The books arrived today yaay!! I will start shipping preorders as soon as possible! Thanks everyone you reblogged my original post and BIG thanks to those who preordered ❣╰(  ´͈ ᵕ `͈ )╯❣ 

In another news, I’ve been asked by a number of people if I was able to sell the stickers separately, and the good news is I will! I will open preorders for ZnT stickers sometime later.. As well as the regular orders for the fanbook!

Okay guys so this is basically a book full of (not yet, but soon will be) urls & twitter names of people who love One Direction. I’m going to one of their concerts on the 3rd of May this year, and I have almost front row tickets and I’m going to throw this book on stage. So if you want to be in it, just reblog and/or like this and I’ll write your url down! You can also message me your twitter if you want. You don’t need to be following me (even though that would be fab) and you can reblog/like until the 2nd of May. :) 

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ahh sorry for the lack of updates! i haven’t rly been drawing anything other than stuff for fanbooks and such. here is one!

this was for an snk dj at CF organized by serah/fenix! was really fun to draw haha. [JOJOOOOOOOOOOOOOO]

i’ll..try to draw and upload more >< but my life is currently taken over by school, SB4, and ffxiv…><

Preorders are NOW OPEN for:

“L.Q. : A Lon'qu Fanbook”

$20 | 40 pages | Full colour | 6 x 9" | saddle stitch | silver metallic cover featuring art by POIV.

This book features over 30 brand new illustrations by 29 artists starring Lon'qu from Fire Emblem: Awakening!

The artists are:

battlerobots! | Bitte | blue | chel | Cosumosu | cottonwings | dag

 fi | Ichi | jotheturtle | killertune | Lee | Lieu | ling | loki | Lunatic

marimo | milou | monkan | Ngo | nika | nozmo | Nyriikos | poiv  

robodumpling | Roe | Rosie | Skychair | tasobi

Preorders will run until July 2nd. After which orders will be closed. They will ship around mid July and aslo be available for non preorder purchases around the same time.

Every preorder will come with a free mini print shown below


There are also a limited number of Preorder bonus bundles!

for $25 you will get to choose one metallic acrylic Lon'qu charm from the following

These are printed on metallic acrylic! Click here to see the shimmering effect!

for $35 you will get All three charms and a Lon'qu coin pouch

Bonus charm bundles will also some with a set of Lon'qu dress up stickers!

The first 30 or so regular preorders will also some with stickers~

stock for these sets are limited. And they will not be up for sale separately after orders for the book end!


~You can preorder here~

Books will also be available for sale and pick up at AX July 3-6th. However only those who ordered bundles in advance will be able to get the charms.

Thank you so much for reading! Signal boosts are much appreciated!~


Hello hello! This is Lowah and I’m proud to finally announce that this illustration fanbook is ready for preorders!! \Q7Q/ Please follow this blog for updates!

Fire Emblem: Awakening Artbook: “ETERNAL BONDS”

$25 per book!

A4/Letter size | 60 pages | full color

A book of illustrations based on the newest Fire Emblem game, revolving around the theme of “Bonds.” This book is an amazing collaboration between 29 wonderful and talented artists and 10 honorable guest artists! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ ‘

Main Artists:
Bev // Biree // Blue // Rehmiel // Dii // Gisu //
Hyoon //Jiin // JP // Kaysee // Kiro // Kura //
Lucsh // Lowah // LN // Melly // Minaku // Nozmo //
Poiv // Sana // Squ // Taka // Tara // Tempura //
Twitch // Velvet // Yssa // Zearyu

Guest Artsts:
Billies // Carla // F-wd // Kimqi //
Sei // Shiu // Syn // Vodka // Yuuba

Preorders start now and end December 20th!

All preordered books come with 2 free prism cards of artwork that are featured in this book. The prism cards will be chosen at random *~*/


For a limited time (and while supplies last) I’ll be offering special preorder bonuses only during the preorder period! This is a limited supply so get them while they last!

C-Support Preorder Bonus! - $30: A small upgrade from the normal preorder, this bonus includes the artbook and all four of the prism cards!

B-Support Preorder Bonus! - $30: Along with the artbook and two free prism cards, you will receive one double-sided acrylic charm of a character of your choice!

A-Support Preorder Bonus! - $35: An upgrade from the B-support preorder bonus, this bonus includes the artbook, one double-sided acrylic charm of a character of your choice, and all four prism cards!

S-Support Preorder Bonus! - $40: in this amazing package, you will receive the artbook, all four prism cards, and all three of the double-sided acrylic charms! 

(if charms receive high enough demand, I’ll open more preorders for them! )


The artbooks will also be available to purchase at Otakon Vegas this January 3-5th in Las Vegas, Nevada! If you’d like to preorder and pick-up at the convention, please chose the “pick up at Otakon Vegas” option when you choose shipping! *3*

Projected shipping dates are anywhere between late January to early February. ;7; I’ll do my best to keep everyone updated!


[ ✶✧ PREORDER HERE!! ✧✶ ]

Ghghgh Sorry for the long post! Thank you for pausing to take the chance to read over this! All the artists in this book are dedicated fans of the Fire Emblem games and extremely talented and beautiful and wonderful and laskfalksfj thank you guys really for joining! I hope everyone can help us out and wish us luck! Again preorders start now and end December 20th!

Signal boosting is greatly appreciated!! ♥ ♥ ♥



Hello everyone! I’m proud and extremely excited to present to you a Bravely Default Flying Fairy Fanbook preview.

  • B5 size | Matte Cover with Foil Stamp
  • 26 Pages Full Colour
  • Orders come with 4 postcards
  • First 50 orders get a special Magnolia (Bravely Second) Print

There are many more wonderful artists in this book. Participants in no particular order are :

Haku | Jialing Pan | Loika | Leslie Hung | Yoonmi | Finni Chang | Hwei | Sushes | Max | OnoMono | Fenix | Mero | Kim Quim | Blue | Mirukupie

More previews to come and the estimated shipping date is mid December!

Thank you so much and much appreciated for sharing if you do : )


HobbitCon 2015 Fanfiction-Project

And here it is! My camera isn’t that great, so the pictures aren’t the best, in real it looks so much better, but anyway. Thanks to all of you who contributed, without you our project wouldn’t be as great as it is now.
A special thanks goes to asparklethatisblue for the index, the credit page and arranging the pictures without them turning out distorted (damn my stupid Word!).

Now we’re ready for HobbitCon!

(It would be wonderful if you could reblog this post, so we can ensure that every contributor has the chance to see the final outcome of the book.)