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On the whole Inej thing, personally since Inej's culture is mostly fiction (though it is parallel to real life), I mostly see her on the South Asian spectrum. I'm South Asian myself (Sri Lankan), so IM SO FRICKIN HAPPY with the representation. But I also hate it when theres a brown/South Asian character, and people just assume they're Indian. Haha, I think I'm just petty about being mistaken for it. But ya, I think as long as they are SA, fancasts are fine. But that might just be me

you’re not being petty, let’s be real there is a huge stigma around asians in general and i deal with it so often irl it’s annoying. sometimes people are extremely ignorant when it comes to how diverse the spectrum actually is. 

but….damn i guess i was guilty of assuming her race too bc like i said i’d already seen neelam gill everywhere and the more i read i had this thought process of oh, she must be indian and that’s why the fancast is so popular. and that was before i was even aware of leigh’s tweet confirming neelam was an ideal fancast so yikes™. i didn’t realize until now, but that was actually pretty gross of me :\ 

anyways, thanks for the insight!

blogrates / hp fan cast

Hey guys, so I’ve just reached 0.5k!! I’m super excited, I want to thank each and everyone of you, you’re all amazing! I’ve decided to do blogrates and harry potter fancasts as a celebration. All you gotta do is follow the rules below and I’ll rate your blog and/or take a look at your selfies and tell you who i thik you look most like from the harry potter universe :)


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  • send me an ask telling me how your days been and send me a 🌸 if you want a blograte and your face tag if you want a fan cast (or both!) 
  • blacklist chloerates if you don’t want to see them

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addicted i guess

Okay so in just ONE MONTH, just in February basically I marathoned all of The Bright Sessions and produced ten fancast gif-sets, 5 fanfics, and a pile of meta where I just cry about how much I love joan bright and hate damien. (both subjects I could write an essay on.) That is alot of things to make in just one month. It’s a good podcast is what I’m saying. Highly inspirational. just fyi.

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hopefully this doesn't start a fire, but I wanted to know how you imagine Inej? Like, I'm Indian (ok actually Bangladeshi but that's not important here) so the moment I started reading I read her as brown-like-me, but I've definitely seen plenty of Latinx and black fancasts for her as well and I was wondering if you had any thoughts on the subject? I'm curious to know how others read her really so yeah

man oh man this is a good question because when i started reading soc i, too, started envisioning her brown like me. but the more i went on, the more i realized the implications of suli being inspired by indian culture, so then i thought okay well we’re both brown, but we’re not the same race. and i discovered leigh herself mentioned neelam gill being very close to how she pictured inej. to me that counts as confirmation she’s indian. and since poc aren’t interchangeable…… idk for a while now i’ve been wondering if it’s appropriate to use different poc as a fancast? 

sometimes i reblog imaan hammam as a fancast for her and i still don’t know if it’s offensive since she’s not indian??? people seem to use whoever’s brown to represent inej and while it’s positive representation for brown girls everywhere, is it erasing who inej is??? idk this is something i’m genuinely stumped by. 

i had a discussion on this blog before where people told me how much they identified with inej and how little representation indian people get and i personally don’t want to take away from that. 

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Bc you know more about broadway folk than I do, if you have a chance pls fancast a two-lady version of The Last Five Years for me to cry about

oh jesus WHAT AN ASK

i mean my mind instantly goes to old Glinda and Elphaba pairs because of course it does so i’m going to BAN ALL WICKED ALUMS FROM THE RUNNING JUST TO MAKE IT HARD ON MYSELF

i submit for your consideration:

Cynthia Erivo as Jamie, Krysta Rodriguez as Cathy

Ali Stroker as Jamie, Pippa Soo as Cathy

Uzo Aduba as Jamie, Sierra Boggess as Cathy

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If Addicted got picked up as series, who would be your dream cast? I know most of the favorite fancast are models so it wouldn't work (we don't want bad actors portraying our babies lol)... so i am curious about who would be perfect in your opinion!

Even thinking about a tv series makes us giddy! We wouldn’t be picky about casting if the event happened (bc let’s be honest, this would be a lucky event in the first place, and we’d just be so grateful it would exist at all!) 

But we would probably prefer unknown actors for most of the cast. But there’s one actor we absolutely love and believe looks a lot like the character – and every time we see him on screen, we say, “He’d be a great Loren Hale.” 

So Zane Holtz as Loren Hale ;) 

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hmmm so i was thinking, bob morley as percy for a fancast? what do you think? love u btw :)

oooh right he’s the guy who plays bellamy isn’t he…i don’t particularly see it but that’s probably just because i can’t see him as anything but that dude from the 100