fanart: jongtae

“Taemin the type of dude that would spend 5 hours convincing Onew that Jonghyun doesn’t exist” - taeminthetype

So ^this person posted this and then I sat for the next half and hour or so and wrote a thing.. and yeah, here it is by itself

Taemin convinced Jonghyun to play along right away. The goal was to convince Onew that Jonghyun was just a figment of his imagination before Minho and Key got back from watching a movie. The maknae had been planning this for weeks, he just needed to get the couple out of the dorm for just enough time. Luckily a new movie came out, and both of them wanted to go, but they didn’t know when they would have time and they didn’t want to spend the money. Taemin eventually gave up and sponsored the event, practically shoving them out the door with money in hand.

As soon as the idiots were out of the house, Taemin sent his plan in motion. He instructed Jonghyun to start constantly following the elder around the dorm, and insist on hanging out with him. Onew would eventually get fed up, and ask Taemin to hang out with Jonghyun instead. 

Taemin was sitting in his room, waiting for the text from Onew, shaking with excitement. The maknae’s favourite past time was messing with the other members, and this one was too good to let pass. He wasn’t sure how long it would take exactly to convince Onew, but he was ready for anything, being the pathological liar he was.

Thinking over what to say he heard his phone buzz on the counter. 

Onewhyung: Can you please give Jonghyun some attention? He’s being really needy, and I just want to watch my movie in peace.

Taemin smiled a devilish grin before putting the most worried expression on his face. He slowly made his way to Onew’s room, trying to contain his excitement. When he pushed the door open, Onew was sitting on the bed with his laptop open watching some historical film while Jonghyun was playing with the elder’s brown hair that happened to be a little bit too long in the back. Still looking concerned, Taemin sat at the foot of the bed, keeping his head down and his eyes covered with his bangs. “Onew? Hyung?” he quietly said, getting Onew to pause his movie.

“What?” He asked, a little peeved that he was now being bugged by the person that was supposed to save him.

“Um,” Taemin sniffed for effect, “I don’t know if I should be talking to you about this, but…" 

"Spit it out Taemin, I’m an adult, I can handle it.”

“Jonghyun,” he paused just long enough to make it seem like he was struggling with the thought. He was a professional after all. “Jonghyun doesn’t exist,” he blurted out with fake tears.

Onew just rolled his eyes, “what are you talking about? He’s right here!”

Taemin looked up into the elders eyes with tear filled ones, “there’s no one there Onew. There’s never been anyone there.”

“Taemin, stop trying to mess with me,” Onew said sternly

“We’ve been pretending for so long, hoping you would stay happy in your delusion, but it’s so hard on us. I couldn’t take it anymore.” Taemin tried to sound as convincing as he could. Meanwhile, Jonghyun only looked at Onew, pretending Taemin wasn’t even there.

“Haha very funny,” Onew said flatly, but Taemin could hear the quaver in his voice. There was a tiny part of him that was worried that it might be true, and Taemin was going to make that part bigger and bigger until he Onew knew that Jonghyun was fake.

Taemin spent hours explaining some twisted backstory he had created with Jonghyun. Onew was supposedly trying to repress the memories of his childhood friend dying, so he created Jonghyun in his place. The elder was almost convinced, and they were running out of time. The movie was done by now, and Key and Minho would be back any minute.

“Then how do explain those vocals on our album?” Onew asked. 

It was the only loophole, and sadly the only thing Taemin hadn’t come up with an answer for. “Well you see,” he paused, his twisted mind trying to come up with a probable explanation, “you were so convinced that Jonghyun is a part of our group that sm had to make a new person. Jonghyun’s voice is just all of ours put together and mass produced.”

He doubted that the elder would accept that for an answer, but Onew nodded and then turned to Jonghyun. He put his hand on the boy’s shoulder and said, “it’s time for me to give you up, my imaginary friend. It’s been fun while it lasted.” 

Taemin jumped up and hugged Onew tightly, pretending to be happy for his “recovery.” While he had Onew in the embrace, he motioned for Jonghyun to leave.

Everything was perfect and had gone according to plan. By the time Minho and Key got home, Onew was asleep so he couldn’t talk to them, and Taemin rested peacefully knowing that he had tricked the leader once again. 


The next morning Taemin was awoken by screaming in the kitchen. “You think that Jonghyun’s what?!” Key shrieked.

“Well Taemin said..” Onew responded. Taemin heard heavy footsteps approaching his room, and quickly hid under the bed. This wasn’t the first time he had tricked another member into believing something absurd, and it surely wouldn’t be the last.