There’s something really special about Niall on video reassuring fans that the boys have always had a great relationship and will continue to into the future. Because I remember when he almost dissolved into the floor when asked at the Seacrest interview where H/L were. And I remember when he almost snapped his neck when they were questioned about RBB. See, the thing is that Niall is a really shitty liar and that makes his reassurance so much sweeter. Thank you Niall. ☺️

People Are So Hypocritical

I’m frickin pissed at the amount of homophobia being directed at the developing Nygmobblepot storyline on Gotham. It’s weird how an aspect of a character suddenly becomes unfathomable if it’s their sexual orientation. It’s weird how a romance arc is suddenly unnecessary because it’s a gay romance. It’s weird how a barely developed, badly written straight romance is entirely acceptable but a well thought out gay one isn’t. It’s weird how a major character change is suddenly intolerable because they’re gay. Seriously, I didn’t see this much of a fuss with Barbara and Tabitha, Harley and Ivy….. Oh wait, men can orgasm from that so it’s all OK! I didn’t see much criticism when 1) they didn’t make Penguin overweight which to me is a staple of the character. 2) The way they portrayed Nygma’s mental illness was more like split personality disorder (which is so clichéd it makes me roll my eyes) and not narcissistic personality disorder which he’s officially diagnosed with. 3) Poison Ivy was heavily advertised yet had barely any involvement in the first two seasons. 4) It was obvious to the viewer that the writers made a huge mistake with her storyline so decided to age her up to fix it. 5) a child trapped in an adult’s body has complete knowledge of how to act and survive as an adult with barely any signs of her inner child showing. 6) the odd fact that Ivy and Jonathan crane where children to begin with and not adults like the rest of the rouges. 7) Jonathan Crane’s story was kinda underwhelming and was never revisited 8) that moment when you realise that all the rouges are gonna be old and frail by the time Bruce becomes Batman to fight them. 9) how the heck is Gordon going to have a daughter like in the canon at this rate? 10) how the heck is he ever going to make it to commissioner? And so many other flaws/nitpicks yet people are furious at the prospect of Nygmobblepot. Furthermore, with so many adaptations, it’s impossible that every single one of them was appealing to the majority of fans yet this is what people are complaining about.


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Trans cr; Jenny @ fy-jiminnie

Take out with full credit, please.

working with jimin

- constant smol shy smiles to one another
- “y/n stop looking at me like that its DISTRACTING” “jimin you’re DISTRACTING.” “bang pdnim tell her to stop”
- him getting shy when having to sing the more passionate and deep parts
- him giving you warm back hugs during breaks while he’s practicing his verses
- “can I have a duet with y/n” “jiMIN OM” “PLEASE” “JIMIN”
- him singing cutely while looking at you and having to redo some parts because your face makes him giggle too much
- eventually finishing and you watching hyper kiss you all over and drag you out of the studio