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Normally, I do cosplay shoots as  characters but this is the rare instance where I did a shoot just as myself. And I have a pretty weird fashion sense as I love my flowery doc marten boots (and floral clothes in general) and my braces and bow ties. As well, no matter how warm it is I always need a long coat

As someone with literally no self esteem, just being myself was literally the hardest thing and trying to convey me in photos was just so hard but I think it turned out okay. 

Every Important [BANGTAN BOMB] You Need to Watch

[No, this is not all of them. Let’s be real a bunch of them are kinda boring. So here ya go all the good ones lol. (this list does not include Episodes only Bombs)]

** = Personal Favorites






typical fanboy

“ dude, your girlfriend is famous! ”
or when Tim found out Jason has a girlfriend in the most unconventional way.

[ JPT + TJD ]

One would never expect that Timothy Jackson Drake would be into musicals. Yup. You read that right. Mega nerd Tim Drake digs musicals.

Currently, he sits alone in his bedroom googling his favourite broadway star’s latest musical. (Y/N) (L/N), an amazing broadway star that he is currently obsessed with.

He found some random website that had photos of the premiere of (Y/N)’s latest musical. He was too busy paying attention to (Y/N) in all of those photos that when he came across a photo of her and another man with an arm wrapped around her waist he almost scrolled past. Almost.

Ever the busybody, he clicked on the photo. He was, surprised to say the least. There was no way that (Y/N) would be with.. Jason Todd?!

Continuing on, he looked at more photos of (Y/N) at the premiere and there he was again! He needed to find out.

In pure busybody and fanboy fashion, he googled “(Y/N) (L/N) boyfriend” and looked at countless images and went through many websites, and, there was no doubt about it. His favourite broadway star is definitely dating his brother, Jason Todd.

Over his initial shock, he soon realised that he is so close to meeting (Y/N). He grabbed his car keys and drove to Jason’s apartment, all while fanboying internally.

Upon his arrival to Jason’s apartment complex, he dashed up to Jason’s apartment and eagerly knocked on Jason’s front door.

On the inside, he heard a muffled feminine voice say ‘I’ll get it!’ and the door opened to reveal.. (Y/N).

Tim paled considerably. He absolutely could not believe that he is face to face with (Y/N). He stood there, mouth opening and closing, evidently speechless.

Jason came over to see what was happening and he was not expecting his younger brother at the front door. He was also definitely not expecting to see his younger brother starstruck over his girlfriend.

“Tim? What’re you doing here?” he asked. This brought Tim out of his trance. His eyes darted back and forth between Jason and (Y/N).

“You didn’t tell me you had a girlfriend!” Tim shrieked. Which caused (Y/N) to laugh slightly and Tim felt the blood rushing to his face and mentally high-fived himself that he managed to make her laugh after only a solid minute of meeting.

Jason rolled his eyes and pulled Tim into his apartment. “So the reason you came over is to question my love life?“ Jason asked. “So why are you really here?”

Tim regaled the story of how (Y/N) is his favourite broadway star and was googling her new musical and came across pictures of him and her and that is how he ended up here.

Jason stood up from the couch they were sitting on and made his way to the kitchen to get Tim some water. Though really, he wanted to give them some alone time.

Tim immediately launched into fanboy mode and started a mini interview with her. And he fanboyed while talking about her various musicals and overall, had a grand time talking to her. When Jason came back with Tim’s glass of water, he chugged it down and asked the ultimate question.

“Listen, I know this may be out of my place to ask but it can’t hurt to try,” Tim started. (Y/N) nodded, signalling him to continue. “Could I possibly get some tickets to your shows? They’re impossible to get!”

(Y/N) gave a little laugh and said, “Of course you can! Anything for Jason’s younger brother!“ And gave Tim a smile.

Jason smiled at his girlfriend’s generosity and pecked her forehead.

With that, Tim stood up and made his way to leave, not before getting a hug from (Y/N) and with a promise of getting Jason to deliver Tim his free tickets to all of (Y/N)’s upcoming shows.

Tim, once again internally fanboying, left the apartment and drove home in a daze. Eager to go to (Y/N)’s show next week.

Over at Jason’s apartment, (Y/N) remarked to Jason, “Your younger brother is cute.”

Jason pouted and said, “But I’m cuter, right?” (Y/N) shook her head and giggled as Jason tried to pull her in for a kiss.

