BANGTAN REACTION: To another member getting their little sister pregnant

Rap Monster: “you did what with (y/n)?”

He’d be jealous, He thought that your relationship with Suga would end in some months.

Jin: He’d deny the truth. “How could Namjoon take care of a baby? It’s impossible”

Suga: “Jungkook, (y/n). I’m not going to help take care of a baby”

But when the baby was born would be the biggest fanboy

J-Hope: “I’m going to be an uncle” *Crying and hug Jimin*

Jimin: “Kim Taehyung, I’ll kill you!”

V: “you mean you have mini-hopes inside you?”

V would be scared and blank, he never imagined that one day you could be pregnant.

Jungkook: “oppa… Jin and I are going to have a baby”

“a baby?”


“hyung… wae? why my sister?”

this sister thing, I really like that 

 ~ADM Cherry~

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