Cat is the sweetest, most amazing person ever.

They decide to skip the reading because more than a hundred people are queueing up, so she starts signing immediately. Right after the fourth (!) girl leaves, the grumpy security bloke walks up to her and tells her to cut the crap, because they ain’t got all day, only one hour. She nods, ‘Oh, okay’, and as the guy leaves, she returns her attention to us, and she keeps us talking. Since she doesn’t give a motherfuck. She’s holding our books, just looking at us without raising her pen, because she does have all day, and she’s waiting for us to tell her everything we want to. 

The girl in front of me talks about representation, bisexuality, the asexual spectrum. And how important it is. Then, she waits for me to say something. And I want to ask her about Oxford, Bath and the Cotswolds, but I already know everything. So I don’t. I’m just glad that I, for once in my life, am not anxious. No panic attacks, no emergency calls, I am absolutely calm. So instead, I tell her that she was the one who helped me accept myself and my sexuality, who gave me strength and courage to stand up for who I am. And she is so touched, it’s unreal. 

And I mention that a couple of months ago, when we were having the Q&A video chat, she didn’t tell us anything about the big falling in love moment. So I ask her, because it’s eating me, it’s eating the entire fandom. And she dodges the question and makes me talk. And we do, we do, we do. About hatred, trauma, walls. 

She’s one of the most inspirational people I’ve met in my entire life, and she cares. She encourages us to write, evolve and breathe.

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Lol I swear Kagami-sensei is a fangirl like all of us

#PreshKagami-sensei appreciation post!

Note: I’ll translate as closely as I can, but some things just don’t transfer language barriers, so don’t expect perfection here as I’m not professional and can miss some things when it comes to listening.

1. Have you seen the guy’s Twitter?! He’s so random and down to earth haha.

2.Actual fangirl Kagami-sensei example at the autograph event: So there was this little kid (maybe 10?) with his mom a few places ahead of me. She was obviously a Shinya fan (bag with pins on it and everything). Kagami noticed the little boy wearing a Guren pin and asked if he was the kid’s favorite. The boy was shy, but said yes. So Kagami went on while signing their card, talking about how cool and awesome and amazing Guren is. I honestly heard him say the words strong man 3, maybe even 5, times. 
“強い男, 男強いね!かっこいいやつだろう?!” (It’s hard to translate with the nuances, but something like “strong man, he’s a strong man, right? A cool guy, right?!”) If you speak Japanese, you’ll notice that the politeness level/conjugation he used in those sentences was not formal. (he spoke formally with myself and others) Which shows that he didn’t mind speaking at the level meant for the child, which I find adorable. It’s also a sign of his excitement. And the  だろう was so excited and looking for such approval about the concept (Guren) that it was obviously fangirl max haha XD
His level of excitement at receiving approval for his characters and work was palpable to say the least lol. 

3. Please never forget his entrance at Jump Fest 2015 (<-link)

4. At the same event, towards the end after Yuukyan complained about Guren’s constant state of injury, he said “Guren is the number 1 coolest, I think. Although he’s always wounded haha, I want him to be cool. He has a sad/sorrowful life, huh. (Yuukyan: Sorrowful, right~) But I think he’s the number 1 strongest.” (グレンは一番かっこいいと思っている. いつも傷がだけですけど、かっこいいなあって思っています. 悲しみを生をもってね. 一番強い男だと僕思っています. I paraphrased some bits that were redundant/trailed off)  He literally cannot go 2 sentences without saying how cool he thinks Guren is XD 

#PreshKagami-sensei is a fangirl and relatable af.



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