How people watch Disney movies.
  • Under 12 years old :aw Princesses.
  • Acting divas :i wonder if i can face character her in Disneyland, -imitates the character- yup, i can !
  • Singing trainees :Woah that chick can sing ............. THAT WAS A VERY GOOD HIGH NOTE.
  • DreamWorks fans :How To Train Your Dragon is still better.
  • Romantics :-sobs- omg this is ..... no ... -sobs- ..... i can't ...
  • Animation students :That's Glen Keane's .. yup definitely, oh and look at Andreas Deja animating characters that aren't villains.
  • Parents :What a good cartoon.
  • Disney bloggers :THAT is the part i'm gonna gif first.
  • Disney fans :HIDDEN MICKEY.
  • Disney fanatics :talk, and i'll slit your throat, i've been waiting of this for 18 months and 24 days.

You asked for more Bathtub Therapy with Arrow’s Emily Bett Rickards, you got more Bathtub Therapy with Emily Bett Rickards. Witness the tears, the drama, the puppeteering right here in this video she made exclusively for ‎CW FanTalk!

All this says is that your faith and religion is so weak and fragile that you need to imprison people and lash them for simply not believing in it and criticizing it! If your religion was real, why would this bother you? Why wouldn’t you refute it with facts? It is truly sad, yet it goes to show why facts and criticism always frighten the religious fundamentalists. What sort of a message do you think you send the citizens of Saudi Arabia and the world? All you are doing is telling the world how insecure you are and how weak and breakable your religion is!

Bangladeshi American engineer, secular activist, and atheist blogger, Avijit Roy, was hacked to death by Islamist extremists in Dhaka this week! Avijit’s works were remarkable, as a prominent advocate of free expression in Bangladesh he coordinated international protests against government censorship and actively fought against the imprisonment of bloggers. He was well known for his writings on his self-founded site Mukto-Mona – an Internet community for freethinkers, rationalists, skeptics, atheists, and humanists of mainly Bengali and South Asian descent. We will always remember this man! His works will not go in vain!

The Islamic State claims responsibility for a car bomb today that killed at least 21 people near Baghdad. But of course, we will now hear the same old apologetic lie that, “they killed Muslims, so they are not Muslim themselves and this has nothing to do with Islam”. Once again, a blatant lie, leaving out the crucial fact that the the bomb targeted, as it always does, Shi'ite Muslims. This was a Shi'ite open air market that was bombed. Shi'ites are attacked by ISIS more than anyone else, because in their eyes, as well as many so called moderate Muslims, Shi'ites are not really Muslims, but they are heretics! There are over 200 million Shi'ite Muslims in the world, yet you never hear about a Shi'ite suicide bomber attacking Sunni mosques, towns, areas, or anything for that matter! The Shi'ites are slaughtered more than any religious group out there, and those who carry out the killing justify their actions through religious scripture, seeing the Shi'ite as infidels, and heretics spreading mischief! Not only that, but this Shi'ite genocide is then falsely used to say, “They are killing Muslims, so they are not real Muslims themselves and this has nothing to do with Islam”