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Can we have PJ playing Phil's game and fanboying over it too please

kickthepj..more like kickdanout.. pjandphilgames plz..

First thing I thought of when I found the shrine in Breath of The Wild. 

From a video from my channel if anyone wants to check out my shtuff.

The first thing I read on Paladins’s Forums.

LOL I’m sorry, this is my first Paladins fan art and it’s meme material but I just couldn’t help myself!

Poor Skye, loved by noobs, hated by veterans. I can only say, she’s still pretty cute to draw haha

So now I officially play Paladins! Now it’s available on console too and it’s a really good game! Nothing the Overwatch fanboys say about this game is true. It’s completely different from Overwatch aside from both being FPS and it’s really fun. If you guys haven’t tried it yet you should because it deserves it.

Art © Blueem

Paladins © Hi-Rez

My thoughts on SWTOR / KOTFE that nobody asked for but here they are anyway.

Because I just talked this stuff through with the guy behind @event-planner-heskal (he made a hilarious IC post on it, clicky). Because people started reblogging my shitpost thinking I hate KOTFE/KOTET. And because every single discussion about the game I see always ends up with “oh my god I hate this Fallen Empire bs the game needs to return to Jedi vs Sith”

And you know what?

It’ll be a sad day for me when it inevitably does because the majority asks for it.

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I'm not trying to be super pessimistic, and say it will definitely close down. But also considering that they seemed to close mass effect and dragon age doesn't seem to get a continuation soon, EA might close swtor too. I'd give it 2-3 years maybe. BW have a plan for this year with ops and stuff but they can't continue the story forever bc the characters are not immortal. Same with Wow tho there are many races that live long.


There is a Dragon Age 4 being made right now.

As for Mass Effect, some journalist took their observations of a common practice in the gaming development industry of taking dev teams off a project which has finished production and putting them onto new/existing projects. They then ran to the press with the head-turning page title ‘MASS EFFECT IS DEAD!’ to score themselves more page clicks. The press and fanboy handling of that game was worse than anything I’ve ever seen worse games get.

They’ve just released a Mass Effect game, it’s literally the longest possible time before another Mass Effect game and they have this new IP to work on, so of course they’re not going to say anything about a new one, heck they haven’t said much about DA4 either.

Sure the game had some massive problems but I don’t see that being a reason for canning the entire AAA series, and the other AAA series, and their MMO product while they’re at it. EA are trash but they aren’t going to pull the plug on anything still making money. Maybe SWTOR has 3 years left, maybe it has 7, who knows. I play many MMOs so that when one falls I can just jump to another.



“Another round of drinks would be nice, love,” Bronn told you with a cheeky wink.

You blushed a little and went over to the bar where you started to get the man’s drink. As you were over at the bar, the door opened to two people walking in. From the corner of your eye, it appeared to be a tall and averaged sized men, but as you lifted your head you noticed that the tall man was in fact a very tall woman. 

You took the drink over to the Bronn and he smiled at you. “I bet you’ve never been outside this little town before,” he said beginning to chat you up. 

“No, I haven’t,” you replied back. 

“There’s so much more of Westerns to see though,” he smirked. “Maybe I could show you sometime.”

You smiled back. “Maybe,” you played.

“Hey, don’t I know you?” someone called. You turned around to see that it was the man who accompanied the tall woman. “Yes! You’re one of Robert’s bastard children!”

You sighed and rolled your eyes. “Yes, one of his thousands of bastard children,” you joked. “Nothing too uncommon.”

“And here I go thinking there couldn’t possibly be anything wrong with you,” Bronn muttered.

You swiftly turned around and placed your hands on your hips. “And what exactly is wrong with being a bastard?” you wondered. “That doesn’t define me! I never asked to be one!”

“Nothing personal, but your father was a shit king,” Bronn scoffed.

“Well, yeah, who in all the Seven Kingdoms actually thought he was good?” you questioned.

Bronn smirked again and raised his glass. “And you have now redeemed yourself,” he cheered as you two exchanged looks.

TATINOF Celebrations [Dan]

Hello! I’m here with my first imagine hahaha.

Warning: There’s no major TATINOF spoilers here, but if you want it to be a complete surprise when you watch it on YT Red, I suggest you give this one a miss as I do mention one aspect of the show.

Its a little short but eh.


The stage went black.

Screams of delight and sadness erupted from the crowd, All Star blasting through the speakers around the theatre. People started to rush out the doors, afraid of being caught in any traffic trying to exit the venue, but most stayed inside to continue singing along to the song. The lights suddenly came back on, strobes of all different colours dancing around the walls in various shapes. 

