Laying in bed, 1:00 AM
  • Roommate:Hey Matt?
  • Me:Yeah??
  • Roommate:I'm gonna give you a word, and then you have to give me a word that starts with the letter mine ends with.
  • Me:I want to ask why, but okay let's do this.
  • Roommate:Alberta
  • Me:Alberta
  • Roommate:Alberta
  • Me:Alberta
  • Roommate:Alberta
  • Me:Okay is this going anywhere or
An open letter to Sethisto about how I'm sick of his shit

I know that I’m on the quality control team for wallpapers, now, Seth; but I don’t expect you to remember me. You might know I’m in the chat from the minimal amount of attention you pay to it, which I understand, because you’re a busy guy. You’re a busy guy, and it’s been about a year, so I have no reservations about you not recognizing me.

But I have seen too many artists submit good work and get shot down to take any of this post seriously. Being heavily into the wallpaper creation aspect of the fandom, I will admit that most of my perspective comes from there; but that aspect of the fandom is no less dedicated to content production than the music and drawfriends you stick so adamantly to defending.

You fail to mention the fact that you will use up all of your space posting the same piece of work done for literally every pony. You fail to mention the amazing unheard of artists that do not get posted because you pay attention to your bias, or the errors you make in doing so (I’m sure we remember that fiasco where he posted a non-pony song purely for the person who made it). You fail to make any mention of EquestriaDigital’s help with wallpaper quality control, even though we as artists are gaining a negative reputation for doing so (specifically, rumors that we are biased towards our own work) and it would be literally effortless on your part to vouch for us in a post like this. Yet not only do you fail to do so, you fold to the reputation we are getting for screening your wallpapers and start taking away our ability to do so. These are relatively recent developments, Seth. Might be relevant to those who are interested in your quality control.

We offered to help with wallpaper quality control because, as a group that was a central hub for quality wallpapers, we would see a huge amount of top-tier wallpapers which we knew were being submitted to you get pushed aside in favor of a vector on top of a gradient which would take literally five minutes to create. This is the equivalent of turning down a detailed digital painting for an ms paint sketch done on a trackpad. Roughly a year ago, I was in the same situation as these creators, and one of my friends emailed you to ask you why my work wasn’t getting through. You told him that you would not be posting my work because you didn’t like my art style (which is bullshit), and because you could not legally post content that was traced directly from the show (WHICH IS BULLSHIT). The whole thing honestly turned me off of pony work for a long time.

I will be leaving the contradictions between your post and your private messages to us out of this post, because I don’t feel comfortable right now using your statements that you made to us personally as a weapon against you. I respect your right to post whatever you want on your blog. However, I will not be a part of any group that says that they will work hard to only post the most quality work, and then does not commit to make sure that this is a reality. If this kind of double standard is what your blog holds in high regard, and if this is the kind of quality control you are proud of, then you can expect to see me dropping out of the team that attempts to help with that quality control.

Good day to you sir.

UNPOPULAR OPINION: as much as I support trans rights, giving financial support to the operations involved just doesn’t make any sense to me from an economic standpoint. I would love to support the motion, but I can’t see it working at all until the global economy is in a better position than it is right now.