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NCT 127 cheering during Onew’s acceptance speech

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Just wondering: how did people conclude that Victor thought Yuuri was a fan in episode 1 anyway? Before I bothered with the internet, it never even crossed my mind! I always thought he was going for a photo with a fellow competitor (I mean, look at how he handled young Chris) and was thrown off guard when Yuuri just left without a word. He probably didn't even see it as doing Yuuri a favour but was genuinely like, "let's have an Instagram-worthy photo together yo".

Pile Of Soot-san, POS if I may, I agree with the confusion. I came across a post on Tumblr (originating from twitter) detailing all that you’ve said: that Viktor knew Yuuri to be his fan during the Sochi GPF. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to find that page/link once more! But I’m pretty sure it was legit.

I’ve actually been of a strong POV that Viktor knew who Yuuri was back then. It was in his face here…

I just couldn’t leave that at simple confusion, or even surprise or mild rejection. I mean isn’t this more likely considered Viktor’s confused/soft surprise face?

And more comically, these?

But! While I was convinced that Viktor knew of Yuuri as a competitor, I did not consider that he knew Yuuri was a fan at all either!

I also paused like you did POS, and thought ‘but how does that make any sense? How could he know Yuuri was a fan?’ Viktor may be very aware that skaters respect him, and although Yurio accuses him in Barcelona of arrogantly assuming that all skaters look up to him, I don’t think Viktor would jump to that conclusion of every skater. Especially one (Yuuri) that never approached him like Young!Chris did for example

But the more you think about it, the more sense it actually makes.

When I see skaters do jumps, I can’t quite tell if it was a triple or a quad, it goes so fast in my opinion. But that’s because I’m not “immersed” in skating the way skaters are. They live and breathe it. Skaters can look at each others’ routines and see things that we mere mortals can’t. I think that someone like Viktor would look at Yuuri’s routine, and be able to tell that Yuuri is a fan of his.

Think of the musical industry. It’s almost obvious some artists are inspired by others by the fact that they incorporate their style into their songs, backtracks for some, or even names. I recently learned that a rapper called Frank Ocean made up his name and chose Frank because he was inspired by Frank Sinatra. That’s a bit of more obvious but the point stands.

Yuuri’s skating, it must have some element to it, some style or movement that comes from Viktor. He’s been skating Viktor’s routines since a young age,

it only makes sense that something from it has seeped into his own manner of skating. We may not notice it, but I bet Viktor, the originator, does. Not just Yuuri but I think he’d see this in any of his true fans.

Which actually makes me wonder….

Perhaps this smug look implies that Viktor can tell from Yurio’s skating that he’s his fan too!

Actually…during the Onsen on Ice…

I don’t think even Tsundere Yurio can hide that from Viktor XD Not when an element of it is apparent in his skating routines, just like Yuuri! 

So, basically, that’s how I reckon Viktor came to the conclusion that Yuuri was a Nikiforov Fanboy in ep 1. I believe then that he knew Yuuri’s FS went badly. Let’s say he didn’t get a chance to actually see the skate, which is likely as he would be preparing for his own. He’d have seen the final scores! I think Viktor offered Yuuri, his fan and fellow competitor, the chance to take a photo with him as a cheer-up. This is the same guy who threw flowers to his fan Chris, and said he looked forward to seeing him at Worlds as encouragement to a fellow skater. 

What a gem!

I love how you can tell what stage of fangirl someone is at by the type of fanfic they read.

Ships ronmione: tsk tsk… rookie mistake. You’ll grow out of it.

Reads veela fics: Beginner. 

Reads any other popular genre (time travel/during ootp,hbp,or dh/AU): Mediocre

Reads one shots: Get a life, hon

Can’t find a fanfic thaey havent read with their otp: Advanced

Tries to read other otp’s: You need a break

Reads the same marriage law concept with the same plot over and over again, while still getting excited each time: Professional 

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are there any taemin and fanboy moment? fanacc? anything ah please TT

There a lots of Taemin x fanboy moments ( ∩ˇωˇ∩)♡ (I’ll just post his interactions with them, but there are lots of men, young and adult, who get interactions with him. Aw my heart is in pain already). Also if you want to know what other boy idols think about him, I made this post time ago!

