Psychic: Reads my mind
My mind: Japan is a country full of mountains and it is ~beautiful~
Psychic: what the fuck

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hey maybe a dumb question and i don't wanna take up too much of your time but do you have any fic recs for mcspirk where it's primarily focused on jim?? tbh any fic recs you have regarding jim at all (any pairing) would be a dream!!! tysm

oh anon, I hope you won’t be mad for my delay to answer. Cuz I really want to rec some good-quality fics for u.

Unfortunately, due to my… weird trigger point, I haven’t been able to read many long slash fics (I basically only read fics have >20k words and rarely bookmark one-shots); I’m a strictly bottom!Jim person; can’t even read switch! I know it sounds more authentic if the couple does switch, but… what can I say, I’m not reading LGBT literature here!! So I don’t even need their sex life to be realistic I just wanna some delicious bottom!Jim. And for me, to imagine either Bones or Spock to say something like “I want you to fuck me” or spread their legs wide… for anyone… is my personal apocalypse… So, umm, to avoid being triggered, I’d rather read gen fics. But, trust me, gen fics are gems! They often have beautiful character portrayal and amazing plots. There’re so many great gen fics focused on Jim and have a great triumvirate dynamic that centered around the captain. Phew! Why am I ranting here… just… ignore me.

anyhow, here are some fics I’d rec:

★McSpirk: (unfortunately to me McSpirk means Jim and his two husbands… namely one sweet ass and two generous cocks… so you can imagine, there aren’t many fics fit my category since I can’t handle one second of spones sex… so these are mostly one-shots)

Always Watching You by  heeroluva (I’d rec u check the author’s page, she has some other hot fics and she seems like bottom!kirk only)

Private Dancer by  PUTIGRESS2012 (a kink-meme fill; McCoy & Spock find out that Kirk used to be a stripper! And are jealous and demand a private show. )

Jim Kirk: Dropping Eaves and Eaves Get Dropped by  kyliselle (I’d rec this author, too; since she’s another wonderful person that does only bottom!kirk)

Could Only Handle So Much by  Maifai (this is a really new one and it’s currently WIP; the tag here is not actually mcspirk but rather James T. Kirk/Spock & James T. Kirk/Leonard “Bones” McCoy (even better if u ask me), but I really love this fic so I have to rec it!)

★Spirk: (also featuring some fantastic protective grumpy bones) 

Atlas by  Angel Baby1 (you’ve probably already read this since it’s a classic)

You’ll Get There in the End (It Just Takes a While)  by  seperis (and the whole reboot series)

Sotto Voce by  sinestrated 

You Don’t Have To (Say Yes)  by  luminousbeings ( I love this one so, so much, srsly. And even it’s a spirk, the mckirk friendship is just sooooo beautiful)


Any Road Will Take You There by shoreleave

Safeword by shoreleave (and any work by this author tbh)

Standby by d8rkmessngr

And All the King’s Men by Mijan (and the whole Academy Series )

No Man’s Land by  shoreleave &  Mijan (this one deals with mpreg if that’s an issue for u)

Turbo by yeaka (a hot pwp, one-shot)


the Genesis ‘Verse by Beamirang (Just go and read everything by this author!!!! She is my all time favorite, srsly. She’s just SO GOOD!! Her portrayal of Jim is like, omg, I don’t even know how to put it into words; the triumvirate dynamic is just AMAZING and her Jim and Bones OMG (இдஇ; ) )

What We Lose (is part of us) by  FyreFlyte

Twenty-Six and Legend by  llethe

Brothers in Arms by  mangochi

Perfect Strangers by  DeepBlueSomewhere (This is an academy fic, I rec it cuz it has so many little things fit my headcanon! hooray for academy era!)


There’re more but these are some good ones that I can think of at the moment. Sorry if most of them are “old” fics and you may have already knew. I hope there’s at least one fic you haven’t came across before otherwise I’d be useless. : )

And if you have any wonderful Jim!centric fics in mind u can rec me some, too! I’m always hungry for hurt!Jim centric fics, yikes.

Anyhow, enjoy reading!

wayne family gothic
  • you lose your parents when you are eight years old. you lose them again when you are eight years old. and again when you are eight years old. you are always losing your parents. you are always eight years old.
  • the famous billionaire adopts you instantaneously. you don’t know where he came from or how long he has been there. no questions are asked.
  • the butler knows your favorite food before you arrive. you have never met him before but he knows you like he raised you himself. your favorite food is around every corner.
  • you wake up and you have a new sibling. you had a new sibling yesterday. you will have a new sibling tomorrow. there is a new sibling waiting for you in the distant future.

So, at first Dean thought it was fucking ridiculous. An Angel of the Lord™ dyeing his hair? Really? And it’s the same blue of his eyes, too, like he’s straight out of a cheesy YA novel.

But once the strands Cas wants dyed are bleached, Dean thinks that maybe he’ll be able to stomach it once the dye washes out and Cas is left with little blonde strands because he actually looks kind of good like that.

And then Cas has completed the entire ordeal, has set the dye in and washed it out after an hour or two of waiting and Dean thinks that maybe Cas looks kind of really hot.

After a good day of teasing, Cas and Dean retire to their room and start stripping out of the day’s clothes. This is when Dean sees the tattoos Cas is sporting, the Enochian warding symbols that are on his hip. When he looks from them to the blue streaks in Cas’ hair. When he sees them together.

This is when Dean realizes that he might have a little bit of a thing for bad boys.