What if Ganondorf suddenly had a gun?

Decided to make a YouTube version too.

Original comic from Fanboys by Scott DeWitt

Sylvia voiced by aliasmouse

Ganondorf and Link voiced by me

Edited by me

bts as fanboys
  • Jin:the one that always buys the idol plushies and gives them snacks
  • Suga:the cool one who can just shake their hand and be happy with just being able to see them
  • J-Hope:the one that would want to take pictures and hug them and make stupid faces with
  • RapMon:the one that keeps his cool around them but later he is freaking out
  • Jimin:the one that learns all the dances and will show his idol at every chance he gets
  • V:the one that'll hug his idol even though he may be arrested for it
  • Jeongguk:the shy one that flees away after looking at them for a second