Ok… I started this fan art before Kishimoto sensei reveals Himawari with Byakugan X°D
This fan art is inspired from a cute scene of a fan fiction that I read a month ago :3

Hope you like it ^^


“Stop staring at me, you threw me off!”

Animated some adventure bbs before bed. XXO

by Emmalaine Wright // SHOP

(Ps I know there are a bajillion blogs for this kinda stuff, please credit the artist!)

This doodle is inspired by a scene from Bend Around the Wind by Scyllaya

Loki didn’t actually carry Stark through the jungle, but he was shirtless and as far as I understood, Tony’s shirt was half torn as well… Anyway, he helped the injured (read: almost gutted) Tony walk, but I was like “what if he had to carry him in the end?" 

So that’s why this came about… heh 

Fire on skin.

Fire, fire, burning conversation, sparking lucidity.

Burning curiosity and heavy lashes.

Fire on skin.

Inspired by this beautifully written fanfiction called On Skin by is-youawuss .

After weeks of procrastinating, I finally finished and I’m honestly quite proud of this!

DO NOT steal or repost my art whatsoever. 

Jake and Amy from Brooklyn Nine Nine. Photoshop. 2015.

This is fan art of an awesome fan fic called You’re the Only Song I Want to Hear written by crystal-gem-jessie.

It’s a college AU where Jake is piano player and Amy is an art major.
Please read it here, you won’t regret it if you love Peraltiago! :)

It kept me writing and it kept me creating. In a time when you might totally lose track of everything you’re passionate about, fan works really kept me going.

Kristina Horner in Love for Fan Works

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