Still can’t believe I met this beautiful woman!? O_O 

This was my first time ever meeting someone I admire and adore and I properly freaked out. I handed Alycia some of my paintings of her and she probably said something nice (it’s a blur in my memory, haha). She asked me my name and where I’m from and then she looked at my t-shirt and asked me what is my Hogwarts house. I told her Ravenclaw. She said it’s hers too, “that’s where the brains are!”. So my most inteligent response to that was something like, “yes, you’re so beautiful.” I think I was still shaking an hour later! Next day I got her autograph on one of my paintings and she added little heart to it :) This weekend meant so much to me and she has a fan in me for life :)

So the Hike From Hell.

My very dear BFF is a workout junky. She does more I a week than I do in a month. I love her, but I’m happy as a couch potato.

She decided for her 30th birthday she wanted to do something big! Originally, she considered a girl’s weekend in NOLA, getting drunk and other shenanigans, and then instead, changed her mind.


Half-Dome is a massive, all day hike in Yosemite National Park. It’s 14-16 MILE round trip thing of horror. We have to start before dawn. It’s going to take us 10-12 hours to do. The last 400 feet we have to hold onto CABLES so we don’t fall and die. I could get altitude sickness. I have to carry a gallon of water with me via camel pack + my food, head lamp, extra layers, flashlight, sun screen, first aid kit. Squirrels have tested positive for the PLAGUE there (I’ve already warned people I will abandon everyone should squirrels attack).

On the other hand, it’s supposed to be absolutely gorgeous. So there is that. At least I’ll be suffering in a beautiful place. The Twin is coming up and another girlfriend is tentative.

So, yeah. We’ve been hiking every weekend for over a month. I’ve done some awful things in the name of training. My legs honestly hate me.

anonymous asked:

When you're a public figure who has fans from all walks of life you have to be really mindful about how you talk about certain topics. I respect that he has his own opinions about religion, but there had to be a better way to phrase it. I'm old enough & secure enough to not care if ppl disagree w/ me, but if I was a young teenager still I might be feeling pretty bad that Harry thinks of me as "naive and narrow minded". If he were an atheist saying the same about religious ppl I'd feel the same.

I agree. The thing I’m pretty sure more people would agree with us if he said the same about another religious belief but somehow since a lot of people share his point of view then no one cares.

Please understand this My Chemical Romance is a band like no other, they are four amazing men that do everything within their power to help and save the lives of their fans. No matter what the disbelievers think the members of MCR are heros that don’t wear capes. And i will stick by each one of them until the end because they’ve done just that for me. So here’s to the band that actually cares for their fan and promises to never abandon them!


I’m a hopeless romantic don’t you know? The umbrella one was commissioned way before the origin ep was aired so imagine my surprise when I saw THE scene. 

Now can we have season 2 asap? I’m already desperate.

Pssst: These sketches were drawn on on 3x5 flashcards. Commission on the same type of card is still available.