2015 March CS Fic Recs

Hello Lovely Shipmates! 

This is my latest installment of Captain Swan Fan Fic Recs for March. I will tell you that the voting poll took up a good chunk of my reading/writing time this month as I’m sure it did for a bunch of folks. If you are looking for good CS fics to read please take a look at the links below for each Month’s recs, the Holiday Fic Lists (Christmas and Valentine’s Day) , Shorts Compilations, and a CS Fic Writer List.

I post this rec list each month because I want the writers to know how much I appreciate the effort and imagination it takes to create these amazing stories. I know I personally spend hours writing, editing and coming up with new improved ideas to add to my stories. 

The current list is not complete and I will be adding to it. Please enjoy!

Take a moment to tell your favorite fic writer that you love their story, even if its just a note that says “I love it” - it will make their day. Leave a comment about your favorite part and I can assure you it will make their week. 

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any recommendations for smutty johnlock fanfics? Like what are your favs? Thanks in advance!

Alphabetical Experimentation by i_ship_an_armada

Of Razors, Pipes, Red Notebooks and Rugby Jerseys, Or: Sherlock Doesn’t Like His Doctors Clean Shaven by allonsys_girl

Never Change a Running System by Lorelei_Lee

Truth or Dare by allonsys_girl ((i think sherlock calls John daddy a couple times which squicks me but without that this is great))

Skeleton Key by BeautifulFiction

Wrapped Around Your Finger by MojoFlower

Delightful, Morally Dubious by peevee

Compliments & Deductions by Aria_Lerendeair

A Compromising Position by peevee

Evening Ride by LapisLazuli

Playback by scullyseviltwin

Deflowered by Lorelei_Lee

Call it Sentiment by shirleyholmes

Capability by mydwynter

Spoils of War by sweetcupncakes

favorite fics (not necessarily smut):

A Study in Winning by Jupiter_Ash

26 Pieces by Lanning

The Real Meaning of Idioms by feverishsea (i dont think there was smut in this)

Dilaudid by Lintilla (omegaVerse)

Command Structure by 221b_hound (this fic is not really about sex its a bout mental health and its great)

Demonstrative by NoStraightLine

And I Keep Waiting by SurelyMeretricious

Up Against the Wall by LapisLazuli

Omega Squared by Meowbowwow  (omegaVerse)

Shatter the Darkness (Let the Light In) by MojoFlower

On the Steadfast Approach of an Oncoming Darkness by joolabee (not smut, it is angst angst a n g s t)

Upon Waking by joolabee

as you consume the longitudes by coloredink

A Life Well-Lived by Kate_Lear

Midnight Blue Serenity by BeautifulFiction

Curious Case by Cleo2010 

oh yeah and that one about cinnamon, u know the one :P

title: three french hems

authors: 100percentsassy, gloriaandrews

wordcount/rating: 20k/mature


In which Louis is a designer at Burberry and Harry spends December wearing Lanvin… and Lanvin… and Lanvin.


hi everyone!  this holiday fic, like my family’s christmas cards, was intended to be posted by the 25th and has instead turned into a nice new year’s surprise.  hope you enjoy!  tagging lapelosa and genuinelybelieve because they were very helpful.

[PART 1] PART 2![PART 3]…alphabetical by author…

((i was forced to copy/pasted four of the descriptions because they were better than anything i could come up with lol))

You Are A Paradigm by 1electricpirate


AU potterLock - Sherlock is his usual over curious self and John is secretly a wizard, the main story takes place mostly at 221b.

magic, fluff, smut, relationship plot, (The interaction between John and Charlie Weasly are pure gold and Sherlock’s curiosity is insatiable) (its mostly fluff and magic fun)

The Lights Are On by AmandaDBone


John and Sherlock accidentally touch lips during a case but John can’t get it out of his head and he wants to try a real kiss…

fluff, smut, and Flufff, oh yah! and FLUFF! (this is too adorable and then smutty. gloriously realistic fumbling sex ensues and its fantastic)

