fanart: jongtae

taeminleaf  asked:

had a weird fic idea, idk how it would work but: jongtae are each other's kryptonite in the literal sense. they fall in love nd when they kiss or whatever its painful and ye. :> Kryptonite! Au (you would do this way better justice than me)

“Taemin’s the person in my dream. My lover. Taemin.” Jonghyun repeats the name just because of how right it feels coming from his mouth.

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shinee day: ninth anniversary party ♡ 170521
translation: fantaemsie

■ (on most memorable day) onew: can it be in the future? for me, the day of taemin’s concert. as a maknae achieving his dream alone i’m looking forward to it.
jonghyun: i’m going to attend it!
taemin: originally jonghyun hyung had a concert that day but, one day, he told me: “yah, taemin-ah!” then asked: “aren’t you curious? ㅎㅅㅎ” (jokingly) no. i’m not? 6v6 then he said that his concert schedule changed and he’s coming~.
jonghyun: i changed it! ㅎㅅㅎ
■ park ji sun: jonghyun is like a young ceo with such a composed attitude like that!