I’m like 99% sure I haven’t posted this yet?? (no pun intended) So I’ll do that now!

Made this around when MP100 S1 was ending, I’m not terribly happy with it now, but I put a lot of work into it and people seemed to like it when I sold it! (back during the mini-comics expo at SCAD) so why not share the finished thing here? 

Shining like gunmetal, cold and unsure…

Requested by Anonymous

sansational aus
undertale sans @undertale
Ink sans @comyet
Outertale @2mi127
Undermafia @kiatokid
Dancetale @dancetale
Underswap @popcornpr1nce
Underfresh, aftertale, error sans @loverofpiggies
Gaster sans @borurou
Reapertale @renrink

hey guys do you like time travel, Cold War America and lady scientists because if so, @arsparadoxica has the good good content for you


This week we can finally announce, we won big at this year’s Audio Verse Awards!

• Best Original, Long Form, Large Cast, Ongoing Dramatic Production
• Best New Original, Long Form, Large Cast, Ongoing Production
• Best Audio Engineering of an Original, Ongoing, Long Form Production for @mischastanton
• Best Writing of an Original, Long Form, Large Cast, Ongoing Production for @manieldanning @amplesnacks @theneverlandarchitect @neutrinotempest @mischastanton and Julian Mundy

We couldn’t have done it without your votes, and without your support. Thank you all so much!!