And we all laughed because he thought he was fading…

Changing styles because that’s what it looked at the end of the dream…
I also cropped myself out because of reasons…

Also, feel free to help me with the story


Taehyung’s fansite, For V, donated 200 gift sets that contain school supplies and everyday necessities (bags, towels, etc.) to Goodwill Charity Banks and two Goodworld Day Care Centers in the Philippines. They got fans from all over Japan, China, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and the United States to help fundraise for those in need. The fansite and fans decided to do this to commemorate Bangtan’s 2016 Melon Music Award (MMA)’s album of the year and Tae debuting as an actor. I’m sure Tae and the rest of Bangtan will feel very proud from this kindhearted gesture.


Puberty was probably hell for Guzma once he hit that growth spurt. God damn he’s so giant.

I hate seeing comments about how Big Bang is dead or how they’re irrelevant or how the current trendy younger groups will end/defeat/crush Big Bang. 

Like yes, Twice, EXO, BTS, and others are huge now. They’re all doing amazing! But that gives you no right to put down the achievements of our older groups like Big Bang (and others like Super Junior). I just get pissed off when ignorant fans say Big Bang is old, or that they can’t sell well/poor digitals. Well I would like to let you know that Bang Bang Bang had over 2 million downloads and pretty much every single song from M, A, D, and E had over 1 million downloads at least (except for Zutter with ~990k). 

Tldr; please respect your older groups as well. It’s because of them that our current top groups can do so well

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What did pledis do????

I don’t know if you already found out, but basically Pledis has been treating Seventeen horribly. Apparently, staff members have been seen wearing and using gifts that fans gave to Seventeen, and they even ate the food that fans prepared for the boys. They called Seungkwan a pig and hit him for not losing weight, scolded and punished the members in front of fans and on camera during the days of 17TV. There was an Andromeda episode where Seventeen won a game against the staff members and were entitled to meat as a prize, and Hoshi let it slip and wondered out loud if the staff were going to take the meal costs out of the boys’ pay again. It’s horrible and it makes me furious.