If I see one more Hetalia fanfiction or post about America’s debt, I am going to scream!

Do people really not know that China owes America roughly the same amount of money that the US owes them???

China owes the United States $1.3 trillion dollars and some of the other nations that owe the US money are,

. Japan

. Russia

.  India

.  South Korea

.  Belgium

.  Switzerland

.  The United Kingdom

.  Luxembourg

.  Ireland

. Germany

.  France

.  Italy

.  Canada (Yep, even Canada) 

.  Mexico

.  Brazil

.  Peru

.  South Africa

.  Israel

.  Turkey

.  Chile

And many others.

I know I sound whiney, but it is getting annoying.
Interview: Nzingha Prescod Is America's Leading Black Fencer  - Saint Heron
A now Columbia graduate and prepping for her second run at the Olympics in Rio next year, the 23 year old is breaking down race and class barriers in the game and advancing her way into stardom as a pop culture icon being featured in Glamour’s Top 10 College Women, along with features in both Nylon and Ebony Magazines.

In a world where Black women are almost always faced with prejudices of colorism or sexism through their career development lives Brooklynite and Olympian fencer Nzingha Prescodwho at a tender age beat all of the odds. For the past 14 years she has been claiming her spot on the throne as the Princess of the elite in the art and sport of fencing.



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