“I tried to finish it fast so I could see you again. I thought you would be lonely without me.” Tsurugi sat at the kitchen table and laughed when Mikuni rolled his eyes in irritation. Honestly, Tsurugi loved to tease him because his expressions were entertaining. “So, what are you making us?”

“Us? If you’re just going to sit there like a freeloader, this is for me and JeJe. If you want to eat, you better help me cook.” Mikuni answered and Tsurugi chuckled to himself. It was a battle of wills to see who would give into the other first. “Either you help or find another way to pay for your dinner.”

Me pay you? No, no, Kuni-chan, that’s not how this relationship works.” Tsurugi walked behind him and casually hugged him from behind. “You love me so much that you’ll pay anything for my love.”

“I wouldn’t pay you a yen for something you give me for free.” Mikuni retorted. He waved his chopsticks threateningly and tried to untangle himself from Tsurugi. “Hey, where do you think your hands are going? Let go of me so I can cook! One of us could get burn and it’s most certainly going to be you.”

“Don’t make that scary face, Kuni-chan.” Tsurugi let him go. But they both knew that their game was far from over. He sat at the table again and was surprised when Mikuni placed a cutting board and a bowl of vegetables in front of him. “What do you expect me to do with this?”

“I told you that you’re only eating if you help. So, cut them.” Mikuni ordered him. Tsurugi forged a thoughtful expression that didn’t fool Mikuni. He could already hear Tsurugi’s cheeky reply.

But any retort he had prepared disappeared when he saw the bandages on Tsurugi’s arm. They were fresh. Lately, Touma would send him on solo missions. If Mikuni was more honest with himself, he would admit that he was worried. He doubted someone as absentminded as Tsurugi was taking of himself or eating properly so decided to cook dinner for him.

“Hmm… Don’t feel like it.” Tsurugi elongated his words and Mikuni’s brow twitched. Why did he even bother with a person like him? Tsurugi reached up and pulled Mikuni closer to him. “Maybe I’ll feel more motivated if you gave me an advance on my allowance.”

“Fine.” Mikuni leaned down and kissed him briefly. “Now get to work.”

When Mikuni started to pull away, Tsurugi wrapped his arms around his neck to keep him in place. “Nope, not enough. I need a whole week worth of motivation!”

My method of murder is to drown my victims in fluff XD I was thinking of making this pure fluff but I just couldn’t stop myself from adding those ref to Ophelia’s death.

Winner takes all

It’s still April 3rd somewhere in the U.S



“The problem is Sakura-chan, and this is the way I see it, you have the right to ignore my love for you, but you ignoring me doesn’t stop me from loving you. I am dreamer Sakura and in this case, the only solution is for me to wake up. You’ve got to wake me up, you’ve got to reject me for real.”

Sakura who had been half-way through a ramen slurp choked momentarily on a noodle.

“Naruto, you’ve got to let a girl finish slurping before dropping that kind of talk on her.”

“Before you reject me. Give me a week.”


“Give me a week to win you over.  If I can’t win your heart by the end of the week, you can reject me for good and I’ll move on forever.”

Sakura glanced over her shoulders to see if anyone at the Ramen Ichiraku was eavesdropping on their suddenly serious conversation.

“Let’s slow down for a second Naruto, I’m still trying to process the unusual direction this conversation seems to be taking.”

“Sakura, I know this sound strange. But I’ve made this promise to myself to finally win your heart.”

“You made a promise to yourself?”



“Just now.”

“Just now?”

Naruto nodded. “Yes, as I watching watching you slurp I promised that I’d put everything I have on the line to win you over. But I need you to give me a chance. Give me a week.”

“Okay let’s summarize all of this. You, just now-made a promise to yourself to win me over in seven days.”

“If I can’t do it in seven days I’ll move on.”

Sakura looked at Naruto closely now, gauging his seriousness. “I appreciate the melodrama. I actually enjoy melodrama to be honest, but it’s not–”

“All I need from you Sakura is a chance.”


“You can reject me at the end of the week” Naruto interrupted. “No hard feelings.”

“I understand what you’re saying but–”

“We’ll still be friends, as close as ever, I swear.”

“That’s good to know bu–”

“One week Sakura, just give me one week.”

She sighed. “There’s literally nothing I can say right now that’s going to stop you from going through with this right?”


Sakura took a moment to consider this. “How do you plan on–.”

“I don’t know. But it’s gonna be romantic and it’s going to be memorable. I guarantee that it will blow you away.”

“Is it wise wise to make that kind of guarantee when you have no idea what you’re going to do?”

“If I knew how to win your heart Sakura, I would have already done it. But I am going to do it, I just need you to open to it. Just give me a chance Sakura-chan.”

Again Sakura paused to reflect. “You’ve….okay you’ve got a chance.”

“Thank you.”

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One of my favourite things about this show is how down to earth* and not glammed up it is. Some of the kids in class are awkward or doofy looking and these awkward looking fellas in, what is that, a con shirt? And the other guy’s got acne?

They look like middle schoolers. Really average!

* barring over-the-top imaginary sequences and intentionally goofy hijinks and kid show sentimentality […often subverted/undermined by ruthless humour, BUT…]


Seokjin: Of course you do

Jungkook: Then how come I don’t get a hug?


