Follow Nick Fancher through a day as a photographer

In this video we will see how Nick Fancher plates some clothes of various kinds at various locations. He works quickly and plates several pieces each day, often usingnatural light and otherwise only small camera flashes.

The video shows you how with simple means and little time to take great pictures justby being able to see the composition and “framing” all over the place.

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TAJ Residents 2014: Bethany Jean Fancher

“There was a lot of indecision about what color to paint the horse, and they kept asking me what color to paint it. I told them they had to decide, because if they leave it up to me I will make it pink. Finally, Vishnu makes some decisions and starts mixing paint. 

Now, after returning from the trip to Chennai, I learn that the horse has had an accident…there was hearsay that Ravi was involved, and a leg had been broken, (the horse’s) so surgery was in order.”

Day 36/100- Maryn

Maryn is a prolific artist. She is currently a member of three bands- Saintseneca, All Dogs and Yowler, all of which have released or are releasing new albums this year. And all three projects are fantastic and quite different from one another. Saintseneca has it’s roots in folk and Americana while All Dogs pulls strongly from the college bands of the 90′s and Yowler is just haunting and beautifully minimal. Thankfully, all three projects feature her fragile, innocent vocals.

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