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1. Favourite band? fall out boy 
2. Favourite dessert? listen i really love strawberries dipped in chocolate like,, reALLy love them 
3. Your best feature? (can be body wise or personality wise) i think my sense of humor is simultaneously my best and worst feature 
4. Who was your first friend? sephie
5. Dogs or cats? cats (im sorry i love dogs too)
6. Favourite fictional character? herMIONE GRANGER
7. Who is your favourite person at the moment? phil lester
8. Top three songs? right now it’s can’t help falling in love (tøp cover), starlight (muse), and that green gentleman (panic! at the disco)
9. Top three places you want to visit? cherry springs state park, mauna kea, and a twenty one pilots concert (pls this counts) 
10. Name one thing on your bucket list. this is kinda stupid but i want to make a blanket fort with friends 
11. What song is currently playing or was playing? gold by sleeping with sirens (10/10 would recommend)

Eleven questions for the tagged people to answer:

1. what’s something good that happened to you recently?

2. is there someone you trust completely? if yes, who?

3. what’s your favorite thing about yourself?

4. if you could go to any one band’s concert + meet and greet, which band would you choose?

5. who’s your best friend on tumblr? irl?

6. what’s your aesthetic?

7. if you were a mermaid, what color would your tail be?

8. what is something you regret?

9. if you could do anything for an hour and no one would have any memory of you doing it, what would you do?

10. what’s an inside joke you have with your friends?

11. name the first 5 songs you think of

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Rapper DinDin Fan Boys Hard for Big Bang′s G-Dragon!

On August 25, DinDin appeared as a guest on KBS 2TV′s Happy Together 3 alongside Baek Ji Young, Lee Ji Hye, Loco and Crush.

During his appearance, DinDin showed that he was a true fan of G-Dragon by imitating his dance moves and gestures. He even recorded a short video for G-Dragon saying, “It is my dream for my video to be uploaded onto GD′s SNS, I want to meet you once hyung.”

Following DinDin′s appearance on Happy Together 3, his fans were quick to flood G-Dragon′s SNS with requests to feature DinDin.

DinDin responded by sharing a post on his personal Instagram with the message, “Jiyong hyung, I′m sorry it′s because of me….Sorry for inconveniencing you…I really love you…” However, G-Dragon has not yet responded to DinDin.

Source & Translated by: MWAVE

Part 13 - Ready To Run

Throughout this thesis, I have shown the ways in which One Direction exhibit masculine anxiety through analysis of interviews, music videos, and the music itself. By embracing elements of stadium rock and folk music, and employing strategic intertextualities from these styles, One Direction is able to appropriate extramusical characteristics associated with the styles, namely heteronormative masculinity and authenticity. These characteristics challenge and upset traditional notions of boy bands, particularly from non-fans and anti-fans, that boy bands are feminine and inauthentic because of both their commercial presentation and their feminine-coded music. But investigating the tensions between One Direction the brand and One Direction the band, questions arise as to exactly whose masculine anxiety it is that causes One Direction to embrace heteronormative masculinity through the use of stadium rock and folk music.

At this point in time, it would be impossible to come to a conclusive answer to that question, and realistically the answer is probably a mixture of both One Direction and 1DHQ. The musical and media evidence I have analyzed leads me to believe that 1DHQ knowingly constructs an image of an “anti-boy band” who presents themselves as philosophically and aesthetically opposed to traditional trappings of boy bands in order to appeal to a new generation who, through social media, values the perception of authenticity more than pop fans of previous eras. It is likely that many members of the band, even Harry and Louis, also put a premium on being perceived as authentic and likely enjoy the type of music One Direction has come to make aesthetically.[1] These tensions and unanswerable questions, however, are interesting in and of themselves, and possibly signal a change in the way our mainstream culture thinks about and values traditional gender characteristics. Woodley writes, “if Harry Styles can be queer, anyone can be queer.” Whether or not he is, One Direction’s transparent struggles with emphasizing traditional heteronormative masculinity highlight how expectations of young men and values around gender identity are changing rapidly.


[1] After leaving the band and ahead of the release of his solo album Mind Of Mine, Zayn Malik told Beats 1 dj Zane Lowe that he didn’t like the music they made as One Direction. “ I just gave it a go because it was there at the time and then when I realized the direction we were going in with the music, I instantly realized it wasn’t for me because I realized I couldn’t put any input in; I couldn’t give my opinion on this or that because it didn’t fit the grain of what we were as a band or what we represented.”

“But I’m In A Cool Boy Band”: Anxiety and Masculinity in the Music of One Direction

by Scott Interrante

In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts in Musicology.


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