I’m Not Sorry

Hi Ive been super stressed and busy but here goes another imagine.

This is for the anon who requested the cute Johnson imagine.

 I’m Not Sorry

Johnson, Gilinsky, Nash and I were sitting on the couch. It was snowing outside. We were up north somewhere and I was much more used to the cold than the boys. They had experienced snow before, but I was from Canada, so I was definitely used to cold weather. I had on leggings and a sweater with some fuzzy socks scrunched down. The boys all had sweaters, beanies, and sweats. They were still a little chilly. It was gorgeous weather outside though.

It was sunny and I wanted to go out and play. I saw my mittens and hat sitting on the counter. The boys wouldn’t want to go out because they were all absorbed in the video game we were playing. I set down my controller and Johnson cried out. “Y/n! What are you doing? We are winning!”

“I’m bored. Gilinsky and Nash are no competition,” I taunted.

“Hey!” Nash exclaimed. I tossed a pillow at his head. He gasped.

I giggled. He set down his controller. “Bro, what the hell?” Gilisnky groaned.

“Excuse me?” Nash confronted me, ignoring Gilisnky.

“Sorry?” I answered.

“Sorry?” he mocked. “No you aren’t,” he huffed and picked up his controller again.

I rolled my eyes and grabbed another pillow and tossed it at Gilinsky. He flipped me off. They were no fun when they were playing video games. I stood up and went to the kitchen.

“Hey, come back. I need my partner,” Johnson called to me.

“Nope, you guys are boring,” I shrugged. He pouted.

“I don’t want to lose.”

“Then stop talking to me and focus on your game,” I sighed.

I sat down at the counter by my bestfriend, Laura.

“Ugh. I wish they would stop playing video games,” I groaned.

“Throwing pillows didn’t work?” she teased.

“No.” I rested my chin in my hand.

“How bout some ice?” she asked, with a wicked grin. Laura and I always got into mischief together. She was from Canada as well, and could handle the cold. We opened the freezer and grabbed some ice. The boys probably thought we were just making drinks. I nodded to her and we both ran up and dropped ice down the backs of the boys’ shirts. They all stood up in anger.

“What the hell?” Johnson asked.

“Seriously?!” Gilisnky complained.

“You are so dead,” Nash threatened.

This definitely had gotten their attention, but now we had three boys gunning for us. I grabbed my mittens and hat off the counter and ran out the front door. Laura followed suit. The boys were hot on our tails.

I slipped into my converse and ran out into the cold outside.

I ran into the backyard. I ran to the far corner and I heard Laura running behind me. We turned around and saw the boys standing at the top not looking impressed.

Nash took off after us and grabbed some snow as he ran and made a ball. Johnson and Gilisnky were following him.

“Babe, you are sooooo dead,” Johnson warned me.

“Nooooo, you wouldn’t throw snow at a little girl,” I taunted.

“Ohhh, you aren’t just a little girl. Don’t play innocent,” he reprimanded me, tossing a snow ball at my head. I ducked and took off running back towards the long winding laneway. Johnson had no chance of catching me as he was in the backyard now. I heard Laura scream out. Clearly she had been on the receiving end of a snowball. When I reached the laneway I looked back and saw her in the snow, laughing. Gilisnky was beside her, covering her in more snow. She was squealing. She had had a crush on Gilisnky for sometime now. She probably wasn’t too bothered.

Nash and Johnson were still targeting me though. They had changed their intended route and were heading back up to catch me. Nash was winded and was taking a break. Johnson was still furious at me. I took off down the laneway and Johnson tackled me into a snowbank. He rolled off of me and lay beside me in the snow bank. I giggled. “You just tackled a girl!”

“You totally deserved that,” he pointed out. “You put ice down my shirt.”

“I’m not sorry about that. I was so bored,” I defended myself.

He leaned over and kissed me on my nose and then kissed down my neck a bit, sucking on my neck. I moaned a little. “Jack. Don’t you dare leave a mark,” I warned him.

I heard him chuckle and then suck purposely hard. “Mhmmmm. I wouldn’t dare,” he teased. I knew he had already done it.

“Jaaaaaacckkk,” I complained.