When Jealousy Becomes The Factor by Belladonna_Q


AU Omegaverse - Omega!John flirting with EVERYONE to see if it will make Alpha!Sherlock jealous and get him to finally make a move; it works and angry possessive bonding sex ensues (John loves it)

smut, omegaJohn, alphaLock, (it has a couple of weird phrases durung the smut that I had to ignore but over all its a fffffffffuck hot fic)(also its deliciously possessive)

I’m Not Actually A Pervert by dorothydonne


John pays for a peep show but as the screen raises someone in the next box over guides him to use the glory hole between them.

smut, nothing more than smut, …a tiny tiny amount of case fic, (not something I normally would be interested in but turns out its rather fun) (no matter what john thinks, he totally is a bit of a pervert lol)

Hindsight by LapisLazuli


Sherlock is seriously injured during a case. John is there to support him as he struggles to cope with the changes this injury causes to his life. Despite set-backs, this new found level of intimacy gradually draws them even closer together, bringing their already close relationship to the next level.

fluff, relationship plot, angst, (Oh my gosh SO CUTE!!!! THE FLUFF!!!!!!!)

Up Against The Wall by LapisLazuli


John drags Sherlock out too the pub with him and some friends, Sherlock doesn’t like how John ignores him…John makes it up to him in the alleyway

smut, fluff, a tiny amountt off character plot (fffffffuck hot smut)

Omega Squared by Meowbowwow


AU Omegaverse - John and sherlock have been together for only a short while and never shared a heat together, Sherlock has big plans for their first time.

smut, fluff, relationship plot, omegaJohn, omegaLock, (yep both omega), (its like Meow says, its glorious filthy smut and its fffffuck hot)

Safe Distance by merripestin


Sherlock comes back from the dead and John reacts by falling into bed with him but he didnt take into account his struggle with his sexuality and Sherlock for his part is only just beginning to feel strong emotions and learning to categorize and deal with them.

fluff, case fic, smut, emotional manipulation, relationship plot, (its a bit fucked up and extremely angsty at times but its a Good story and when John and Sherlock stop freaking out long enough they haves some mindblowingly good sex) (the cases are really interesting too)

Better Than The Best Dream by Mount_Seleya


Sherlock basically tricks John to walk in on him while ‘taking care of himself’ on the sofa “for a case” and it leads to …well you know.

smut, pretty much just smut (the end is great XD) (also if you miss the banter from s1 & s2 this one does this really well)

Any Friend Of Yours Is Hardly A Friend Of Mine by SealandRocks


AU teenLock - Sherlock is a student at college living temporarily with his brother in an apartment in London. When Mycroft brings his friend John over to hang out Sherlock is intrigued to say the least.

fluff, smut, relationship plot, (this is super cute and then at the end super smutty that last a rather long time)

LHR-HNL by scullyseviltwin


Sherlock is obsessed with getting a floral sample only available in Hawaii and even tho Sherlock is there to work John is determined to have a glorious vacation.

fluff, Fluff, FLUFF, smut, relationship plot, (so freakin soppy smoopy cute and then ridiculously dime book romance novel but that’s ok cause its totally adorable and it makes you feel really good. Super happy feels!)

Wasted Hours by songlin


AU Omegaverse - John is respectful. John keeps his distance. He doesn’t look at Sherlock when Sherlock decides trousers are for dull people. He doesn’t breathe in and savor it when Sherlock flings himself onto the couch first thing in the morning, wafting alpha scent, dressing gown settling around him in a cloud of blue silk. He doesn’t linger when he’s piecing Sherlock back together after a fight, even though he’s half-dressed and beautiful and right there.

He can ignore it. He can control it.

smut, fluff, omegaJohn, alphaLock, (deliciously posessive) (there are no warnings other than its omagaverse so obviously john acts like and omega and sherlock an alpha… its filthy porn) :3

Five Times by strangegibbon

johnlock, SebastianWilkes/Sherlock, VictorTrevor/Sherlock

AU teenLock but later older and at 221b - A short journey through Sherlock’s life from the perspective of five times he came in his pants and one time …

relationship plot, angst, fluff, (I like the back story for Sherlock in this fic)

Perfectly Okay With It by SuperWhoAvengeTrekLock


AU Omegaverse - Sherlock rushes John out the door for a case but John doesn’t realize he forgot to take his suppressants until its too late. Sherlock then helps him with that…

smut, fluff, omegaJohn, alphaLock, (its the usual omegafic but its fuck hot and totally satisfying! also the ending is super cute!)

