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Okay guys I’m going to drop a theory. So I am in love with the new opening, and I’ve watched it far too many times. Don’t even ask I’m not even sure. So I noticed at the end all four of the RWBY girls are looking at a Mountain range.

I didn’t think much about it, I just caught a glance of them when I was listening to it. I started thinking what did the mountain means and who was on the other side of them? Then I felt like I have seen these mountains before. And I was trying to figure out where. Well I went back and rewatched ep 1 of Vol 4 

The cinnaroll is looking at mountains that are very similar. Also the cabin makes me believe this is the farm that grew from the story of the four maidens. I’m thinking Ozpin has gone back to his hermit ways and needs a kick in the pants to get  back in to the fight. I mean I would be full of self-doubt if I failed to potect a kingdom I may have helped build. I think the RWBY girls will be a foil for the maidens, Ozpin needs to be reminded on what he is fighting for. So that is my theory and hope.  

  • what she says:I'm fine
  • what she means:if Helen from drake and josh is the principal of Hollywood Arts in victorious, then that means that Victorious and Drake and Josh are set in the same universe. why then does Cat reference an episode of Drake and Josh in "Who did it to Trina?"? tori even says the name of the show! also, it is obvious that iCarly and Victorious are set in the same universe, considering they cross over in iParty with Victorious, and Sam and Cat have a sitcom of their own. so does that mean that tori vega has an exact double, considering Victoria Justice was on iCarly before as Shelby Marx? Also, in an episode of Zoey 101, Quinn and Lola are seen on, indicating that that too is the same universe. but Lola is played by Victoria Justice as well! so there are three clones in this universe! but wait there's more!! both miranda cosgrove and jenette mccurdy were featured in (separate) episodes of Zoey 101, so do they have doubles as well?? and if drake and josh is in fact the same universe as victorious, which is the same universe as iCarly and Zoey 101, then that means Megan Parker is yet another clone! how then do we see Carly and Spencer watching Drake and Josh in the pranking episode? they watch a supposedly fictional TV show starring doubles of themselves, but WE know that this "fictional" TV show is set in their universe. i need answers!

The Palanquin Theory:

Crewniverse obviously showed this image to us for a reason, clearly meaning it will come back and have some significance to the story

I believe that Steven will come across the Palanquin and find a severely cracked gem inside, near the point of shattering.

Steven would likely try to save this gem, but who would it be?

None other than Blue Pearl.

It would be Blue Pearl for 4 main reasons-

1) Deedee herself said that Blue Pearl will be getting lines in the upcoming season, shown here-

2) Blue Diamond would want to eliminate her Pearl after the events of “The Answer” because Blue Pearl witnesses our Pearl rebelling and going against her original purpose. Blue Diamond wouldn’t want her Pearl to rebel.

3) Plus, what better way to express our Pearl’s past and her struggles than to bring in another Pearl who was under similar upbringings (going by the Pearl was once White Diamond’s Pearl theory).

4) We would get Homweorld’s perspective on the War through Blue Pearl’s experiences with her Diamond, giving us a new outlook on the past
i'm fucking calling it

rose quartz and bismuth (the gem seen in Lion’s mane) fuse to make pink diamond.

lapis lazuli is half of blue diamond.

Homeworld gems have no goddamn clue the diamonds are fusions, alluded to in the fact that Jasper talks shit about fusions. Fusion is discouraged and probably illegal in homeworld culture to prevent any combination of gems being strong enough to overtake the diamond authority. This would also help explain why none of the gems, crystal or homeworld, recognized Lapis, and why Bismuth is hidden in Lion. Even after unfused the partial diamonds feel obligated to keep that part of themselves secret.

A belly gem and a back gem are both rather easy to conceal, as well.

Why you really should believe in Steven.

Okay so I’ve been thinking a lot about Steven Universe to pass the time during the hiatus, and I’ve noticed a few things. 

Steven might actually be much more important than we realize. First, let’s look at this scene from Jail Break.

I mean, it was obviously significant at the time. Steven is human, and the Gems’ bodies are shown to work in very different ways then ours, so of course it makes sense that their force field wouldn’t effect him the same way. But is this the only way Steven could defy Gem technology? Could Jasper’s destabilizer even work on Steven? 

And also, let’s not forget Sadie’s fight in Island Adventure:

Now, I don’t want at all to imply that Sadie DIDN’T KICK ASS AND WASN’T COMPLETELY AWESOME. Because she really was. But didn’t anyone else find it a little odd that a gem monster, which the Chrystal Gems even struggled to beat sometimes, was beaten pretty quickly with a stick? 

But then I realized, there’s something in common between the two scenes above. Steven’s hand and Sadie’s spear are both organic.

Let’s take a step back: Many aspects of the Gem’s powers are portrayed as some sort of ‘physical hologram’.

In fact, so far all gem magic and technology is either based on real physical gems, or is a ‘physical hologram’.

