if 5sos were still the exact same people with the exact same music- but were signed to hopeless instead of capital and had opened for a band like all time low instead of one direction- fall out boy fans wouldn’t be bitter about this collab, because their bitterness stems from their natural pretentious hate for /pop/ music 


Mad Max Fury Road. 

Seriously the best film I’ve seen in theaters in over a decade. I haven’t felt so immersed and attached to characters since The Lord of the Rings trilogy concluded back in 2003. Absolutely beautiful looking film, spectacular visuals, great characters, and especially wonderful female characters in a genre lacking in them, and most of all, superb storytelling. 

Mad Max has an incredibly unique look and feel that doesn’t feel rolled off a manufacturing line ala Marvel films, isn’t full of needless exposition like Nolan’s stupid Batman films, and its action scenes, while splendidly over-the-top, didn’t feel vacuous or boring, like Pacific Rim, The Expandables or The Fast and Furious, all movies that claim to be the new standard in action. 

I really do think and hope that Furiosa will be regarded as this century’s Ellen Ripley or Sarah Connor. One of the best characters to emerge from a film in a long time.

  • SU fans:Oh no!!! A hiatus! :(
  • Gravity Falls fans:fucking casuals lmao we've been waiting since march now we're in the same boa-
  • SU fans:Oh boy! June 15th and 5 new episodes in one week!
  • Gravity Falls fans:... [sniffle]
REQEST EXO REACTION when you perform at an award show

Anon: Could you please do a reaction when you do a surprising performence, lets say the Mama awards, where you sing “U&I” from Ailee with all the dancing and Show. And you are Kind of better then her (lolz its Not possible but lets pretend) but he didnt know you could sing at all.

I’ll try my best, lovely Anon ^-^



He would be partying hard and enjoy your performance as much as he can. Later on you’d see a fancam of him supporting you like a little fan-boy that he is.


He’d be completely paralized and would stop everything he was doing previously. Like in some kind of shock he just watches every little movement of yours.

Chen (imagine you’re Chanyeol)

Just as you were about to give an backstage interview after your performance, Chen comes running to you and applauds you non-stop not caring that he’s being filmed and interrupting you.


As you keep complaining about your performance because you think you cound have done better and should have practice more:


You practiced your dance routine together with Kai so as you show your performance he can’t help but to dance along. You guys always made sure to support each other and this is what he does.


“You know, now that I saw you, I want to perform that song too. Give me the lyrics and that dress you’re wearing and I’ll kick you from your throne in a second.”. Shortly after:


He’d be completly zoned out and only focusing on your performance. Everytime is like the first time he saw you on stage. He’s totally amazed and falling in love with you more and more.


I’m not being too obvious, right? I mean, I look like every other fan with a camera in my hand filming (y/n). Oh man who am I kidding. I’m sitting in the VIP-Lounge with a dozen of other idols and I’m the only one with a camera in my hands..


Not knowing what he’s doing he randomly stands up from his seat, eyes focused on you, everything else is blurred. Like in some kinds of trance he just watches you with a slight smile on his lips.


‘little school girl-mode on’ “Do you see how she swings those hips? And those high notes? And that sexy look? And how she-”

Sehun:”Suho hyung, will you shut up now?”


He was blown away by your voice and he couldn’t handle his feelings. Back at home you wouldn’t sing seriously and more like an over-dramatic old woman. So to hear you sing like that shoked him just like everyone else in this room.


He wouldn’t want to miss a thing so everytime his band members were talking he’d start to complain. “Would you guys stop? I can’t hear anything!”

OH MY GOD. this is one of the best fan fics I’ve read in a LONG time! Please read this and come tell me your theories!

It’s a who-done-it murder mystery with the ofc being the victim and the story leads up to her demise. The two potential suspects are harry & zayn and it could be either one. The writing is brillant!!! Read it and let me know who you think the murderer is! Plus it’s got tons of sexual tension with both boys. I am so entranced! Y'all are seriously so talented out there I’m amazed. 😍


Everything Has Changed

Chapter Eight (Savannah)

“I’m sorry to just show up like this.” Casey said as we walked into my living room.