Spoils Of War by sweetcupncakes


John is cleaning his gun and all Sherlock wants is for Captain John to push him up against the wall and fuck him.

military kink, smut, CaptainJohn, fluff, (…kind of fluff…a little fluff…mostly smut), (the fic description makes it seem like gun play but its definitely not) (its fffffuck hot smut)

The Gift That Keeps On Giving by thisprettywren


For some reason that Sherlock has yet to figure out, John has informed everyone they know that Sherlock wants ties or this birthday this year.

smut, (fun time smut with ties)

The Thing Is by TSylvestris


Sherlock makes an agreement with john that he no longer when he is angry at him and is always available for cases and in return Sherlock will be his boyfriend but the problem is, John wasn’t even there when Sherlock was talking to him about this…

smut, fluff, case fic, relationship plot, psychological manipulation, (it starts out a normal relationship get together fic but then suddenly CRIME and its way intense case fic government espionage plot and Sherlock is a complete fucking twat and John is angry and its awesome)(the writing style is so fucking witty and I love it hard)

The Subversive Potential of Gender Transgression, Or: Goddamnit, Sherlock, Stop Drugging My Drinks by trashyfiction


AU Omegaverse - For a case, Sherlock needs to see if he can make a drug that can override heat suppressants and make an omega go into heat immediately. He plans to test it on himself but things rarely go according to plan at Baker Street.

smut, omegaLock, omegaJohn, (thats right both omega), dubcon (only slight dubcon cause he drug John but sherlock already knows what John will let him do and what he wont) (John loves it)

Omega’s Lament by tunteeton (this is a series)

johnlock, holmescest

AU omegaverse - Sherlock is already bonded. Now that he lives at 221b, all he wants is John, bond or not.

non con, angst, fluff, smut, relationship plot, omegaLock, alphaJohn, alphaMycroft, holmescest (The Holmescest is quite distressing and rather more descriptive than I would have preferred and definitely non con but it is there to tell the story and it makes Sherlock’s story even more tragic), (definitely read the tags from the author before jumping in on this one to make sure you are ok with it) ((the third chapter is the incest and you can probably skip it if you wanted but its important to the plot)) ((its a damn good fic even with all the distressing tags and warning))

What Meets the Eye by worldaccordingtofangirls


Sherlock gets in an accident and looses his memory but instead of telling anyone that he has amnesia he decides he will just deduce everything. …and he deduces that John is his husband.

fluff, adorable fluff, tiny bit of angst but the fluff is too strong, and Sherlock is a dummiehead, FREAKING CUTE!


some doodles for this fanfiction THAT IS SO FLUFFY THAT I’M GONNA DIE 


Long Fics for the Rose Tyler Lover's Soul
I love Rose Tyler, and I’m a complete sucker for lengthy, well-developed fan fiction, which I’ve somehow amassed a great deal of over the last several months of reading. This list is long, but it’s a compilation of some of my very favoritest works by some of the loveliest authors, a mix of old and new, all broken down by topic. Basically, there’s a little of everything here. And every one of them is beautifully written, so you can’t go wrong. (Seriously, I’ve read most of them two or three times. They’re that good.) I tried to limit myself to one or two by each writer, to keep this list under control. But do go check out their other works, as well. You know … if you run out and get bored, haha.   A few are still works in progress, and these are noted with “WIP.” All of them are active, although some require more patience than others. Some series also contain WIPs. Ratings range from All Ages to Adult. Nearly all of the Adult-rated ones do contain love scenes with varying degrees of explicitness and pervasiveness, so approach with caution. Feel free to message me if you are uncertain about whether reading a particular one is right for you. Stories which contain or refer to character death are marked as such.   To all the authors I’ve tagged, I love you! And I hope I haven’t missed anyone who’s on Tumblr.   Happy reading! Allons-y …

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Pregnant Harry Fics

All fics are completed and on AO3

All In 3k Harry/Louis

Climbing onto the bed and wrapping his arms around Harry, he couldn’t stop smiling while thinking about the next chapter in their lives that was about to be written.