Behind the stage, the two stars of the show looked over at each other, the widest grins plastered onto their faces as they listened to the crowd chant along to the music. They both couldn’t believe it. They couldn’t believe how far they had made it. They were just two dorky best friends from England who enjoyed fanboying over anime and gaming in their spare time. Yet, they were here celebrating their final Australian tour show.

Pure euphoria would be the best way to describe what Dan and Phil were feeling as they walked backstage. Many congratulations were thrown around, along with celebratory hugs and cheers. Nothing could dampen their mood. Not even the rainy weather outside.

‘We did it, Phil,” Dan mumbled as he sat down on the sofa in their dressing room, running a hand through his slightly curly hair. ‘We actually did it.’

Phil nodded happily as he smiled brightly, sitting down beside his best friend on the sofa with a sigh of exhaustion.

‘This is the most fun I’ve ever had.’

Dan gasped playfully at the reference and elbowed Phil slightly in the ribs, making the raven-haired boy chuckle. The two leaned their heads back and stared at the ceiling, Dan shutting his eyes shortly after. Phil didn’t blame him for wanting a nap; they’d been up since 6am.

A soft knock on the door of the room made both of their heads shoot upright instantly. Dan furrowed his eyebrows as Phil called for the knocker to come in.

‘If I had known you two were gonna twerk tonight, I would’ve bought myself a front row seat.’

Dan’s eyes lit up instantly as he heard the familiar voice, a rosy blush appearing on his cheeks. Phil chuckled as the the door fully swung open to reveal (Y/N) standing there, a proud smile dancing across her face.

(Y/N)!’ Dan yelled as he leaped off the sofa, swinging his girlfriend around in a hug. This earned him a fit of giggles before she requested to be put down, stating her “lunch was going to make an encore” if he continued. Phil flew off the sofa and hugged (Y/N) shortly after Dan put her down. She returned the hug with a smile; she couldn’t have been more proud of them.

‘You know, I can give you a private show if you want,’ Dan winked cheekily at (Y/N), which ultimately earned him a slap on the arm from Phil. The trio plonked themselves down on the couch, discussing the show’s highlights. (Y/N), of course, had enjoyed every aspect.

The topic suddenly turned towards the song which Dan and Phil performed at the end of the show. She teased them playfully for their awful dancing, but this didn’t bother the boys in the slightest. Instead, Phil sighed happily with Dan placing a small kiss on his girlfriend’s forehead with a smile.

‘Can you believe we all met on the internet?’

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  • who’s the werewolf and who’s the hunter

dean is the hunter, for obvious reasons. sam is the werewolf because he has a lot of hair. castiel is an environmentalist protesting in front of the forest trying to end werewolf cruelty

  • who’s the mermaid and who’s the fisherman

cASTIEL IS THE MERMAID dean is a fisherman because have you SEEN 4x20 (lol blaze it) fisherman dean is literally canon. sam is castiel’s mermaid husband let’s just have all the mermaids

  • who’s the witch and who’s the familiar

ooooOOOOOH let’s have dean as the witch and then sam the puppy and dean the kitten are always fighting for his affection and yeah this is the adorable kind of witch that just makes sparks with their wand and rides a broomstick around to play minor pranks on people who deserve it (gabriel is also this kind of witch)

  • who’s the barista and who’s the coffee addict

oh my god i love this BECAUSE cas is the longsuffering barista (think steve!cas) and dean is the dude in leather who only drinks black coffee, extra large, extra strong, and none of that frothy foamy bullshit. meanwhile sam loves trying out the different lattes and specials (along with his fruit granola of course, because who is sam winchester without a salad) and he keeps offering dean a sip until one day dean gives in and tries the maple white chocolate coconut milk iced cappuccino with extra whipped cream and caramelized sugar and dean is like hOLY SHIT

  • who’s the professor and who’s the TA

oh my GOD this is easy cas is sweater vest professor and sam and dean are brothers in the same grad school and they have a bet on who can get that hot professor in the staff room’s number first 

  • who’s the knight and who’s the prince(ss)

dean is the knight i mean have you SEEN him larping
castiel is the dragon, an adorable socially awkward dragon

  • who’s the teacher and who’s the single parent

shit ok i like sam as the single parent trying desperately to be involved in the kid’s school life and make healthy organic lunches every morning and volunteer for field trips as well as having a stressful full time job. dean is the nanny who takes care of the kid occasionally. and castiel is the kindergarten teacher who never smiles at adults but positively beams around children

  • who’s the writer and who’s the editor

whit. the point is they’re all gay and i’m tired

(sam is the writer cas is the editor and dean is a fucking fanboy)