From the minute I saw her face, I knew she was nervous and she wasn’t the only one. This was going to be our first real conversation and I honestly didn’t know what it would bring. I sat down on the edge of the couch and Casey did the same on the other. After last night, I wasn’t sure of how I was supposed to act.

“I need to get this off my chest.” I watched as she played with her phone which kept buzzing with Jack’s name popping up every second.

“Go for it.” I said. I was trying to make this a little less awkward but I don’t think it was working. I don’t think anything would work.

“I know the situation between you and Jack.” She blurted out. Funny, I only just found out yesterday. “I want you to know that I’m not going to be the bitchy girlfriend who doesn’t allow him to hang out with you. I trust Jack.” Well…that makes one of us. “And I don’t know you well enough to not trust you. I want to get along with you because you’re such a big part of Jack’s life…” Casey started to fade out as she thought about what to say next. “I just wanted you to know that.”

Well this just made things 100 times worse. I honestly would rather Casey be the bitchy girlfriend because then I wouldn’t feel so bad about what’s happened but she’s not like that. She’s not like that at all and that’s what bothers me. She’s so innocent in all of this. She’s just a pawn in Jack’s game. At least, that’s what it feels like to me. A game. He said he loves her but something told me he didn’t really know anymore.


I watched Tegan leave and I didn’t know what to do. Last night, I didn’t really think about what I was saying and I didn’t think about how it would affect everyone. I honestly have never regretted anything more in my entire life. I didn’t want this to affect my relationship with Casey but from the minute I heard Savanah was back in town, I knew it would. I’m just scared for how different things will be now.

When I finally got myself together, the guys and I headed to play some hoops but I couldn’t help but constantly text Casey. I’ve probably sent her ten messages already but she hasn’t replied to a single one.

“Something’s not right.” I said, looking at my phone that had received no messages.

“Dude…didn’t you see Savannah’s story?” Sam asked, pulling out his phone. I watched as Johnson and Nate did the same but I didn’t understand what that had to do with Casey not texting me back.

“No…I deleted her.” I said, awkwardly. After Savannah left, I needed to forget about her so I took down all the photos in my room, I deleted her off Snapchat, unfollowed her on every social media and it worked…for about two seconds.

Johnson handed me his phone and I watched Savannah’s story. It was of her, Tegan and Casey acting as if they have all been best friends since the second grade.

“I told you,” I said, handing Johnson his phone. “Something’s not right.” I reached into my pocket to grab my keys but before I moved, I looked at the guys. They knew what I was about to do and they definitely thought it was a bad idea but I’ve made a lot of bad decisions in my life; what’s the big deal if I make just one more?

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But like zimbits at Disneyland !

-so because its Disneylands 60th anniversary there has been considerably more disney on my dash than normal ( i blame kim, and alice(though alice posts more about WDW) so i blame kim, and because I’m a self sabotaging little so and so i started thinking about zimbits at disney world like:

- Bitty is such a disney fan boy, he grew up watching them but its like 7 hours to the nearest Disney park so it never happened.

- On the other hand we then have jack, who likes disney as much as the next kid that grew up through the 90′s and 00′s but who has been to disney parks so many times that it has kind of lost its charm to him as a 20 something year old hockey robot ( like srsly they guy had been to DisneyLand, Walt Disney World and Paris Disney before he could even properly speak )

-Bitty wanting to try all of the novelty shaped disney related food (ice creams, marshmallows, waffles ect - jack is sure that bitty baked no less that 10 mickey mouse shaped pies in the weeks leading up to the trip)

-Jack chirping bitty about how invested he seems in all the food “its just food bittle, you could make more than half this stuff on your own” “Jack Zimmermann be quiet and let me marvel in the wonder that is disney food”

- Jack coming as close as he get to a break down over food when he find out that carnation cafe doesn’t serve PB&J soda’s anymore

-Jack and Bitty lining up for what seems like forever to get a picture with Micky Mouse and Bitty is a stuttering mess “ Bittle you weren’t even this nervous when you met most of the guys that where in the 1980′s USA mens hockey team” “this is mickey mouse jack, i have been dreaming of this moment since before I knew what dreaming was”

- Jack and Bitty with matching ears

- Jack and Bitty going on rides

-Jack and Bitty getting pictures in front of the castle