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Ten of eliaofdorne’s favorite fancasts: Katrina Kaif as Arianne Martell, Avan Jogia as Quentyn Martell, Kaizer Akhtar as Trystane Martell, Deepika Padukone as Elia Martell Aishwarya Rai as Queen Nymeria, Hrithik Roshan as Mors I Martell, Iddo Goldberg as Gerris Drinkwater, Mahesh Jadu as Lewyn Martell, Sibylla Deen as Mariah Martell, and Supriya Pathak as Meria Martell


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Fancast: If the Gods were real


Lee Min-ho


Heath Ledger


Kim soo-hyun (it’s so hard to find a guy who has white hair and isnt old. OTL )


Christian Fortune


Logan Lerman


Yuya Matsushita


Dimitri Vankerkoven


Giovanni Sbaffo (yep I just had to color his hair and add the mole 8D)


Lee Hyun Jae


Hwang Chansung


Jon Kortajarena


Haruma Miura 



Lee Pace


Mana Ashida


Ty Simpkins

HP profiles cause it’s Harry’s birthday!

So I’ve done it once before and decided to give it another shot. 

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  • The profile will look like this:

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Your enemy:

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Your Quidditch position:

The pet you have: 

Your patronus: 

What amortentia smells like for you:

Your wand core:



Juliette Dawson as Megara
“ It’s too cliché, I won’t say I’m in love.”

Both Juliette and Megara are independent, sarcastic, and pessimistic. When Juliette met a boy in high school, she found herself thinking her parents, especially her father Alexander, were wrong about love not existing. Yet just as Hades tricked Megara, Alexander tricked Juliette and her boyfriend, Patrick. As the boy walked away much richer, Juliette finally relented that her father must have been right. People were only worthwhile until their usefulness ran out. They were connections, benefits, nothing more. She chooses to be alone now, not just in a romantic sense but overall, because the only person she trusts is herself. The Valentines and sometimes Vivian are the only exception to this rule.

parks and rec the musical fancasting bc i’m bored (central park and rec?)

Leslie Knope…Sutton Foster

Ben Wyatt…Raul Esparza

Ron Swanson…Mandy Patinkin

ANN PERKINS…Ruthie Ann Miles

Chris Traeger…Christian Borle

April Ludgate…Nikki M. James

Joan Callamezzo…Audra McDonald

Jean Ralphio…Jeremy Jordan

Shauna Malwee Tweep…Sierra Boggess

Tammy II…Patti Lupone

Missing/Open to Suggestions: Chris Pratt, Donna Meagle, Tom Haverford

anonymous asked:

I see your fan cast of Armie Hammer & raise you Charlie Hunnam. There is an awesome photoset floating around with Charlie as Clint & Aubrey Plaza as Kate Bishop.

hunnam has always been my favourite fancast for clint!! but recently i started to see him more as green arrow/oliver queen, especially with the beard and all :)

not-a-virus-exe asked:

You do know that Jensen Ackles was also the voice of Jason I'm Under the Red Hood, right? Not supporting him as a live action Jason Todd, just saying that that could be a reason people are fancasting it that way...

yeah, of course! But I think this is more the reason why so many supernatural fans know about Jason and have chosen him to push Jensen onto. I haven’t really met dc fans who don’t watch spn and want jensen for the role.  

I understand your concern, the author is a big problem here. There was a reason that he didn’t give her more development though and thats because she is just a supporting character, a character in Sandor’s story. I don’t have anything specifically wrong with the ship itself aside from the fact that it’s one of the major ships in our fandom which I think is ridiculous considering A. Even Sandor isn’t a main character, let alone Devektra, and B. Devektra is dead as is Sandor, and there was very little insight into who they are as characters, especially for Devektra. She had so little development and such a fundamental character sketch and yet our fandom has blown her up with headcanons and fancasting Taylor Swift as her as a way to try to compensate for the fact that she just wasn’t important. You mentioned her “deep side” in chapter 9 (I assume you mean chapter 10). Her “deep side” wasn’t that deep. There was no character depth to back it up, no traits to show reason or display her thought process. It just felt like more of the “manic pixie dream girl” stuff to be honest. She had no character traits and no personality. There is a writing test, the “Sexy Lamp” test to be specific. It says that if you could replace a character with a sexy lamp, the character is unnecessary. Devektra could have flawlessly been replaced with a lamp, maybe with a little disco ball ornament hanging from it to top it off. That’s partially the fault of our writer, it is his fault for making her a lamp, but it should also be taken into account the fact that she is just a background character, a background lamp.

I am a huge fan of the Lorien Legacies series, though I didn’t like the movie and I’m not a fan of our author either. I made a side-blog to devote entirely to the series, but when I started scrolling through the tag I found incessant movie posts, fancasts, posts devoted to Devektra, and talk about Sandor, Crayton, Devektra, and Lexa. Sandor has some nice depth, as does Lexa. Do you know who else does? Zophie. I think I saw maybe one post mentioning Zophie, and I have no clue as to why. The post I made, which was a collaborative effort with a friend of mine who feels the same way about Devektra and about our fandom, was simply something I figured needed to be said. Offense was not intended, but was unfortunately inevitable.


Please stop fancasting men closer to 40 than 20 to be Jason Todd

Jason was a bay when he died and when he comes backs he’s still young. He’s not a thirty something year old man, he’s a sweet little cinnamon roll and he should be portrayed as one. There is little chance DC is going to have him be thirty in their movie so just please STOP


The game is played to the death, my dear. Like it or not, you are part of it.

Dragon Age Inquisition Fancast:

Part [3/3]

Madame Vivienne de Fer

Nikeata Thompson

So andrastesgrace and I fancasted Anna Jarvis as this amazing creature

Hedy Lamarr, who’s just this completely gorgeous and talented and super smart, and now I’m just laughing cause no fucking wonder Jarvis didn’t accept any appointments after nine pm cause I wouldn’t either.