The books arrived today yaay!! I will start shipping preorders as soon as possible! Thanks everyone you reblogged my original post and BIG thanks to those who preordered ❣╰(  ´͈ ᵕ `͈ )╯❣ 

In another news, I’ve been asked by a number of people if I was able to sell the stickers separately, and the good news is I will! I will open preorders for ZnT stickers sometime later.. As well as the regular orders for the fanbook!





CWT43 D2 C67

CWT-T16 D1 F03


胸章58mm 一個40元

單面透明壓克力吊飾 一個70元

新刊『請教我如何約會』PAPY/SANS(18+) 130元





Head over to the store to reserve your copy! Preorders will be open until THURSDAY, MARCH 31, 2016!

Featuring illustrations and comics from:

Further details under the cut!

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anthology artwork by @drjezdzany​, @riakomai​, and @petite-madame


Not Without You is a printed anthology of over 300 pages of artwork, comics, and illustrated stories from over 50 contributors celebrating the relationship between Steve Rogers & Bucky Barnes.

anthology artwork-in-progress by @beardysteve

On January 1, 2017, we’re launching a Kickstarter to cover the cost of printing NOT WITHOUT YOU as a high-quality, full-color 8.5″ x 11″ book. You’ll be able to reserve a digital copy for just $5 USD. Print editions start at $25, with loads of bonus backer rewards at higher tiers, like art cards, vinyl stickers, acrylic charms, and more featuring artwork from the anthology.

anthology story by @rohkeutta

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Not Without You will NOT be readily available outside of the Kickstarter, so don’t miss out!

anthology artwork by @faun-songs

Follow @notwithoutyoufanbook for updates, sneak peeks at stories and artwork, and more. Additionally, we’ll randomly select a Tumblr follower of @notwithoutyoufanbook on January 1st to win a prize pack including stickers, cards, and keychains from Not Without You contributors.

anthology story by @dirtybinary


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My Sweet Heart, a Tokyo Mew Mew Fanbook, is now available for pre-order!

My Sweet Heart is a non-profit, collaborative Tokyo Mew Mew fanbook, featuring all new art from 40 fantastic artists! 15 years after its initial release, Tokyo Mew Mew remains influential on so many of us as one of our first anime, and a lot of love went into making this book.

[ Book Specs ]

$15 ♥ 48 pages ♥  5.5" x 8.5" ♥  full-colour ♥  perfect-bound

[ Participating Artists ]

Alexia KhodanianAlexis MooreAlice MartinAmelia AlloreAshayapusBeetle BirdleyBrittany “Berii” McKnightCaitlin CrystalChelsea StingelEllie AldredEstephanie MoralesFeeb LeeHannah DiazHarper SwindellJacioparaKayla RichmondKeile MartinKelly Lawrence ♥  Kylie YeighLauren Benavides Lele VivesLilyBelleLucyAmelia Allore ♥ Mille RiveraMy TruongGwen ReillyPaige HallPatti SigmonprincesspeonyartzQuynh Tu TruongSam KingsheepherdsslurpoofStacey Richmond ♥ Su CheongTara JohnsonTeddy BrewsterVivian NgVonna

[ Merch Bundle, $30 ]

For $30, you can get one of the limited quantity merch bundles!! In addition to a copy of the fanbook, it includes a 4"x6" kiss-cut sticker sheet, a set of five 1.5" buttons, and one of two random 1" double-sided clear acrylic charms: a mew pendant, or a Masha with pom-pom tail. Not to mention two 4"x6" postcards with brand new art made specifically for this project by me and the incredibly talented Lucy!

All merchandise is exclusive to the zine and not available online anywhere else!!

Pre-orders are expected to end December 13th, with orders shipping in late December. First 25 pre-orders come with an exclusive postcard with more brand new art! Check out the blog for more previews from our hugely talented artists!

My piece for the DIU fanbook! 

There may also still be a few copies left over so if you’re interesting in purchasing, you can just head right over and purchase if you want! —-> http://diuzine.tictail.com/


Okay guys so this is basically a book full of (not yet, but soon will be) urls & twitter names of people who love One Direction. I’m going to one of their concerts on the 3rd of May this year, and I have almost front row tickets and I’m going to throw this book on stage. So if you want to be in it, just reblog and/or like this and I’ll write your url down! You can also message me your twitter if you want. You don’t need to be following me (even though that would be fab) and you can reblog/like until the 2nd of May. :) 

Extra note; please reblog also so more people can see it and more people can reblog. x

ahh sorry for the lack of updates! i haven’t rly been drawing anything other than stuff for fanbooks and such. here is one!

this was for an snk dj at CF organized by serah/fenix! was really fun to draw haha. [JOJOOOOOOOOOOOOOO]

i’ll..try to draw and upload more >< but my life is currently taken over by school, SB4, and ffxiv…><