Underworld social networks
  • Hades: tumblr. Never reblogs anything, but follows a lot of science blogs and entertains himself thinking how smart he is. His nickname is Hector.
  • Lucifer: Twitter. Strictly professional, only uses it for official communication.
  • Charon: goodreads. He doesn't really use it as a social network, but he needs to keep track of the books he has read.
  • Cerberus: no social network. (But there's a user in some porn webs called @BadassGuardian that just happens to like the same things as him).
  • Cain: he is that one troll in every social network ever. He also happens to follow a lot of fashion channels both in YouTube and instagram
  • Abel: he's that one guy who never logs off Steam.
  • Ambrosius: YouTube. He follows dance channels and tries to copy the choregrafies.
  • Akin: tumblr. He's in every Fandom. OTPs, shipping, crying when one of his OTPs becomes Canon... he is the ultimate fanboy.
  • Lea: instagram. Fashion, weapons and videos of herself training (and looking fabulous while doing it).

paulasuckdeese12  asked:

I was watching Kai and Baekhyun on this radio show last night, and they played a Justin Bieber song, and Kai only danced to the rap part of the song, he was so into it, I honestly didn't know he liked rap. I just heard of him liking soft songs like R&B

For some reason I can’t see him jamming to rap/trap like I’ve seen Chanyeol and Sehun do xD, BUT when you think you know some one!

I saw this old post about Kai:

Favorite Music (Genre): R&B, Hip Hop

He likes listening to music from: The  Weeknd, A$ap Rocky, and Maxwell.

Let me be xtra right now, and point out that Chanyeol is a A$AP Rocky fan boy!:

He listens to his music and has him on his personal playlist:

He also follows him on instagram and also own clothes from his clothing line:

Russell T Davies about Steven Moffat

I’ve seen some people talking about it recently, so, for the future reference, here’s a collection of Russell T Davies quotes about Steven Moffat’s writing and his taking over as a showrunner. All quotes come from “The Writer’s Tale: The Final Chapter”, as RTD was painfully honest in that book. Unless noted otherwise, they are from Russell’s e-mails to Benjamin Cook.

19 MARCH 2007

I’m worried about how other writers will handle Donna. Not Steven Moffat, obviously.

8 JUNE 2007

Now, Jekyll was wonderful. I loved it. It’s well worth watching. I fear that the BBC might neglect it a bit, because it’s a tricky one to sell, but of course it’s so clever.

8 JULY 2007

Rewriting? I write the final draft of almost all scripts – except Steven Moffat’s, Matthew Graham’s, Chris Chibnall’s and Stephen Greenhorn’s – and that draft becomes the Shooting Script. I might change at least 30 per cent of the material, often 60 per cent, sometimes almost 100 per cent.


Tonight, Jane Tranter and Julie Gardner are having dinner with Steven Moffat. The future starts here! Mind you, what if he says no? (He won’t actually give an answer tonight. Months of negotiations, etc.) But Christ alive, what happens then? I can’t even bear to think about it.


Of course he won’t say no. He won’t, will he? Who’d say no? It’s the best job in the world.


He might say no. I wonder. For starters, he’s got kids and a wife. He works with Hartswood, which is practically his company. And now he’s writing stuff like Tintin for Spielberg, his agent might clobber him if he goes and does a TV show. Plus, if someone else takes over from me, they’d be begging scripts off Steven anyway, so he’d still get to write Doctor Who. All the fun, none of the pain.


Steven just e-mailed me. He admitted, in an unguarded moment, that YES, HE’S GOING TO DO DOCTOR WHO. So that’s exciting.


Have you read Steven’s Children in Need script? It’s a hoot and very lovely.


In the early hours of this morning, Steven Moffat delivered 4.10! At last! It’s brilliant, of course. Such an imagination, it’s staggering. I’m not sure I understand it yet, but then I read it at about 3am.


D'you know what? It is easy to hand over this show, now that I know it’s to you. No kidding. No niceties. If it were going to some Holby committee, or some idiot, or some stranger, I’d be terrified, in a good old-fashioned fanboy way. But it’s you. It’s simply you. I think that’s glorious. And I’ve genuinely had enough, while still loving it with all my heart. That feels good, getting out while still loving it. (Imagine going off Doctor Who!!!) So I’m really, really happy.


David met with Steven and Piers today at 5pm. They outlined Series Five to him. David said to Julie afterwards, ‘It’s genius, seriously, absolute genius… but I want to watch it, not be in it.’

12 AUGUST 2008

I’ve read Steven’s first script! Series Five, Episode 1!

It is BRILLIANT. Of course it is! I so want it to be a big success. I love Doctor Who, and I love reading Steven’s stuff best of all.


And weirdly, tonight, Steven’s Series Five, Episode 4 arrived in my inbox. Completely unexpected, unasked for. They seem to be thinking, you’re showing us the Specials, so we’ll show you our scripts, too. How could I not read it? It’s just spectacular. And terrifying! And funny. And everything. Amazing stuff.