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Do you have any fics where one of the Knights finds out about Merlin's magic? Especially Gwaine. Thank you in advance!

Hey there nonnie, hope this helps you! I can see if you might’ve been having trouble; they were surprisingly hard to find. For once I was like Arthur gtfo 

Not In The Least

At The Tavern (The Gwaine Knows Something About Taverns Remix)

Men of Legend: the Butterfly Effect 

Circle ‘round the Truth

The Knights Have a Thousand Eyes

How They Found Out

No Worthy Reason

Another process video cause these are fun omg ❤ This time for @criscura​ for the western!au, here’s her comic I used for reference ✨ 

They’ve never… never talked about it. What… what Sherlock’s real place in her life means. Sherlock knows, though. Sherlock implicitly knows what they mean to him. What they are to him. What it means that John comes home to them at night. That Rosie coos when he’s back from work and Sherlock drops her into John’s arms. That in the morning it’s reversed and she babbles happily when John places her into his.

He slams the door open and climbs the staircase in a blur…. and then there they are. John humming quietly, rocking the baby in his arms. His family.

They are his family.

John smiles up at him, and Sherlock’s heart expands ever so much more. His family. The one he didn’t realize he had so desperately wanted and then, somehow, made.

—  NomdePlume, Father

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I'm an asshole to the characters I love so how about Len and Mick dealing with some seriously life threatening medical shit. (due to personal ties I vote complete renal failure)

1 - Len is the one who gets sick. His absurdly high tolerance for pain and inconvenience is a serious problem here, because he insists he doesn’t need a hospital at first, despite the vomiting, the nausea, the numbness. It’s only when his legs starts swelling up that Mick panics and takes him to STAR Labs, where Caitlin (at heat-gun point) diagnoses him and then everybody panics.

2 - One of Len’s worst nightmares is to be stuck in a hospital attached to a bunch of wires, due to the wasting way his mother died, so to say that he’s displeased with the idea of dialysis is…understating it. A lot. Mick doesn’t mind that Len’s a complete bitch to him, though; he gets it. He still doesn’t leave Len’s side, no matter what Len says. Len is incredibly grateful for this and sometimes, when it’s just the two of them in the middle of the night (because visiting hours are for schmucks), he’ll whisper a thank you. Mick will pretend not to hear it. It’s the way they work.

3 -  The Flash team is freaked out because they’ve never had to deal with serious medical stuff that couldn’t be magically cured in a few hours. Mick takes advantage of their concern to put Caitlin on the job of trying to find out what’s wrong with Len - the symptoms started fairly abruptly for him, and Mick thinks they would have noticed some sort of chronic kidney failure, which leaves some sort of infection, injury, poison or maybe even meta-related attack as the possible cause - and puts Cisco on the job of keeping the police away from them.

4 - Lisa comes and immediately volunteers a kidney of her own, but Mick vetoes it until they can figure out what’s wrong. She does insist on taking over some of the keeping-Len-company work, which allows Mick go out and have a small nervous breakdown because damnit, he just got Len back, he’s not allowed to go again. Even the Flash doesn’t begrudge him the fires he sets in the abandoned buildings by the docks. (Lisa, in turn, spends a lot of time curled up on Cisco’s couch just rocking back and forth a little bit, her fingers clenched so hard on her mug of tea - not hot cocoa, that’s Lenny’s drink, and she can’t have it right now - because she can’t even imagine a life without knowing Lenny is in it but she has to start now or else she’ll break later. She’s always assumed he would die in a hail of bullets or a fire or something, she’s prepared herself for that, but not this.)

5 - They keep Len busy by giving him blueprints for him to plan break-ins with. Fantastical break-ins they don’t even necessarily plan to do - the White House to steal a pen off the desk, the Louvre, the Seed Bank in Norway because why not, he loves breaking banks. the Flash team totally takes shameless advantage of this by having him plan a few of their battles, but it keeps Len busy - he gets a commlink and to armchair quarterback their battles, which he takes a devious delight in.

6 - They do eventually figure out what the issue is - it’s probably poison of some variety; Mick swears bloody revenge but doesn’t get a chance to do it because Lisa gets there first - but by that point the damage is done. Barry volunteers a kidney since his own will probably regrow and - much to everyone’s surprise - they’re compatible, so they do that. Len grumbles about this meaning he can’t be a proper supervillain anymore, but Barry assures him he’ll be okay with antihero-ally status. Mick doesn’t even care. He’s just relieved. Lisa is so relieved she kisses Barry. Then Cisco. Then Caitlin. Then Cisco again. Just because.

7 - Everything seems to go back to normal after a while - Len has to do regular check-ups at the hospital and/or at STAR Labs, which means they have to curtail their stealing (or keep it to non-Central cities), but it’s going pretty well. Recovery is slow but steady. Well. Until the day someone tries to shoot at Len and Len ducks out of the way in a crackle of lightning.

8 - Barry is banned from ever donating blood or organs again after that. They have enough speedster villains, thanks.  (Len is not actually a speedster, much to his relief, he just has little blips of high speed on occasion which he finds quite useful, if somewhat random.)