160514 Fansign ~ [TRANS/Yoongi]

Question: What is your favorite girl’s outfit?
-cute outfit
-cool outfit
-sexy outfit

Yoongi: *circles them all*

Question: How many kg is Yoongi oppa’s ideal girl weight? I will lose my weight! ㅎㅎㅎ

Yoongi:  80 kg

Question: What is Yoongi oppa’s ideal girl height?

Yoongi: *checks them all*



(Note: Mr. Son is BTS’ Choreographer!)

I met Mr. Son previously in the year as I went to his workshop and there I have heard some things about the boys and thought I’d share.^^

1) It takes BTS only two days to learn a new choreography and only one week to show it to the public. Because they’ve practised a lot in the past, they learn quicker now.
2) Namjoon had a problem with the 3:33 move in Fire. He was moving his entire body and apparently looking like a fish out of the water the first time he tried it. But now he’s mastered it!
3) Namjoon needed five days to learn Danger by himself.
4) Jimin is okay. God bless. He’s eating well and he doesn’t have any health problems atm.
6) Mr. Son said that Hoseok is the best dancer out of the group and that he sometimes helps Mr. Son with choreography moves. He always keeps Mr. Son’s place sometimes and teaches/helps the members and takes care of the performance. #AppreciateAndLoveHoseok
7) Mr. Son said that he chose BigHit out of pride. He didn’t want the other big companies although they called him plenty of times. He said he’s never going to leave Bighit.
8) Bighit and Mr. Son have put their all into creating BTS and making them what they are today, aka a good performance group. Mr. Son said that although he’ll manage more groups in the future, BTS are still going to remain the most dutiful students and the students he’s most attached to.
9) Mr. Son is a perfectionist. He said that the INU choreography was still lacking even after many days of working. He was still happy that it looked fine to the public, in spite of his perspective on it being the other one. He thanks the boys for working hard and following his orders well though.
10) BTS are so busy nowadays that they practise quick when they can and barely talk to the choreographer outside of comeback speaking.

(PS. The 3:33 dance move is the Fire footwork! It’s called like that because it happens at the 3:33 minute of the video.😊)


According to fans, Youngjae got so emotional after JB left the stage, Jackson who saw that immediately hugged Youngjae tightly and whispered something to calm him…the thought of JB was not with them was so hard for Youngjae…the love he has for his hyung…thank you Jackson   (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

i told jimin (in very broken korean lol) that even if he doesn’t have abs, he’s still good looking! and he said in korean “i don’t have it right now!” and i said “yeah and you’re still really handsome!!!” and he smiled and said “thank you” :“’)

160514 Fansign ~ [TRANS] Skinship you like best?

Answer Choices: 1. Holding hands / 2. Hugging / 3. Cuddling / 4. Peck / 5. Kiss / 6. All

Namjoon: 1. Holding hands, 2. Hugging, 5. Kiss

Seokjin: 6. All

Yoongi: 1. Holding hands

Hoseok: 1. Holding hands

Jimin: 6. All

Taehyung: *checked every answer choice*

Jungkook: 1. Holding hands, 6. All



Youngjae & JB duet stage featuring an empty chair where JB should be at. In the end, Youngjae was playing the piano and singing by himself. When it’s JB’s part, the camera zoom in at the empty chair. Youngjae almost teared during the duet stage. When Bam Bam said to him after the duet stage that Youngjae cried, Youngjae said, he just teared up and didn’t want to cry because he’ll know fans will cry. 

(source by various fanaccounts from twitter)

This is so heartbreaking. 2jae were planning for duet stage but it ended up only Youngjae on that stage. He must be so sad that his JB hyung couldn’t perform together with him but he must be strong for JB. TT_TT 

i asked jungkook on his post-it; “if you could choose one member to be the hyung of, who would it be?” and he was so cute bc he started smiling and quickly circled every member’s name while being like “la la la la…” and i melted bc too damn adorable

BTS’ Ringtones ~ [TRANS]

Rap Monster: Younha - “Comfortably”

Jin: Maple Story background music

JHope: BTS - “Dope”

Jimin: Tori Kelly - “Dear No One”

Suga: Only on vibrate mode…

V and Jungkook: Original iPhone ringtone

Translations by soymlk_03
Original post by marryme_jk

SHINee in Dallas Fanmeeting - Fanaccount

- they performed everybody, hello, sherlock,lucifer, view, replay
- key likes watching reaction videos and apparently taemin does as well??
- Minho kept making cute little english comments
- onew wants to play your bf as his next acting role
- fav part of visiting fans in the state : meeting all his fans (Minho)
- what is something that inspired your fashion : im just trying to show my identity in my style (key)
- next aspiration : try to find my own sound, my own identity, his own solo concert in the world (Tae)
- which is your fav song ever written : Odd Eye (Jjong) inspired by his members
- where do you see yourself in 10 years? Jjong : I’m sure we’ll be working really hard in our own fields, at that point Onew & Minho will have lots of movies and Taemin, in 10 years will have his own label
- Key says “YOU WANNA SEE EACH MEMBERS’S AEYGO” (to decide the order of the teams for charades) Tae tries to kill him, Key threats Tae go to first,Tae says “I’m sorry key”
- team onew wins charades!!
- there was a surprise event for taemin’s birthday and he was obviously very surprised and touched and Key asked when his birthday was LOL


Youngjae worked as part timers so that he can pay for his vocal lesson. This kid is a truly determined, hardworking and responsible kid. Though he’s the youngest but he was so mature even from the very young age. He knew not to burden his parents. Look at him now, at just 19 years old he is one of GOT7 members, an amazing vocalist and in spite all that he still excel in his study and becoming a university student. I’m so proud of you, Choi Youngjae. I love love love you so much. TT_TT 

( FANACCOUNT ) ‘like seventeen’ sweet day — 160730

during encore hosh asked us if he could ask one more favor from fans and then he’s like could u shout one more time?? ;___; and then of course everyone shouted w/ all their might and all members listened w/ their eyes closed and head bowed down and some even removed their in-ears it was so touching it was really so loud also it’s the first time jisoo’s mom came to watch today

translation by guojeu
take out with full credit

{FANACC} 151215 Sing For You Fansign in Daejeon

Baekhyun: wahh your bag is so nice!

Fan: Thank you! I bought it with 20% sale.

Baekhyun: Really? That’s good. You should always find a store which gives you a big discount.

*whispers* Actually I once bought jeans for Chen with 65% discount and he thought it was the expensive one! 😆

cr. baehunutella

omg right, they got these standee banners with pics of themselves as a fangift and jimin kept being annoying towards jin (like stealing his standee, putting his own in front of jin’s etc) and at one point jin just took revenge by slapping away jimin’s standee but he slapped it too hard so it flew away and hit the fan in front of them in the face and ended up landing on the floor, and lmao the whole place turned into chaos with jin getting so red and ashamed and standing up and taking the fan’s hand, apologizing and asking if she was okay, meanwhile jimin and tae was just shouting and scolding at him (in a playful way) lmao the fan was okay but jin was so ashamed and 95z just kept on scolding lmao