“I’m not even sorry,” he smiled and kissed my lips. He stood up and offered me a hand. I grabbed onto it and pulled him back down. He groaned. I jumped up. He stood up. “I’ll race you?” I offered.

Jack stood beside me at the end of the laneway.
“To the top?” he asked.

“Yep!” I shouted out and took off.

“Hey!” Johnson cried out and took off as well.

Even though I had had a two second head start we were pretty much neck and neck. I sprinted, pushing down as hard as I could. I felt Jack trying to pull ahead. We reached the top and Jack beat me by a meter. I groaned.

“Noooooo,” I pouted.

He was panting. “I was not letting you win,” he admitted, bending over and leaning on his knees.

“I wouldn’t have expected you to,” I laughed, catching my own breath.

He straightened up and opened his arms. I walked over and he wrapped me up in his warmth. “You are a little hottie,” he smiled.

“In more ways than you know,” I giggled.

“Oh, I think I know alright,” he responded and leaned down and kissed my forehead.

“Oh, well I think everyone will know after that lovely mark you left on my neck,” I chastised him.

“Oh, just wear a scarf,” he laughed.

He released me from the hug and shivered. “Cold?” I teased.

“Yessss. How are you not?”

“I’m an ice princess,” I smiled, spinning in the snow.

“You are so cute,” he smirked. “Can we go inside though?”

“Yes,” I sighed and stopped spinning. He wrapped an arm around my shoulder and pulled my into him. I snuggled into his warmth and shared my own with him. We headed back into the house.

“I’m sorry for throwing ice down your shirt and making you cold,” I sighed.

“I’m not sorry for leaving a mark on your neck,” he told me as we took off our shoes.

“You better be!” I exclaimed.

“Nope, I like leaving my mark.”

“Yeah well sometimes it’s okay if people don’t know what we do,” I reminded him.

“Oh, a hickey on your neck is the least of you worries,” he smirked.

“Jack!” I gasped as we headed back into the house to see Laura making hot chocolate and Gilisnky and Nash wrapped in blankets.

“These babies can’t handle the cold,” Laura teased them.

“Yeah, my baby can’t either,” I chuckled, kissing Jack’s cheek.

“I could use a blanket and some hot chocolate,” he smiled.

“It is cold out,” Nask complained.

“Oh boo hoo,” Laura giggled.

“What’s on your neck?” Gilinksy asked.

“Just a little love,” Johnson smirked, grabbing a blanket and sitting down on the couch.

“Seriously? In the cold you have time to leave marks?” Laura rolled her eyes.

“Oh we have all the time in the world,” Johnson smiled, pulling me onto his lap.

“And I’m not sorry about that,” I smiled and kissed his cheek and snuggled into him.

The Beatles, with Pete Best, Liverpool, 1961 (Photo:

"You had to be a Paul fan or a John fan or a George fan or a Pete fan - you had to be identified with one Beatle, you couldn’t only be a fan of the band." - Susan Sanders, Cavernite, interviewed by Mark Lewisohn for All These Years: Tune In [x]


So a little bit ago, when Zayn left, I reblogged a post by @contastinglyunique about a support group for the fandom. To help get the word out I drew these to help cheer up and spread the word.
The social media is being set up still, but here’s the status as of right now:
Twitter: BeBeautiful1D
A tumblr and instagram will be up soon, and Facebook and YouTube will be up eventually.
This is to help those in the fandom who are facing problems, and it’s amazing that this has been set up.
And in the light of the Naughty Boy slayage, we can all remember that Louis, Liam, Harry, and Niall are still here and they love us and that we are the ones keeping One Direction at the top. Keep your heads up and sing on. :3


「2PM OF 2PM」 Repackage Announcement

bring-m3-the-horizons asked:

Just wanted to say that you boys are the coolest, sexiest, most dangerous vampires around! You guys terrify my parents who are way too old to shit their pants.

Paul throws her the sign of the devil and yells, “Rock on!!”

“But we already knew the first part.” Marko curls his fingers into a fist and blows air across his knuckles. He grins big and chuckles. “One of my favorite things, scaring the shit out of the morts.”

“Peace!” Dwayne nods.

“Now look at that,” David smirks. “You’re giving all of us big heads.”

//As if they weren’t full of themselves already, ha ha.