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Say Something-Dean Winchester
This makes me sob. Not even kidding you this video is one of the best.


i got to see NU’EST live tonight!! aaahh, i feel kinda undeserving bc i hardly knew the band ow o;;

the show was amazing tho!! admission was free and i couldnt pass up the chance to see a kpop group live!! i went in completely blind, i had never heard their music before. i rly liked their songs tho and i plan to look them up in the next few days!!


Omaha Squad Preference ~Christmas outfit~




Nash and Hayes Sister. {S.M}

It was the day you been waiting for since it was announced. Shawn was in town and your brothers and his friends were heading to the show. “Y/n are you ready?” Hayes your younger brother knocked on the door. “Yeah let me get my coat” you ran to your wardrobe and grabbed it running down the stairs. “There you are” Nash your older brother stood “‘bout time” his friends were there which included Cameron, both Jacks, Kenny, Jake Foushee and Nate and Sam. The boys smiled and headed out the door we were going to meet the rest at the arena. We got in the car and I sat in between Hayes and Cameron “Can’t believe our little Shawn got this big” Cameron mentioned.

We made it to the arena and there was tons of fans outside. The boys and I went through the back and into the lounge. Shawn manager came and told us Shawn will be here in abit. While we were waiting the boys were making stupid snapchats and I was just thinking of the times me and Shawn spent together when he was in town a couple of months ago. It was weird because we really hitted of and the. He had to go and tour more and he got really busy. We spent most of our time together when he was in town and I really did like him. I was cut out of thought when Hayes pushed me over on to the sofa “why you do that for” you looked at him “stop daydreaming and come say hello to Shawn you loser” you looked up to see Shawn staring right back at you. He smiled and you walked over to him.

Jack G bro hugged him and then Shawn walked towards you “hello y/n” you smiled at him and he pulled you in for a hug. “Its been so long” he breathed out and you giggled “too long”. You guys started talking like he never left. “Hey Shawn come chill” you hear Nash shout over to where Shawn and you were standing. “Yeah one minute” Shawn faced towards you “hey y/n, look I was wondering after the show you wanted to go get something to eat?” He looked at you nervously. You smiled and was trying to act normal but your insides were screaming “sure” he let out a breath “phew alright right after the show we can go” he walked over to the boys and they started chilling. You sat next to Hayes “what were you guys talking about?” He whispered-shouted. “None of your business” you looked at Hayes. You lot were laughing and talking about memories, ou caught Shawn staring at you and you smiled when you saw him. Shawn’s Manager came in and told Shawn he had 5 minutes till show. “Good luck Shawn” the boys chanted “thanks see you lot in a bit” he walked over to you and leaned over to grabbed his water bottle “see ya in a bit” you giggled and he winked. Wow, he styled that one out cause you saw Nash look straight over.

Shawn walk out and the crowd went crazy. You stood with the boys on the side singing your heart out. The show was over and Shawn came off he smile was massive. “Well done” “good job Shawn” was chanted from his manager and the boys. Nash and Hayes walked over to you “you coming home?” Nash looked at you “actually i’m go-” you got cut of from Shawn “we are gonna go get something to eat” Shawn said behind Nash and Hayes. “Oh right” it went silent between Nash and you. “Is that alright Nash?” Shawn asked him. “I mean as long as she home by 10” Nash gave Shawn a death glare “yeah of course”.

Shawn grabbed your hand and you walked towards the car what was outside. “That was a great show” you smiled at Shawn “well it was great because you were there”. You spent the rest of the night in the restaurant and laughing at god knows what. “I better get you home of Nash going to be annoyed” you looked at the time and it was 9.39. “Yeah I guess” Shawn saw the disappointment on your face “hey im in town for another 3 weeks” you looked and he looked straight into your eyes and leaned down and kissed your lips. He pulled away “come one cutie” he grabbed your hand and opened the door for you.

The car journey was filled with Shawn talking about funny stories from previous shows. You arrived at your front door and knock, less than 3 seconds Nash was looking at you “hmm 9.58” he looked at Shawn “you coming to play ball tomorrow” Shawn looked down at you and smiled “yeah I be there”. You walked into the house “bye Shawn” you waved and he waved back. “Hey y/n Mum wanted you upstairs” “alright you ran upstairs when you heard Nash talking to Shawn "look if you like her tell me 'cause I don’t want you to hurt her” “hey Nash look I like her but no one will hurt her. Dont worry” They said their goodbyes and did there bro hug and Nash locked the door. You walked into your bedroom. You sat on your bed when you heard a knock on the door.

“Yes?” “Look I just saying, if he hurts you tell me ca-” you stopped Nash from talking any further “shut up Nash, i’m not talking about boys with you” you laughed and shushed him out of your room “just tell me” “what ever”. You knew Nash was watching out for you but he was being so protective and he was definitely going to be watching you like a hawk tomorrow at the basketball game.



Hey! I really liked writing this. I was wondering if you would want me to do a Part 2?