“My husband received this from Taemin. Taemin threw the ball toward him but too far. My husband waved his hand, Taemin looked at him like “ok” and did an under-throw so he could catch it.” (x)

“Taemin stared at me during Stand By Me, he gestured like asking “a man?” (When) I replied, he did fanservice very happy. It’s true that Taemin’s fanservice to fanboys is amazing.” (x)

“A silver haired old couple sat in floor, 1st row. Taemin saw the man, held hands with him and jumped happy. The man laughed cheerful, it made him happy. “It’s my hubby. Yesterday Taemin pointed at him, made thumbs up and bowed, today Taemin found him and did that many; asked him for high five. It’s like a gift from heaven”.” (x)

In Taemin’s minifanmeeting on 160320, he noticed there was a fanboy and he did high five with him. In the video that happens at 01:02 (x)  

He met a same boy during Press It era fansigns:

Fan: Annyeonghaseyo~ (passes a Disneyland souvenir)
Taemin: Ah~ Disneyland
Fan: I’m 19 y.o!
Taemin: Ooh younger than me?
Fan: That’s right! Namdongsaeng! You’re hyung! Taemina hyung!
Taemin: I’m so happy
Fan: Please write about your favourite character! Doraemon? Crayon Sinchan? Mickey Mouse!
Taemin: My drawing is not very good…
Fan: It’s okay~!
Taemin: Haha ㅋㅋㅋ Well~
Fan got surprised but try to change the topic.
Taemin: I’m sorry… Hiroki kamsahamnida…
Fan: It’s okay! It’s okay! Kamsahamnida

Taemin: Ah you came again hi
Fan: You remember?!
Taemin: Yes because few male fans, you sat in first row?
Fan: Right, thanks for remember
Taemin: Hi~ro~ki~goon, is (goon) ok?
Fan: As you like! Please draw this Line character
Taemin: Ok
Fan: A message too
Taemin: In Korean, ok?
Taemin wrote “Since when did you like me?”. Fan couldn’t read it so didn’t answer (fanboy is Japanese)
Fan: This gift, please use it
Taemin: I will if I can
Fan: I’ll come again too, see you!
Taemin: Come again (smiles)

A short video of another fanboy in Press It’s Gangwon fansing:

And to finish, a little fanboy ( ∩ˇωˇ∩)♡♡♡♡♡

A little kid came to fansign with hamburger cushion of half body size. Taemin signed while looking at the kid with his cheeks high. (x)

Updated: omg I forgot one of the cutest ones; a little fanboy who gave Taemin his teddy bear so he could hug him (x)



Alright, alright, deep breaths, Zephyr…


Putting a lid on my ravenous fanboying for a moment, I should take this moment to say that not only has Amethyst connected with her huge family of sisters, but there are other defects too. Amethyst is too short. Skinny Jasper is skinny. Carnelian is ALSO SHORT



And more importantly, it seems the Crystal Gems have some allies on the inside now. They clearly aren’t gonna rat them out to Agate or Blue Diamond. Wonderful.

Netflix Show Idea #2: 12 part docudrama about Alexander the great where 6 of the episodes are narrated by Arrian and consist mainly of a fairly accurate history of important campaigns and events with only minor cute fanboy moments—and the other 6 episodes narrated by Plutarch holding a cup of wine and would mostly consist of stories that started like ‘ok but this one time—‘ with long interludes about how pretty Alexander’s hair was and how good he smelled

Random Moment

The Battle of The Labyrinth

Chapter Twelve: I Take a permanent vacation.

As I sailed into the lake I realized the Fates really were cruel. They sent Calypso someone she couldn’t help but love. But it worked both ways. For the rest of my life I would be thinking about her. She would always be my biggest what if.

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