Think about it: we’ve been told that Earth was invaded so that the Gems could harvest minerals to create more Gems. But does that really make sense? There are plenty of planets out there in the universe, and most of them are rich with minerals. Lapis Lazuli was able to fly into space at the end of Ocean Gem, meaning the Gems don’t need a planet with an atmosphere, so why was Earth important? 

I guess I’ve already made it obvious by now, but it’s because Earth has organic life. Something the gems never encountered before, and something none of their technology was ready for. Organic life itself disrupts the Gem’s holograms and it could be the key to defeating the invading Gems. 


What if Rose Quartz knew organic life was the key? What if she realized that humans actually could fend off the invasion, but that they lacked the strength or protection to survive the Gems’ attacks? That’s why she gave birth to Steven. Steven is the only human able to match the magical abilities of the Gems. 

And just listen to her message:

“You’re going to be something extraordinary. You’re going to be a human being… Take care of them Steven.” 

Rose poured her whole being into giving humanity one advantage, one person who could defend the Earth from the Homeworld Gems. And what better thing could there be to protect all humanity with, then a shield?

With Sworn to the Sword I feel several different fan theories have gotten some more validation. 

The Rose Diamond Theory: On the arena entrance we see an insignia with four diamonds.

A yellow one, a white one, a blue one and most importantly a pink one. Since this were some of the earliest gem battles occurred on Earth, this means that this insignia pre-dates the great war.

The Gem Caste theory/Defective Pearl theory:  

  “Deep down, you know you weren’t built for fighting”

Pearl was not intended to see battle, and she might be “defective” for wanting to do so.

Not only that we see this beast in Pearl’s flashback:

This gem looked suspiciously like Jasper, but as we know from Jasper’s word’s in “The Return”, she never met Rose Quartz or any of the Crystal Gems face to face. This leaves me to believe this is a kindergarten gem, perhaps a perfectly made Amethyst, seeing as we have noticed similarities between them in the past. This adds more fuel to the gem caste theory.

The Human Allies theory/Multiple Gem Wars theory: Pearl mentions how she learned of knighthood from humans. Human knights didn’t exist until thousands of years after The Battle of the Strawberry Fields, which was said to have taken place 5000 years ago. For Pearl to have been a true knight fighting for Rose this means there must have been at least one battle after knighthood was invented.

Not only that here is a fact that she acknowledged that actually learned something from humans. Pearl may have fought for Earth, but lets be honest she doesn’t think much of humans, so these humans must have meant something to her. Who could these “important” humans be? Likely human allies, who fought and died alongside the Crystal Gems defending Earth. 

Think about the Armor of the Fallen. Gems normally don’t wear armor, since they can regenerate. Not only that these suits of armor seem to be all a similar size, when we have seen Gems Vary greatly in shape and size. These were all worn by humans, not Gems. These sets also come from multiple cultures and time periods, suggesting humans have fought alongside the Gems on multiple occasions, likely to defend Earth from multiple wars.

This has only been day one of Steven Bomb 2.0, and I am already left breathless.

So my friend and I were re-watching Book of Life and...

there’s enough reason to believe that Chakal is actually Capt. Mondragon

aka Joaquin’s father

… this is the official photo of Captain Mondragon

oh look, is that the mEDAL OF EVERLASTING LIFE?? and look,

Same jawline, same–albeit longer–mustache, and coincidentally they both have prosthetic metal hands (come on guys, what are the chances??)

I mean

they both even have multiple rings pierced on the blunt side of their swords for crying out loud

The movie narration said so itself: “… But when Xibalba stole it back, Chakal had come undone.”

Which explains his crazy-ass mentality and fixation over the medal. It used to be his.

bottom line is this:

Capt. Mondragon didn’t die at the hands of Chakal. He is Chakal, but this fact is concealed from Joaquin and most people of San Angel…

This is without a doubt some star wars doodoo that’s going on

did my own version of the mysterious Temple Fusion! I made her Angel Aura Quartz. I really hope this character actually shows up in the show sometime though :’o

unshaded on my deviantart-

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So, you know how Garnet loves herself so much because Ruby and Sapphire are happy and proud and confident?

Well, we know both Pearl and Amethyst have major self worth/esteem issues…What if the reason Pearl and Amethyst almost never form Opal is because Opal absolutely hates herself? The only times we see her is when others are at a serious risk, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she isn’t truly functional as a fusion unless she is preoccupied with the saftey of others. 

And yes, she stayed fused for a little while after the immediate threat passed, and I’d say she was feeling proud…for once. Going off of the other time we saw Opal, she often fails because she is only formed when she is really, really needed. For a couple seconds she was able to have accomplished something and proven herself to Garnet (who she likely sees a a much better fusion than herself)… 

And then, upon realizing that she *didn’t* succeed, she immediately unfuses.