How To Pick A Bias

Step 1: pick the member you find attractive

Step 2: realize they’re complete dorks

Step 3: fear the bias wrecker

Step 4: give in to the bias wrecker

Step 5: you’ve accidentally fallen in love with all of the members

Step 6: all of them are dumb

Step 7: how did this happen

Step 8: it’s too late to go back now

Step 9: accept your status as *insert group name here* trash

Stealing the masterpiece; Man with a box of candy bars (in progress)

Boy with a Basket of Fruit

Caravaggio is one of my favorite artists. Despite the fact that he was crazy XXX he`s a top painter. I don`t call him sonovabitch because he killed a man who insulted his mother. I`m not kidding.

p.s. I have corrected title. Thank you ukenceto!

worriedeye AKA Andie (or bythepoweroftopshop or  booshlrsarebrilliant) asked me to draw this a little while back and I was mega pumped. I wanted to start it right away, I coloured it the second I got in the door from vacation haha. 

I drew this on the beach, continuously moving my chair to avoid the sun- it’s hotter than hell in Canada right now. Just thought I’d share that fun fact. 

Lay Me Down Pt. 2

Summary | Part 1 | Part 2

Jimin smiled at the younger boy, by only two months, as the hyperactive child scrambled around the music video set. The group was located at an unknown warehouse like facility, the inside filled with video scenes from other idol groups.

Each room had a different theme: within a few steps you were inside of a grocery store, turn around and you’re in the middle of a bedroom, go a little further – you’ll find yourself in a typical high school classroom.

A smile couldn’t help explain how endearing it was for Jimin to watch Taehyung exert so much energy over a filming site. Jimin didn’t know how Taehyung could go from a nine year old to a four year old in three seconds flat. It was also still odd for Jimin to see the orange flamed hair on his head, as if Taehyung was some type of cartoon character. This definitely added to the four year old transformation. Still, Jimin had to admit, if it had to be any member in their group – Taehyung was the only one that could pull the hair color off.

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Can someone tell me wtf happened with the Fan Army Face Off? I was looking at the board the last five seconds and BTS was winning, refreshed it and they won, took a screenshot of the board

It said 2pm was eliminated

But NOW it’s two hours later and I look at it and BTS is eliminated?

Like um, what?
I’m seriously confused as to how 2pm got 4,000 more votes than us AFTER voting was over?

Did anyone else have this problem?

It is kind of sad how the I-Army fandom

Went from working so hard to get BTS’s respect and forgiveness to this. 2 weeks ago, everyone was working so hard to get apologize projects  and twitting sorry to them for the first gun threat in every remaining TRB concert in the US. Now it just back to square one. While I’m mad, it just so disappointing all that hard work is going to crap again. I really worry about the boys and I don’t know if they will ever forgive the international ARMY at all despite efforts to try to fix things. This is just upsetting honestly. These boys deserve better and probably no apology in the world that will fix this.