Bring your fave book series to work day!
  • Hunger games fans: *neatly fits all of their books into their handbag*
  • Harry Potter fans: *just about fits them all in their arms, might drop a few*
  • Percy Jackson fans: *Carries all of their books in two reinforced plastic bags, will definitely have a sore arms*
  • Discworld fans: *tries to pick up their books* *fails and dies of a broken spine*


You were at the castle in Winterfell hanging around Arya Stark. She always made you smile with all her wit and spontaneity.

“One day I’m going to be the most feared fighter in all of the Seven Kingdoms,” Arya told you.

“I’m sure,” you smiled.

“You should see her practice sometime,” Jon said coming from behind you.

You turned around and smiled at Jon. “Do you teach her, Jon?” you questioned.

“No, if Lady Stark saw me teaching her how to fight I wouldn’t even know what she’d do,” Jon said.

“She’d probably run you out of Winterfell,” you joked.

“Or put my head on a stick,” Jon joked along too.

You and Jon then started laughing in the middle of the courtyard when Robb came out. “Y/N, Jon, I didn’t know you two were so close,” Robb stated.

You shrugged. “We all grew up together, Robb,” you replied. “You know that.”

Robb stared down his half brother before he spoke to you again. “Y/N, come with me,” he instructed.

You then followed Robb as he went away from Jon. “Is everything okay?” you asked.

“Why were you talking to Jon?” Robb interrogated.

“Because we’re friends!” you responded. “Robb, are you jealous?”

“Me? No, of course not,” Robb said as his cheeks reddened.

“Robb, you know I only love you,” you reminded him. “I will only ever love you.”

You then kissed his forehead and slid your hand into his.