160514 Fansign ~ [TRANS/Yoongi]

Question: What is your favorite girl’s outfit?
-cute outfit
-cool outfit
-sexy outfit

Yoongi: *circles them all*

Question: How many kg is Yoongi oppa’s ideal girl weight? I will lose my weight! ㅎㅎㅎ

Yoongi:  80 kg

Question: What is Yoongi oppa’s ideal girl height?

Yoongi: *checks them all*



(Note: Mr. Son is BTS’ Choreographer!)

I met Mr. Son previously in the year as I went to his workshop and there I have heard some things about the boys and thought I’d share.^^

1) It takes BTS only two days to learn a new choreography and only one week to show it to the public. Because they’ve practised a lot in the past, they learn quicker now.
2) Namjoon had a problem with the 3:33 move in Fire. He was moving his entire body and apparently looking like a fish out of the water the first time he tried it. But now he’s mastered it!
3) Namjoon needed five days to learn Danger by himself.
4) Jimin is okay. God bless. He’s eating well and he doesn’t have any health problems atm.
6) Mr. Son said that Hoseok is the best dancer out of the group and that he sometimes helps Mr. Son with choreography moves. He always keeps Mr. Son’s place sometimes and teaches/helps the members and takes care of the performance. #AppreciateAndLoveHoseok
7) Mr. Son said that he chose BigHit out of pride. He didn’t want the other big companies although they called him plenty of times. He said he’s never going to leave Bighit.
8) Bighit and Mr. Son have put their all into creating BTS and making them what they are today, aka a good performance group. Mr. Son said that although he’ll manage more groups in the future, BTS are still going to remain the most dutiful students and the students he’s most attached to.
9) Mr. Son is a perfectionist. He said that the INU choreography was still lacking even after many days of working. He was still happy that it looked fine to the public, in spite of his perspective on it being the other one. He thanks the boys for working hard and following his orders well though.
10) BTS are so busy nowadays that they practise quick when they can and barely talk to the choreographer outside of comeback speaking.

(PS. The 3:33 dance move is the Fire footwork! It’s called like that because it happens at the 3:33 minute of the video.😊)


According to fans, Youngjae got so emotional after JB left the stage, Jackson who saw that immediately hugged Youngjae tightly and whispered something to calm him…the thought of JB was not with them was so hard for Youngjae…the love he has for his hyung…thank you Jackson   (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

[INFO] The pack that Tao gave to Mochazo contains condom-shaped chocolates, NOT chocolate-flavoured condoms.
v. mysterique



160514 Fansign ~ [TRANS] Skinship you like best?

Answer Choices: 1. Holding hands / 2. Hugging / 3. Cuddling / 4. Peck / 5. Kiss / 6. All

Namjoon: 1. Holding hands, 2. Hugging, 5. Kiss

Seokjin: 6. All

Yoongi: 1. Holding hands

Hoseok: 1. Holding hands

Jimin: 6. All

Taehyung: *checked every answer choice*

Jungkook: 1. Holding hands, 6. All


FANACCOUNT: When I met @troyesivan and @tyleroakley :), and the rude, inconsiderate and disrespectful fans. :/

So, I met Troye Sivan and Tyler Oakley today in Singapore and I just wanted to say some stuff that really irked me about the way the fans treated them today. (It just really pissed me off and I NEED to rant about this.)

Troye, Tyler and other youtubers arrived in Singapore for the YouTube Fanfest happening this weekend and when they arrived at Changi Airport, a lot of fans were obviously present as they wanted to meet their favourite youtubers. I wasn’t there because I had school but I heard rumours that Troye got hit in the face by a fan who was trying to get close to him. And then, he was pulled away by security guards and he got really sad.

They were tired, jet lagged and they were still being nice to the inconsiderate fans and those who were shouting in their ears and crying fake tears out. SERIOUSLY. GIVE THEM SOME RESPECT SERIOUSLY. Tyler and Troye just got really mad and left the airport with the guards.

Then, when fans were waiting at the hotel for them and this was around 4pm, I went “What the hell are you doing?” because all of them were just crowding near the hotel entrance which was the only way in and out of the hotel they were staying at. I left there with a couple of friends and went to hang out around town area. When I came back to the hotel at around 7 or 730pm, the crowd had died down and people were just sitting by the steps and not blocking those who were staying at the hotel so that they could walk freely in and out of the hotel. AT LEAST, they weren’t shouting like how some fans did when Bethany Mota came out to take pictures with everyone.

And then around 730pm or 8, Troye and Tyler came out with a few guards and staff from HP, and then Tyler said,

“If you guys scream, I’m going to go back inside.”

And then, he stepped back. I started shouting at all the fans pushing each other to get closer to them and I shouted them to keep quiet and hear Tyler and Troye because they wanted to say something. They said that they were okay with taking pictures with us, as long as fans did not shout or push. So, they proceeded with taking photos.

My friend and I approaced Troye and tried not to push anyone in front so that they could take pictures with Troye and after they left, we started talking to him.

Friend: “Troye, how are you feeling?”

Troye: “Oh, I’m feeling so much better, thank you for asking.”

And HE WAS SUCH A SWEETHEART. My friend was shaking and couldn’t hold her phone properly to take a selfie with him and he went…

Troye: “Do you want me to take it?” *he giggled*

Friend: “OMG yes please haha.”