And resigned himself to the fact that his band mates were probably never going to leave his house now.


always be my baby 3k Harry/Louis

Harry is Louis’ baby.

Harry also wants Louis’ babies.


And all you wanted was somebody who cares 62k (warning: also contains pregnant Louis) Harry/Louis

Harry is pregnant and alone until he finds a flyer advertising a home for pregnant teens.


can’t be what you need if he’s seventeen 41k Harry/Nick Grimshaw

harry is 17 and nick is 21. nick moves away, but not before giving harry a going away present.

au where harry niall louis zayn and liam all grew up in holmes chapel, and nick just sort of turned up.


Didn’t He Blow My Mind? 3k Harry/Louis

Louis and Harry are in love, Harry’s pregnant. So very pregnant that he’s grown a really nice pair of tits, and when they start leaking milk Louis loses all self-restraint.


Family Ties 4k Harry/Louis

“We have the perfect family don’t we?”

“Yes, yes we do.”

Harry gets pregnant for the second time and this is the story of his pregnancy through the ups and downs.


Forever and Always 6k Harry/Louis

“I want a lot of kids,” Harry slurs. He’s sitting on Louis’s dick right now, riding Louis slowly and at his own pace.

“Okay, baby,” Louis says, petting his hip.

Harry pouts. “I mean it – I want, want so many baby Tommos running around the house, wrecking havoc just like their Daddy.”

Or the one where Harry meets the love of his life at 16. This follows the years following their meet.


goodness gracious (i can’t seem to stop) 9k Harry/Louis

“What – Oh.” Louis’ cold hand touch the warm skin of Harry’s stomach and his eyes flew open. He stared at his hand, his fingers splayed out over the skin of the small bump forming. His hands looked tiny in comparison with the pale skin and Harry’s massive body. He felt nothing but warmth, knowing the baby was still too small to move, but Louis’ heart almost leapt out of his throat, then Harry’s hand covered his and slipped his fingers between Louis’.


or; harry’s pregnant, that’s it.


honey and i 5k Harry/Louis

AU very loosely based on Marley and Me, Louis takes his friends advice and buys Harry a puppy to quell his desires to start a family. However the puppy turns them into a family with out them really knowing.


I could take the back road but your eyes would straight lead me back home 18k Harry/Louis

Indie duo Harry Styles and Niall Horan meet premier league football player Louis Tomlinson in a bar one night. Niall is starstruck and Harry is lovestruck.

Harry and Louis are just friends until they’re forced to admit they’re not - they’re actually quite in love.

Harry and Louis get married, have two daughters, and now Harry is pregnant with their third child. A road trip is planned…

Louis is just trying to keep Harry’s mood swings at bay for another couple of weeks, Niall is trying to keep his best friend’s daughters entertained and out of mischief, Liam is trying to convince Louis that picking up a hitchhiker isn’t a bad idea, and Harry just wants to figure out what to name their baby boy before he’s born.


I Met You in the Toystore 37k Harry/Louis

Louis works in Toys’R’Us and finds Harry studying two kinds of baby formulas like it’s the most important decision in the world. How can he resist?


i’ll put my future in you 2k Harry/Louis

Male pregnancy is supposed to, like, not be a thing. It’s a universal truth. Men don’t get pregnant. But there he is, at the doctor’s office with a troubling ultrasound and a nervous boyfriend clutching his hand.

or, the one where Harry defies all the laws of nature and gets pregnant.


If our love’s insanity, why are you my clarity? 8k Harry/Louis

Louis had always meant the world to Harry. But to Louis, he was just a “huge, drunken mistake”.


Light Up The Room 21k Harry/Nick Grimshaw

Harry Styles. Nineteen, single, pop star and … pregnant?

