strixobscuro  asked:

Hi. I don't know if you're still doing fancasting stuff, but I had a suggestion for a new candidate for Klara, now that we know that the Hulu version of Molly will be older (and thus Klara will have to be as well.) I would like to humbly suggest Susanna Skaggs (most recently of Halt and Catch Fire). She doesn't look much like the comic-book version of Klara, but she's close to Acosta's age, and she's demonstrated that she can play someone who doesn't fit in with "normal" crowds.

Yes! I’m always accepting fancast, for all the Runaways! But especially for Klara, Victor, and Xavin!

And Susanna Skaags seems like an awesome choice! And honestly imo, she looks how I imagine MCU! Klara would look:

Thanks for suggesting her! 

And if any of you guys have any suggestions for the other Runaways or even fancast ideas for the already casted Runaways (because come on, don’t we still fancast characters in the MCU?) feel free to suggest them :)


FANCAST: Disney’s upcoming live-action Mulan

Arden Cho/Olivia Sui  - Mulan

Ross Butler - Li Shang

EDIT: Arden Cho is Korean and Ross is Indonesian, as pointed out by a lovely anon so if we were looking at Chinese actors/actresses I would say Olivia Sui from Smosh as Mulan, and I can’t think of an actor for Li (or whatever the guy they’re replacing Li Shang with is called -.-, let me know if you have any ideas!)

EDIT OF THE EDIT: nvm Ross is Chinese Indonesian eheuheuehuehue