I want to be a good wife to him, I do, but I don’t know how to help. To cheer him, or comfort him. I don’t know what he needs. Please, my lady, you’re his mother, tell me what I should do.

When I first came to Winterfell, I was hurt whenever Ned went to the godswood to sit beneath his heart tree. Part of his soul was in that tree, I knew, a part I would never share. Yet without that part, I soon realized, he would not have been Ned. Jeyne, child, you have wed the north, as I did… and in the north, the winters will come.

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Who do you like as Harry then?

I like Nikhil Kandhari and Fawad Khan the most for Desi Harry. Nalaye Dolmans and Rami Malek are pretty cool too. So are Marlon Teixeira, Arthur Gosse, Jordy Baan, Darwin Gray and Reece King. Ben Whishaw a bit, when he has shorter hairBob Morley makes a pretty neat James/Harry! Daniel Radcliffe was a rad Harry in Kill Your Darlings too! Let’s see.. Robert Sheehan’s good? I don’t have perfect Harry but i use a little bit of this and that and imagine him as someone unique in my head. :) I’d love to hear other opinions though, feel free to reply under this post.

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“You know, I was having a great day til you started talking. And here I thought I was a bearer of bad news most of the time.” //OMG GALE WHY

          ❛❛ I was only speaking th’ truth . Perhaps ya were BLINDED by love . I am only bringin’ yer senses back t’ ground if you’ve forgotten yer not only a bearer of bad news , you ARE bad news . ❜❜

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( aulus & me: /stare at gale’s nsfw tag these last few nights, THEN AT GALE )

              ❛❛ d–don’ look at me like that ! I haven’ done shit ! ❜❜ hides his porn stash tbh.