I hate all of the cishet fans who will literally go to their grave, consistently fighting with all of their might to say that there is no way the boys in bts could be lgbt, but these same fans actively ship the boys together, read fanfiction about them, draw porn of them together, etc. Like??? If you only awknoweldge lgbt people, their existence, and their relationships for your own personal gain, fantasies, and to help get you off, you’re really really gross!!!!!!

I’m seeing a lot of people talk about the whole Jack situation and their only argument is that he can’t say “I was young” because they are young and they would never say things like that or that his fans would never say things like that…

Except, they do. Not just Jacks fans, all the boys fans, the sidemens fans etc there are people that say things like that and even worse.

Jack saying that what he did is wrong is a good thing. Showing that those who are currently saying things like that are doing something wrong.

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Headcanons: The Titans sometimes end up reading and hearing all the mean things said about them (villains it's fine, but civilians saying these kinds of things is very hurtful because they risk their lives to protect these people). And people throw things at them, insult them, etc. Sometimes the people try to evict or banish the Titans out of fear of their strangeness, etc. Robin is the only one that doesn't get insulted because he's "normal". They try not to let it bother them, but it's hard.


I can see that, actually.

I mean, let’s be honest; in reality, fandom is super cruel to characters who appear strange or are different, meanwhile glorifying the ‘pretty white boy’ part of the batfam. White being subjective as characters such as Damian Wayne are whitewashed by fandom because him being Arab disgusts them too much. 


So yeah, I see this. I see it with how fans treat Beast Boy. I mean, it speaks volumes that they will ship Raven with anything and everything pretty and white, and yet, for some reason, have this crazy aversion to Gar, despite their romance being written as healthy and natural in the comics. 

Gee, I wonder why. 

So, do I believe that even in universe, fans are that horrible? Yeah, if it’s a reflection of fans irl. 

Now, the good thing is, I don’t think Robin would stand for any of it, and he’d probably snap at the fans for doing that to his friends/family/girlfriend. 

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