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Queen’s Gambit Chapter 5 Irresitible

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Claire couldn’t remember when she’d had a better first date. Though she suspected that the original plan, given the care with which they’d both taken in appearance, was a fancy table-cloth kind of place.

As they left the field in Jamie’s classic MG, he’d eyed her shoes and asked if she, perchance, might have a more serviceable pair? A quick detour to her car and they were off.

As their destination came into focus, Jamie watched Claire twist her curls into a bun, securing it with what looked like two short chopsticks. Next, she slid her heels off wedging her feet into the no lace sneakers she’d unearthed from an old gym bag in her trunk. They did nothing for the outfit, as he suspected she knew; and both of them were overdressed for the amusement park, but he loved the fact that she went along with it anyway.

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shining-carat98  asked:

Hiya Choco!!! Bubble bath, faux fur and roses for the ask game! ^u^

hey, nini!!!! thnks 4 stoppin by!!

[ luxury ask game ]

✧ bubble bath: already answered!

✧ faux fur: describe your wardrobe.

nothing fancy!! very casual, comfort clothing, plus a few chic items 2 keep things relatively fresh. i usually wear darker colours, grey, black, burgundy, dark people, dark blue, ect. i have…. a lot of flannels….. n hoodies. they are my ideal clothing choice. u will rarely see me sporting a dress. u could invite me 2 the queen’s last supper n i would still show up n some jeans n a cute lace top w/ some dark ass flannel.

✧ roses: which season would you be for the rest of your life?

well, autumn is my fave season, but for this question in particular i will choose spring!!! just bc there is a lot of freshness n emerging colour, i would want 2 express tht soft vibrancy n allow ppl 2 access their liberty, n not feel so bundled up (bc spring is like a time of new beginning, ppl would be able 2 let go of past troubles n feel lighter!!)


Steve + seeing Diana for the first time

When Dorian stays up till late to study and Lavellan doesn’t care anymore where he falls asleep


My first post in a long time here and it’s THOSE TWO!! UGHHH!!!
Sasha carrying Rhys make my day brighter~
💖 Great good pure ship here 👌 

I offer this to @selkys, who was kind enough to draw me my stupid (NSFW) request. Here, cleanse your eyes  8D