*Is crying while making fanart*

There’s so much stuff to draw from this finale omg ;~; I loved it.

And it is currently 4 AM for me sooOOOO I should sleep

Might fix this drawing up later when I’m less alive on adrenaline and actually rested (hah who am I kidding my blood is coffee)


I can show you how to be strong
In the real way
And I know that we can be strong
In the real way
And I want to inspire you
I want to be your rock
And when I talk
It lights a fire in you

Can I say that this song foreshadowed what Steven contributes to certain fusions? Garnet is cool and collected, but when she fuses with him, they become a personified sun. Alexandrite is already a fearsome beast of a giant woman, but add Steven to the mix, and Obsidian has fire and lava flowing within them.

You can say that much of that fire is coming from Ruby, but it’s Steven who’s amplifying it to such an extreme, it’s amazing. I just… love this character so damn much…