Or the one where I wanted a realistic view on what pregnancy would really be like for a world famous male pop star balancing recording, a world tour, and romantic dramas with morning sickness and back pains.

my little bird 25k Harry/Nick Grimshaw

harry likes nick a whole load, and he gets a whole load in him.

or: the one where nick knocks harry up, with some very questionable character timelines.


Not Part of the Plan 12k Harry/Louis

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby and a baby carriage. That rhyme was a total lie. Sometimes things don’t happen in order. Sometimes things aren’t planned. And getting knocked up by his teacher who was also his boyfriend was definitely not on the list of things Harry had planned for his junior year of high school.


Nothing I’m Running From 12k Harry/Louis

The odds are one in five million. Chances are it’s not going to happen to them.


It does happen to them and Harry Styles is pregnant.


oh baby baby, the reason i breathe is you 9k Harry/Louis

He wants to kiss Louis. Kiss him on his forehead, smoothing the tight lines of stress that have formed over the years. Kiss his perfectly arched eyebrow, where Louis used to have a piercing Harry mercilessly teased him about (Secretly he loved it – maybe even wanted to lick it a little.). Kiss his button nose, making it scrunch up in that cute way it does when Harry makes a dumb joke. Kiss his collar bones, maybe nip them a little and soothe them with his tongue. But really, he wants to finally kiss his pretty pink lips he’s dreamed about for too long. He wants it more than anything.


Oh Baby, It’s you 7k Harry/Louis

Harry wants a baby, and he intends on having one.


So Baby Say You’ll Always Keep Me 7k Harry/Louis

Harry feels more tears form in his eyes at that. He laughs, shaky but genuine, and he wraps his arms around Louis’ waist, moves closer to bury his face against Louis’ shoulder. “We’re going to be dads.”


Thirty-Nine Weeks 18k Harry/Louis

The one where Harry gets pregnant.


What a Lovely Way of Saying How Much You Love Me 2k Harry/Louis

harry’s insecure; louis doesn’t know what for.

aka harry is pregnant and louis still thinks he’s the most beautiful boy. like, ever.


We’re Having a Baby, My Baby and Me 20k Harry/Louis

Harry cries when he sees the pretty pink plus sign on the test. It hits him in a way it hadn’t before. He really is pregnant. He’s going to be a dad. He and Louis are going to have a baby. And that only brings on more happy tears.

Or, the one where Harry really wants a baby.

Where We Begin 53k Harry/Louis

Harry and Louis were band mates and best mates. Their relationship crossed many lines, sure, but after one night they may have to deal with something much bigger and grow to learn that somewhere along the way they formed a family – just the two of them, and a baby.


With Child(ren) 11k Harry/Louis

Harry and Louis have a baby (or two).


wrap your fingers around my thumb 12k Harry/Louis (trigger warning for miscarriages)

Harry hides out in Brighton. Louis finds him. Together they figure out how to grieve. And how to come home.


yes, you make my life worthwhile 9k Harry/Louis

Harry whispers to him that this feels like every dream he’s had for the last three years and Louis kisses his temple, behind his ear, across his cheeks and by the edge of his jaw. He runs the back of his finger across Winnie’s sleep-warm cheeks and sighs, the weight of the world finally off his shoulder.

Louis’ a pediatrician, Harry’s a preschooler teacher, and they’re having a baby.


your laughter tastes so sweet 3k Harry/Louis

Anna said “GIVE HIM TOMLINSON JERSEY AND A BUNCH OF BABIES ON HIS HIPS” and you don’t say no to Anna. So this is a future!fic where Harry and Louis are married, they have kids, Louis plays football, Harry is his biggest cheerleader and the whole world is envious of the awesomeness that is Tomlinson family.

Darkling, I Listen - This is a fantastic fic that’s fantasy/magical realism and it blew my mind when I read it. I check every couple of days for an update and then proceed to rip my hair out in frustration because I need to know what happens (There’s a lot of really gorgeous fanart from it as well. Check it out)

The Loss of Flesh and Soul - This is probably my favorite Sherlock Fan fiction. Ever. If you’re squeemish though, then maybe this isn’t the story for you. It’s very slow moving Johnlock but the writting is fanfastic and I check it for updates literally every other day and I’m so in love with the author and I justskadhlajsflskjglsgh. I need an update. I need it like I need air. Which is a lot. I’m dying. Read it. READ IT NOW)

Here’s some more gorgeous fanart that this series inspired in people

by the way, this gif literally describes the series. Literally

Sherlock is a cannibal cough what


In Words, Like Weeds - This one’s gorgeous. The desciption says “John decides to name the man (the character, the person in his head) Sherlock.” But it’s… ugh just read it!

