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Usually I’d stay out of this but...

So, I watch Girl Meets World because I was a huge fan of Boy Meets World, while growing up, and I was excited to see how all the characters had turned out.

Anyway, like many others, I have made up my mind about which characters I would like to see together. I have chose Maya and Lucas (Lucaya) to be the characters that I, personally, think would be great together. But that is not what this is about. Instead, I wanted to talk about what Maya’s mom said about not being able to completely turn into someone you really care about.

If I had to make a connection between this and the Maya/Riley relationship, it could be done in many ways. First, it could be that Maya’s attempt at becoming Riley was a failure, and that Maya was actually talking about herself when she said it was like Lucas was her brother. That is one, but I am going to dismiss that because she then turned to Riley as herself, and said, “it’s like he’s your…”. If you finish this sentence, it would be Maya saying, “It’s like he’s your brother” to Riley. Another reason for the dismissal is because, if Maya was talking as herself, then why would she consider someone who is “sunshiny” to be her brother? Unless she was being sarcastic, but considering two of her best friends were going through an identity crisis, and she was genuinely worried that they wouldn’t change back, I doubt she wasn’t taking the situation seriously.

Second: Because I dismissed the whole “Maya wasn’t really Riley because her mom said that if you care deeply about a person, you can’t become that person” theory, it could be that Maya doesn’t care as much about Riley as we had believed. Once again, I am going to dismiss this theory because it has been proven that Maya does in fact care very deeply about Riley. Maya was willing to say goodbye to her best friend because she thought her father (Cory) didn’t want her around his daughter. She opens Riley’s eyes about how the Matthews parents were feeling during Girl Meets Game Night, because she loves Riley’s family, which is an extension of who Riley is. Maya protects Riley from Missy, and stands up for her during Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels, even though Maya was mad at Riley. Not only that, but what Riley thinks about Maya, means the world to Maya (also, Mr. Squirrels episode), and of course, Maya relies on Riley to help become a better version of herself (Girl Meets Rules). So, Maya not caring deeply enough about Riley, is not an option.

This ^ could mean one of two things. One is that Maya cares so much about Riley, and is so dependent of Riley, that she can push the barriers of actually becoming Riley. We have been shown many times that these two girls understand each other better than anyone else. Perhaps this even means that her becoming Riley has nothing to do with how much a person cares for another. It could be that, because she was in such a desperate situation, Maya considered failure to not be an option. She did not want to lose her best friend, and the innocence that her best friend represents, and so gave it her all to become Riley and succeeding. The second thing it could mean is that maybe what Katy said did not apply to this kind of relationship. If you notice, she says this after Topanga asks her to be Maya. Katy answered that she wouldn’t dream of playing Maya; Maya is Katy’s daughter. She is someone who grew in her womb and gave her life a different meaning. Riley and Maya are best friends, but that relationship cannot compare to one between a mother and daughter.

This would lead to the next question, which is “why then, couldn’t Katy act as Shawn?” Personally, I think this is what the writers wanted us to focus on when they wrote this conversation. We are not supposed to think this as a Lucaya/Rucas thing; we needed to focus on the fact that slowly, but surely, Katy is starting to have feelings for Shawn - perhaps she is even starting to fall in love with him. This could be supported by Katy telling Topanga that she might have made her realize something. 

Basically, I think that what Katy said has nothing to do with the relationship between Maya and Riley. It has to do with the relationship between KATY and SHAWN. Girl Meets Forgiveness is coming up soon(-ish), and most likely it will take a toll on them because that is when Maya’s father comes in the picture. The Maya/Lucas/Riley triangle will have its moments, but this episode, specifically that scene, was not it…in my opinion. I think that, because of the whole brother thing, everyone is trying to use what Katy said to justify their favorite couple - whether it is Rucas, or Lucaya. Taking a step back though, and noticing the reactions the actors had to each other, and listening to how they answer and talk to each other, you would see that maybe - just maybe - Katy’s words were to set up her own relationship with our very own Shawn Hunter, which is whom the conversation ended up being about in the end.

So yeah, that’s my thought. Hope everyone enjoyed it!