Promptoweek Day 3: Favourite QuoteWorld of Ruin

“Damn, another Red Giant! We gotta get it away from the other Chocobo –– !”


I headcanon that one of the first things Prompto did after the events in Gralea was to make sure that everyone, particularly the Chocobo and Chocochicks, from Wiz’ Chocobo Post were evacuated safely and because the thought that there are no more Chocobo in the World of Ruin and after the light returns is too depressing. Here he keeps shooting at the daemons and acting as a decoy to ensure that everyone can get onto a truck and be evacuated to safety.


decided to upload them all together ^^ 

High lords of Prythian from a court of thorns and roses series by @sjmaas 

Rhysand (night court)

Helion (day court)

Thesan (dawn court)

Tamlin (spring court)

Tarquin (summer court)

Beron (autumn court)

Kallias (winter court)