Winter of Life - Summary (It was an experiment, really. On Christmas, Sherlock wrote to Santa asking for a friend. He got a broken toy soldier instead. This is the story of how he finds him again and again.) Read it. It’s perfect

Save Me Street - kajalfhskljg;sjgh;sdkhjdf;h WHERE IS THE NEW CHAPTER?????????????

Blue Bloods - Short but haunting

With a Wimper - Fuck yeah post-apocalyptic Sherlock!

Not the Hands That Kill - Best wing!lock fic out there. 10/10 would recommend

Let me draw your attention to the fact that these are all fics from the same author, You Light The Sky (except for The Loss of Flesh and Soul, which is fromdeuxexmycroft)

I’m a fan of dark literature so you can kind of see a pattern in the fics I read

Anyways, read this shit. It’s good shit.

Klaine Fanfic Masterpost

*keep in mind, this will update


Go Your Own Way:

Little Numbers:

If I Die Young:

The Walls Keep Our Secret:


Love’s Arrangement:


One Night at the End Of The World:

More Than Words:

All The Other Ghosts:


100 Days:

Underneath Your Clothes:

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You:

Two Years Later:

A Hotter Touch, A Better Fuck:

McKinley Halls:

Without My Wings:

Something Unlikely:

The Sidhe:

In The Key Of Us:


Who You Gonna Call?:

Behind The Curtain:


Carry Me Home (Tonight):

Stuck in Reverse:

When You Read My Mind:

To Save a Life:


An Accidental Chance:

Swingsets & Sandboxes

The Warblers From Youtube:

You Still Know My Coffee Order?

Dalton Reform School for Boys:

A Change of Heart:

Where There’s Smoke:


It’s Something Unpredictable:



Chances Are (An Accidental Chance sequal):

Syrup and Honey:

All My Insticts:


Of Our Hands:

Three Wishes:

Where You Belong:

We’ll Fly This Place:

A System of Touch (and Gentle Persuasion):

A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes:

Terminal Velocity:

You Could Be Happy:

27 Suits:

Top Shelf Sundae:

Hail to Whatever You Found in the Sunlight That Surrounds You:

Lying & Falling in Love: an Experiment:

Obnoxiously Sexy:


For Which I Have to Howl:

Shining Through:

When a Heart Breaks:

Virtually Indistinguishable:

Stop Loss:

You Found Me:

The Lonely Warbler:


Rebel Without a Cause:


A Whole New World:

The Perfect Brother (Prequel to AWNW):

Tea Party Thursday (Anderberry siblings verse):

The Untimely Brother (Directly after AWNW):

Final Prison (GYOW verse):

Long Overdue:

Swept Away:

Just A Touch:

Can’t Lose You:

20 Year Old Lover:

Dude, Where’s My Tent?:

To Love Your Enemy:

My Christmas Special:

A Lucky Man’s Charm:

A Change of Heart:

He’s just a bad boy:

Unconventional Prince Chaming:

Second Chances:

Can It Work?:

Hoping for the impossible:


Fire With Fire:

Can’t Lose You:



Where We Went Right:

One More Night (Could Turn into Forever):

DA Fight Club:

Ten Cent Blues:

Bad Enough For You:

The Story of How Kurt Took Blaine’s Virginity:

Sex Education:

In My Place:

Angel in a Red Vest:

The Boy Who Came To Stay:

(Ride Sequal) Gemini:

Not Exclusive:



Teach Me What You Know:


Once in a Blue Moon:

A Far Better Thing:


Stop Loss:

Once Upon…:

Flood the Skies and Blur the Darkness:

He’s Cheer Captain and I’m on the Bleachers:

The Art Of Losing Yourself:

We Were Never Meant To Be:

You’re Always On My Mind:

Everyone has secrets:

Not Exclusive:

Sketchy Relations:

Things I Cannot Change:

Troubled Souls:

Need For Speed:

One-shots & Drabbles

The Next Day: Facebook:

(No Name) (Comfort!Klaine, very sweet):

Morning After:

For You I’d Wait:

(No Name) (Blaine finds out Kurt is a Cheerio, he also notices how different and hot he looks. They share a kiss by a fence):

Like Home:


(No Name) Kurt getting cyber lucky with Blaine:

Sleepy Head:

We are such stuff as dreams are made on:


(Push sequal) He’s Sin and Secret:

Like I’ve Never Seen The Sky Before:

All Sins Are Attempts:

(No Name?) awkward first time:

Being Seen:

And We’ll Figure It Out, Together:

I Could Get Used to This:

Tequila Translation:


Tics (GYOW EU):

When It’s Time (GYOW EU):

A Year in the Life (GYOW verse):

Before the Paint Dries:

Accio Love:

Every Time You Move (I Get A Little More Show):

we’re gonna make you pop-u-lar:

What Can I Get:

(No Name):

(No Name) (Kurt finds out Blaine swears a lot and it really turns him on):

When My Eyes Beheld An Eerie Sight:

Something Due Any Day:

Not So Different After All:

Spin The Bottle:

Kiss Cam:

Your Song:

Too Hot:

You’re Pretty Attractive:

The Lonely Prince:

Rush Hour:

(No Name) (BJ on couch, Kurt’s trying to do his homework)

Hurry Up and Slow Dance:

The First Time, Continued:

Filling In The Gaps (series of one-shots of missing scenes):




That Look:

Study Break:

A Different Kind of Study Break:

The Calender Boy:

It Started With a Phone Call:

The One in Which Kurt Catches the Bouquet:

Klaine: How They Met (series of one shots of how klaine could have met):

Do Over:

Artsy Detention:

More: A Sequal to Artsy Detention:

It’s a Deal:

(no name) (daddies!Klaine PrinceEric!Blaine)

That’s Not Fair:

(no name) (the first time blaines sees kurt sleeping in fully naked)

Body Heat:


Never Have I Ever:

Teenage Dream:

Tonight (We Are Young):


Whistle, I’ll Be There:

I’d Rather Be Restless:

(no name) (kurt reassures blaine he has nothing at all to be insecure about):

The Pitfalls of Puberity, or How Even NYADA Students Are Oblivious:

Broken Promises:

(no name) (prompt: reaction fic for 5x17 where kurt and blaine turn into horny little exhibitionists when they go to their favorite gay club. aka semi-public frottage):

(no name) (peterpan!kurt):

(no name) (famous au where kurt and blaine are on a talk show and kurt finds out about blaine’s crush on him)

10 Minutes Seemed Like 30 Seconds:

Maybe We Could:

(no name) (kurt doesnt like the visual of porn but he likes the sound so blaine jerks him off to it)

Blaine + Kurt:

I knew you were trouble:

Still So New:

My Favorite Place To Be Is the One Where You’re Next to Me:

Be Calm:

You Kiss Me, I’m History:

Peachy Keen:

Belong To Me:

It’s About Time:

When the lightning strikes, I’ll protect you:

If I lay here:

Say What You Say When You’re All Alone:

No More Mr Nice Guy:

Untitled GKM cheerio!Kurt/badboy!Blaine:

Gosh your lips look delicious:

You are now pronauced long-distance fiances:

first sleepover:

Kid!Klaine, blaine has a cute crush on kurt

prompt: kurt’s first time giving a blowjob


Prince Charming:

(no name) (klaine play seven minutes in heaven!):

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He refrains himself from looking back until he’s through the doors, peeking in through the front windows of the store as he walks by. Check Out Guy is grinning down at his hand, still coloring in his fingernails carefully with the orange highlighter, one loose wave dangling down the center of his forehead. Okay, so there’s that. Louis walks back around the corner with a bit more spring in his step, which quickly deflates when he stubs his toe on the curb across from his building.