hello pals 

so like when I went to Paris (see above) I am leaving again for a week and will not be updating Tumblr - for real time updates of my adventures pls follow the gram

  • Gabriel: *laying in bed* I'm not geting up. I'll stay in here forever.
  • Nathalie: *unmoved* Sir, you can't have a crisis right now! Your schedule is already full.

I woke up with this -angsty- idea for a fic.

Ok, so one day Arthur decides he and Francis have to do something about all that time of mutual hate and he casts a spell. A simple yet powerful spell that will take away Francis’ strongest feeling towards him. And obviously, that feeling is hate, because it couldn’t be otherwise.

A couple of weeks later, he notices something is wrong. Because Francis hadn’t shown to his house for days, and hadn’t called him or send him notes across the table during meetings. He hadn’t even looked at him. So he do this thing with his magic to know why and turns out the strongest feeling from Francis towards him wasn’t hate. It was love.

And here comes two possible ways to solve things: 1) Arthur has to search for a more powerful spell that can give Francis his feelings back, or 2) as feelings aren’t something you can make with magic, he has to make Francis fall in love with him again.

Either way there’s a lot of pining and I love it.

(Obviously they have a happy ending).