And both of them took a picture. Then, he looked at me and we both said hey to each other and this conversation took place while we were taking a selfie on my phone.

Me: “Hey Troye, are you feeling better? I hope you’re okay.” :(

Troye: “Yeah I’m fine..why is everyone asking me this?”

Friend and I: “We heard what happened at the airport and we’re really sorry on behalf of those rude fans.”

Troye: “Aww, it’s okay. I’m fine, really.” And he smiled while he turned to other fans.


It started getting really crowded and my friend and I stepped back so that other fans could talk to them and that’s when everyone started shouting and pushing and shouting and pushing. And I was just like “GUYS PLEASE STOP AND RESPECT THEM.” I kept shouting and shouting, and people weren’t listening and at most just stared back at me. It was really rude tbh, they kept pushing and pushing.

Then, Tyler asked everyone to queue up if they wanted a photo. YES IT WENT TO THIS STAGE WHERE TYLER HAD TO TELL US TO QUEUE. How immature we are.

Tyler fans queued up in a row and were waiting patiently but Troye fans kept circling him and making him feel surrounded and claustrophic as SO MANY PEOPLE were trying to take a picture of him. I continued my shouting.

Then Troye just left the scene with the guards and whispered something to Tyler and they both went off to the van with the staff. That’s the end of my story.


First of all, fans. FANS. If you call yourself fans, can you PLEASE respect them. Yes, you want to take a picture with them and you want to hug them and talk to them. But don’t do it in a way where they feel like they are being pushed, where they feel uncomfortable. If you just took a step back, waited patiently for the other fans to finish and then approached him with a big smile on your face, trust me, they will do the same. They are human beings, they don’t want to be pushed around and hear people screaming in their ears. Respect them please.

Second of all, fans. FANS. Stop shouting. Yes, you are excited to meet them but don’t shout. Can’t you just wave at them, chances are they’ll do the same to you. Shouting at them is rude.

Third of all, the guards and staff. I am so sorry, but you are seriously not doing a great job of guarding them. I don’t get how unprofessional they were. The guards were just standing there and looking at fans who were obviously pushing them everywhere. The staff could have shouted at the fans to treat them nicely and queued in a row and everything would have gone peacefully. You need to buck up in your guarding plans.

Lastly, fans. FANS. Don’t stalk them please. I repeat, they are human beings. They need their private space. If you’ve met them and taken a photo with them and had a conversation with them, that is really enough. Let other fans have the chance to interact with them. The stalking went to the point where people flagged down cabs as soon as they got into the van and were moving to their location. PLEASE RESPECT THEM. LET THEM TOUR SINGAPORE IN PEACE. CAN YOU NOT BE SUCH A CREEP? IT’S REALLY DISRESPECTFUL. 

I really can’t take it anymore. I am seriously so pissed at those inconsiderate and rude fans. Hope all goes well for the rest of their stay in Singapore.

(FANACCOUNT UPDATE): The situation just got worse.


BTS’ Ringtones ~ [TRANS]

Rap Monster: Younha - “Comfortably”

Jin: Maple Story background music

JHope: BTS - “Dope”

Jimin: Tori Kelly - “Dear No One”

Suga: Only on vibrate mode…

V and Jungkook: Original iPhone ringtone

Translations by soymlk_03
Original post by marryme_jk


Youngjae & JB duet stage featuring an empty chair where JB should be at. In the end, Youngjae was playing the piano and singing by himself. When it’s JB’s part, the camera zoom in at the empty chair. Youngjae almost teared during the duet stage. When Bam Bam said to him after the duet stage that Youngjae cried, Youngjae said, he just teared up and didn’t want to cry because he’ll know fans will cry. 

(source by various fanaccounts from twitter)

This is so heartbreaking. 2jae were planning for duet stage but it ended up only Youngjae on that stage. He must be so sad that his JB hyung couldn’t perform together with him but he must be strong for JB. TT_TT 

[Fanaccount] 140129 - Kris arriving at Guangzhou Airport

“There really isn’t an idol better than you, listening to fans seriously and answering all the questions. When we asked you if your things are heavy, if we need to help you carry any of it, you said "yes it is heavy, so I should (be the one to) hold them”. Even though you were feverish, you still satisfied all the fans’ requests time and time again.

Security won’t let you go out the regular route and you explained again and again that these fans have been waiting outside for you for so long just to see you, that you won’t go outside, you’ll just wait at the door to greet them, but the security still took you to the VIP route. I will never forget your expression during that time.

When you were still picking up your luggage and saw security pushing fans, you rushed over to the security and yelled “Don’t touch them, let me talk to them, don’t touch them!”

The Wu Yifan that always faces fans with a sincere heart and believes/trust them is the best idol that makes it hard for fans to leave.

Please recover from your fever soon! Even as you were speaking with a muffled (lacking energy) voice, you were still telling fans to not catch a cold and spend this chinese new year happily. <3"

Cr. @AuniqueMeetforNever_汐
Trans. meltedicecubes

Fansign [TRANS/Namjoon]

Fan: *refuses to hold hands with Namjoon*

Namjoon: Why?

Fan: Ah, I have a skin disease so…

Namjoon: Hey, it’s okay; *holds fan’s hands* you have pretty hands though?