• me like a year ago:jojo is ok. its pretty fun but i dont really see what all the hype is about tbh.

A cunning outcast was created from this peaceful community. The Outcast created the Stone Mask. His creation coxed forth his imperishable powers, but necessitated nourishment far greater than the norm. Nourishment which would leave the presence of other organisms scant. His creation would surely diminish the wildlife required for the community’s survival. As a result, the community became fearful of the Stone Mask. They were fearful of the him. The Cunning Outcast exterminated his entire community, including the very parents who bore him. He adopted a child he had personally orphaned, and together, with his compatible contemporary, left on an ambitious adventure. An adventure which would have him hunting for a way to attain “true omnipotence.”

honoism asked:

Imagine a Stardust Crusaders AU where everything is the same except Joseph's Hermit Purple manifests itself as a humanoid form that resembles Caesar. :(

It’d be such a striking likeness, coloured with oranges and purples like Caesar’s headband. Joseph’s stunned at first, tearing up in shock at what suddenly manifested.. someone he hadn’t seen in so long, someone so close to him was standing there, his spiritual embodiment. 

Then he remembers those words he said as he was about to fight Whammu fifty years ago

And Caesar responded