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okay but imagine- latina ebb. also- ebb and fiona power-couple or just really badass friends

anon u are now my favorite person

so correct me if i’m wrong, but i think hispanic/latina also includes spanish?

(also i kinda forgot what Ebb looks like, but i imagine her having slightly shorter hair so)

what about Elsa Pataky for Ebb? she’s a spanish model/actress

as for power couple/badass friends: heck yes! i’d personally go for power couple, since they’d be perfectly balanced. Ebb, the sad lesbian who cries over goats, and Fiona, the fierce bi/pansexual (source: me) who ruthlessly slays vampires. #ebbiona

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I just wish I saw more people headcanoning Harry as Asian, which is the way I see him. People often forget that people can have massive racial bias against people of Asian heritage. Plus, it really fits with his uncooperative hair.

Personally i prefer South Asian Harry, but i love East Asian Harry too! Have you seen this amazing fanart? He looks absolutely beautiful. ♥
I’ve though of East Asian Black family, therefore Draco before and some people were lovely to give me some Korean Draco fancasts too :)

blogrates + fancasts!

im a bit bored and really not feeling like drawing so i thought this would be fun

i’ll be tagging these as #leos brs if you dont wanna see them! format under cut

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do you know the name of the super pretty black model with the high cheek bones and freckles and pouty china doll lips that a lot of people fancast as hermione?

Ashley Moore :)



The time has finally come for a FRIENDS reboot, and I propose:

  • Rachel (Candice Patton): is trying to figure out her life and discovering she is bi as fuck, still looking for a fairy-tale love-story but also decided to work hard as hell, never went to college because she was busy partying and travelling and now she struggles to pay her way through because she’s finally found her passion.
  • Monica (Jamie Clayton): really hard working, a little mentally ill, certified Mom Friend, she tries out to be in a season of Iron Chef.
  • Joey (Tyler Posey): terrible actor but a heart of gold, bisexual, stays friends with literally every person he sleeps with, Certified Stoner Friend™.
  • Ross (Andy Samberg): his fluke romance with Rachel ends up in true friendship, is still BFFs with his ex-wife (played by Brenda Song), really wants to tell you about this cool dinosaur, the Grumpy Dad Friend.
  • Phoebe (Gina Rodriguez):  the weird lesbian friend who has a lot of weird girlfriends through the series, probably ends up with Rachel, will play the ukelele at inappropriate times.
  • Chandler (John Cho): exactly like the original Chandler, except he’s played by John Cho and everything is good and right.

character portraits >> percy jackson + annabeth chase

Even though Percy had a similar description to Harry Potter, with the messy black hair and green eyes, I’ve never imagined him to look anything like Harry. Annabeth could easily be mistaken as weak if you’re the kind of person to stereotype blonde haired light eyed girls as weak, just like people think of Fleur Delacour (which I disagree!) But to me, both of them are the fiercest in every thing they do, whether it’s love or war. I tried to find the right pictures that captured that intensity, ferocity and vulnerability that comes with having the world on your shoulders. Twice. In my opinion, the eyes say everything.

hazel + frank

dc fancasts ⇢ idris elba as batman/bruce wayne (suggested by asdbrucewayne)

i can’t fly. bullets don’t bounce off my chest. i can’t bend steel in my bare hands. but criminals fear me. i’m sorry normal citizens do too, but i’d rather have that than word on the street what a nice guy i am. that sort of talk could get me killed.