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Hello, do you know about aomg tour schedules?

Hello! I’m assuming you mean the upcoming schedule? This is AOMG’s schedule as far as I know:

9/25 | Tablo’s Dreaming Radio - Jay Park, Loco, Elo
9/28 | Hanyang University, ERICA Campus - Jay Park, Simon D
9/29 | Korea National University of Transportation - Jay Park, Loco
9/29 | Jangan University - Simon D
9/30 | Soongsil University - Simon D, Ugly Duck
9/30 | Tongwon University - Gray
10/1 | 핫핑 단독 힙합 파티 - Jay Park
10/2 | Umbro x Jay Park Fan Sign Event - Jay Park
10/2 | Play Hiphop Make Concert - Gray, Loco
10/5 | Chungbuk National University - Gray
10/6 | Chung-Ang University - Jay Park, Gray, Loco, Ugly Duck, Elo
10/7 | Eulji University - Gray, Loco
10/7 | Induk University - Simon D
10/8 | Eco Land Concert - Jay Park
10/8 | 청춘아레나 - Simon D
10/9 | Cheongwon Organic Life Festival 2016 Closing Show (radio) - Loco
10/9 | 2016 Asia Song Festival - Simon D
10/12 | COACH Heritage 75th Anniversary Exhibition and Show - Jay Park
10/14 | SKT Turn Table 2016 - Jay Park, Loco
10/16 | Seoul Fashion Fest - Jay Park, Gray, Loco, DJ Pumkin, DJ Wegun
10/23 | Finger Band Festival - Simon D, Loco
11/27 | Follow The Movement in Bangkok - DJ Pumkin, Loco, Jay Park, Simon D, Gray


Never forget Amber getting Jinki to say I love chicken 4 different ways

Guest Cam at V Fan Sign Event


Cat is the sweetest, most amazing person ever.

They decide to skip the reading because more than a hundred people are queueing up, so she starts signing immediately. Right after the fourth (!) girl leaves, the grumpy security bloke walks up to her and tells her to cut the crap, because they ain’t got all day, only one hour. She nods, ‘Oh, okay’, and as the guy leaves, she returns her attention to us, and she keeps us talking. Since she doesn’t give a motherfuck. She’s holding our books, just looking at us without raising her pen, because she does have all day, and she’s waiting for us to tell her everything we want to. 

The girl in front of me talks about representation, bisexuality, the asexual spectrum. And how important it is. Then, she waits for me to say something. And I want to ask her about Oxford, Bath and the Cotswolds, but I already know everything. So I don’t. I’m just glad that I, for once in my life, am not anxious. No panic attacks, no emergency calls, I am absolutely calm. So instead, I tell her that she was the one who helped me accept myself and my sexuality, who gave me strength and courage to stand up for who I am. And she is so touched, it’s unreal. 

And I mention that a couple of months ago, when we were having the Q&A video chat, she didn’t tell us anything about the big falling in love moment. So I ask her, because it’s eating me, it’s eating the entire fandom. And she dodges the question and makes me talk. And we do, we do, we do. About hatred, trauma, walls. 

She’s one of the most inspirational people I’ve met in my entire life, and she cares. She encourages us to write, evolve and breathe.

more pictures here.