Being in a sexy girl group doesn’t mean it’s okay to sexualize them. I’m glad Hyuna told off the fancammer who tried to film up her skirt. Yes, she’s done tons of sexy photoshoots, and even wore seethru dress when this happened but it’s just a concept of photoshoot and that’s just for work. Not to be a sexual object for perverts. It’s not okay to film her in such dirty and inappropriate manner. You can say she’s just being over exaggerating, but how would you feel if someone filming you with bad intentions?

Hyuna of Nine Muses drags a fancammer trying to get upskirts

Nine Muses member Hyuna caught a fancammer/photographer at a recent event trying to get upskirts or them and/or filming something she really didn’t approve of, and she didn’t hesitate to side-eye the hell out of the person…

…and then drag their ass in front of everybody like she was a schoolteacher punishing a student.

Given how many people would love to be scolded by Hyuna, this could backfire in the end.