(Taehyung is still haunted by his shipping adventures)

Alpha / Omega

Summary: To get to the omegas, you must first get pass their alphas.

Pairings: Dimenshipping, Preyshipping, Trophyshipping

Genre: Romance, Supernatural, Shounen-ai


Author: Canna / Yellowcanna

Status: One shot

“That will be four hundred and twenty yen.” The old lady at the apple stall said as she placed three large Fuji apples into the plastic bag before holding it for the teen standing before her.

“Thank you very much.” The boy smiled, ruby eyes gleaming in delight as he took the food before dropping some coins into the waiting hand.

“Have a lovely day sweetie!”

“Thank you, you too.” The boy bowed, turning as he walked over to a raven haired male who could have passed as his twin if he didn’t look older and a head taller.

“Such a beautiful and polite child!” The woman from the other stall commented as she walked over, eyeing at the pair of youngsters walking away. “Do they come here often, Suzuki-san?”

“Yamamoto-san, you don’t know them?” The apple lady—Suzuki said in slight surprise.

“Should I?” The other asked, adjusting her glasses as she squinted at the leaving pair. “Well, one thing’s for sure, you don’t see a lot of youngsters in a roadside market like this. Kids these days all like hang out at those fancy malls.”

“That’s Yuya-chan.” Suzuki nearly cooed when the raven haired male offered to take the bag from his companion, adding to the other bags of groceries he was already carrying. “He and his brothers come here a lot. I guess it’s no surprise you don’t know since your husband usually looks after the stall.”

“Brothers?” Yamamoto squinted again. “Are they mates as well?”

“They are!” A housewife that frequents the market jumped at the chance to join in, eager to share her knowledge in the gossip. “That omega is apparently mated to all three of his alpha brothers! It was all over the news!”

“The news?” Yamamoto frowned. That didn’t sound too good. “Is that child a fairy-type monsters?”

After all, only fairy type and warrior type monsters have strict policy with incest due to their similar bloodline that would cause mutation in future generations. While the darker haired boy certainly looked like he would fit in the warrior category, the younger one had the divine beauty fairies are famed for.

“No, no, you got it wrong, Yamamoto-san. Yuya-chan’s brothers are celebrities!” Suzuki explained before gesturing to the taller raven. “That’s one of them. Yuto-chan. He’s such a gentleman.”

“If only I was years younger I would definitely have him as my mate.” The other lady sighed as she stared after the young man. “My son’s a huge fan of the Sakakis—being also a dragon might I add.” She bragged the last part, though it went ignored.

“Sakaki?” Yamamoto gasped, finally the name ringing a bell as she looked over to the boys. “I’ve heard of them from my grandkids! Aren’t they World Champion duellists or something?”

“Yes.” Suzuki nodded enthusiastically. “Yuto-chan there is one of them.”

“Oh! I have to call my grandkids! They’ll be delighted to hear this—!”

“No!” The two women shouted as they practically pounced onto other just to stop her from taking out her phone. “The only reason Yuya-chan come here is because they think old folks like us don’t know them. If they find out that we know, they’ll never come again!”

“Yeah!” The housewife quickly agreed. “We can’t let them know!”

In the distance, the young pair of lovers turned around the corner, leaving the market behind them with their small smiles on their faces.

“…We already did though.” Sakaki Yuya mumbled as the voices of the ladies faded into the wind. He wondered if it was a good thing that none of those elderly folks are dragon type monsters or know of their far hearing range. While it did warm his heart to see how much they care for them, they could be a little overwhelming at times. But then again, it was thanks to their secrecy that they could shop freely without worrying of being swarmed by his brothers’ crazy fans.

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Fate Grand Order America - Chapter 19 translations

Yes, I’m that easy. I’ll bend over backwards for just a little appreciation, a tiny bit of acknowledgement. I’ll spend three hours on something just for a few moments of satisfaction when people thank me for what I have done. Do I have severe mental and psychological issues? Yes. Have I thought about it? Every moment I’m not distracting myself with, say, translations. Do I want to touch that can of worms with a five-feet pole? Hell no. If this is what Arjuna feels like, I sure feels sorry for the guy. Still dislike him though. 

This chapter is looooong. Plus Cu’s Yankee talk, Merlin’s poetry, Arjuna’s keigo, Rama’s…old whatever shit, and I’m pissed off. Especially with Cu’s gangster-speak. Now I don’t even want to roll him…

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“Can I just stay over? I swear I won’t leave the couch and i won’t eat all your fancy food, Rei-chan, just for tonight, okay?”  Inviting him for dinner might have been a bad idea: now there’s a tired Aine in the couch, begging not to be thrown to the cold streets at this time of the night.


awakusukaii  asked:

So what if one night, both Izaya and Shizuo are drunk and stumbling home. Somewhere along the way they run into each other. Izaya does his best to appear sober as he draws his blade, Shizuo tries to appear sober as well, but the random hiccups and sluggish movements of them both give it away. Before they can drunkenly attempt to fight, they both just pass out in the middle of the sidewalk.


“shizu… chan… fancy meeting you… here…” while swaying and trying to stay composed and holding his blade level

however, shizuo’s slurring his words and seems to be pointing more at the tree next to izaya than izaya himself and they just kind of stumble around and start heading towards each other, promptly collapsing and falling asleep…

and then they wake up and walk away with the silent understanding this never happened